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Mobile App QA & Testing

We care about software quality the most. This is why QA takes place at every stage of the development process.

At TecSynt, we create the best possible product and our clients can be sure they get a flawless solution for their businesses.

Our Main Steps in Quality Assurance

There is no right time for quality assurance – it should be undertaken during the whole app building process. We’ve done our best to make thorough testing our everyday demand. This 5-steps methodology concerns even long-term projects in the industries where one mistake can be an expensive piece of work.

Our Main Steps in Quality Assurance
Just 5 steps in the QA process
Preliminary Review of Documentation
The sooner the better – QA specialists get their heads in the game on the stage of documentation initiation. We deal with system architecture – the very heart of the development process. As any changes are made, all team participants can easily see them and take into account. This way, TecSynt’s specialists can reduce any further costs because primary errors were detected at the beginning of the project.
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Preparation of Test Cases
Test cases are all of those necessary actions which QA engineers usually do to make sure that the specific piece of the application is just perfect. Even if the team deals with a big amount of data, this step is always well-defined.
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Testing Itself
Now, we want to check whether all technical aspects are implemented successfully and how they meet the original requirements of the client. Thorough work is our main idea, so we take a range of measures at this stage:
Positive testing
Integration tests
Performance tests
Regression testing
Cross-platform testing
Basic security testing
Reporting About Malfunction
Any problems, like bugs or broken login forms, can be seen in the tracking systems. But along with that, our testing team uses the simplest and most effective way to communicate – a personal conversation. All problems can be fixed in the twinkling of an eye.
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Verifying Corrections
No bug is considered to be fixed until a QA engineer says so. This last step is all about final double-checking and is taken after any new release and update:
  • Major components should be at their place.
  • The live build must work as it was indeed at the beginning.
  • New updates should supplement the overall flow of the app.
All of our clients have a different amount of time and budget, that’s why the testing plan is always an individual thing which can be adapted to any circumstances. What stays unchangeable is our intention to deliver only perfectly tested solutions to each specific project.
Time For Testing
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We treat testing as a small revolution that can be made within one application. This is not a simple debugging for our QA team – it’s a successful result for a business owner and for hundreds of mobile users.

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