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Backend Development

Backend is that part of the application which your customers won’t be able to see, but they would feel if something goes wrong. Any information the user leaves in the app would be stored in a database as a part of backend. So, we deal with a think tank of mobile app development, and TecSynt knows exactly how to juggle numerous backend instruments.

Complex Processes Made Simple with TecSynt

Backend is a great place to find a bunch of complex processes the app’s work depends on. Our task is to make it simple and to show the tell-all backend workflow to our client. We bring the best results to the performance of the app.

API Management
This is a kind of art in the backend development. Our technicians create a completely safe environment, in which APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) exist. API management starts with the interfaces’ publishing and continues with constant monitoring of APIs’ lifecycle.
Data Synchronization
Data Synchronization coordinates the changes in data and their movement between different electronic devices.
  • - Local synchronization
  • - Devices are placed side-by-side.
  • - Remote synchronization
  • - Devices are connected through the mobile network.
Data Storage
Data Storage is about keeping safe all the information users leave in the app. The right database will play the main role, so TecSynt’s team chooses cloud-based or private distributed database systems.
User Identity
Safety is one of our basic needs. In mobile app development, we thoroughly work on the user security right from the beginning of the app creation. TecSynt’s engineers provide user authentication and authorization on the level of backend development.
Messaging Notifications
If you want to use notifications as an effective marketing instrument, hold this for our backend skills. In the end, you will get a smart messaging solution sending data according to the user’s location. Your customer has never been closer.
Mobile Backend
On-premises data gateways
Mobile applications created at TecSynt get the data from various sources. It builds a secure connection between the client’s on-premises center and the outside world.
Strong engines for push notifications
Any news from your application should be delivered in seconds to your target audience. TecSynt works with the fastest engines no matter what app you have - a native or a hybrid one. All we need is just a few seconds.
Offline data synchronization
We build solid apps that can keep working in the offline mode. All the data can be created and modified any time of the day, from any place.
Single sign-on authorization
We make security convenient with SSO approach. It means that users don’t need several logins and passwords to get to a certain piece of data. From now on, an access to the cloud or premises-based application would become a one-tap action.
image image Technology Stack
This is a complete set of solutions and instruments that help us deliver the highest quality in mobile backend development.
When we use it
Python is a great choice if we deal with a feature-rich application. This language has a number of mature libraries helping on the way along with external packages perfectly coping with urgent tasks.
Why we use it:
  • - High level of flexibility
  • - Fast MVP delivery
  • - Quick prototyping
  • - Easy manageability
  • - Lower TCO
Frameworks: Tornado, Django
IDE: PyCharm, IntelliJ IDEA
Libraries: Django ORM, SQLAlchemy, Fabric, South, Alembic, boto, APNs, Stripe, Braintree, Pycrypto, Sphinx, Swagger
In case you want to build a highly concurrent application, our technicians suggest using the Erlang language created specifically for such projects.
When we use it
Erlang is especially good when it comes to multi-server distributed apps and controlling multi-server networks. If we work with service-oriented architectures, Erlang is also the best solution. In addition, we prefer to speak this language when creating soft real-time apps.
Why we use it:
  • - Parallel and distributed language
  • - Code update is possible on a running system
  • - Clean model of error
  • handling
  • - Automatic application migration
  • - Global name resolution
Database: Mnesia
Library: KVS
MQTT broker: EMQ
If the project is connected with massive computations, it’s better to use Python language. Its imposing libraries are a good tool in the developer’s hands.
Backend in the Cloud
Working with cloud platforms allows our backend specialists to create complex solutions for your business. Any application would function smoothly even if we have to deal with a big amount of data – this saves much time and creates less upfront costs for our clients. To finish the project perfectly, TecSynt works with the best cloud platforms on the market.
Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services
Google CLoud Platform
Google CLoud Platform
Backend Security

Cyber attacks are the nightmare all businesses would like to forget.

TecSynt’s backend team is doing its best for the client’s secure work with the application.

Data Encryption
Protecting all data is a primary task for any kind of development – and the backend part is not an exception. Encryption means that the app data will be transformed into another form impossible to read by any third parties including attackers. To get to the highest level of data protection, we use SSL and TLS. As TLS is a later version of SSL and based on its third specification, security is ensured for both new and outdated browsers and devices.
To protect the sensitive user data, we use the tokenization system. During the tokenization, all pieces of sensitive information are transformed into so-called tokens, a non-sensitive equivalent. This security stage is particularly important for e-commerce applications, which store the information about payment card or bank account numbers.
Database Protection
Without a proper security protection, the database storing a huge amount of data becomes a highly vulnerable object for attacks. In this case, we often deal with SQL injections as they are the most widespread hacking technique. Our technicians have developed a proven set of tricks so that the app could sanitize properly the incoming untrusted data.
Our Expertise in Backend Development
Wise and skillful employment of backend instruments is a solid foundation for any type of mobile apps you meet on the market. And we know it from our own experience.
Contactor Selector offers certain contactors and overloads to use for three-phase electric motors.
The Noq is knocking at your device by asking to make a photo or a video to share it with friends. Such spontaneity makes the shared content more personal.
OnCall allows anyone to get a piece of advice from real professionals. The app provides users with a high level of security throughout the whole chatting experience.
Hawkist app is a marketplace created specifically for gamers. The app environment was made extremely safe and convenient for buyers and sellers.


The gaming world never stops growing - that’s why gamers need a separate place for trading deals. TecSynt created such a place putting it into an iPhone. Here, you can find convenient listing, a well-set feedback system, and a high level of security for safe payments. Sellers can store their money in the app wallet. Buyers, in turn, get the bunch of useful features: they can follow a certain seller, favor products, and leave comments. We have such a huge community under one roof!

  • Language: Objective-C
  • Backend: Python
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Server: AWS
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TecSynt makes backend easier for our clients providing app users with the highest level of speed and security!
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