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Mobile UX Design & Prototyping

They say you have only a few moments to catch the users’ attention. From product strategy to UI visual design to user testing - we bring expertise in all stages from proof-of-concept prototyping to complete mobile solution transformation.

It's the experience that matters

It was only the beginning of a huge adventure called user experience (UX). At TecSynt, we got used to travel long distances hand in hand with potential app users. But it couldn’t be perfect enough without excellent user interface (UI). This is where our love to details manifests itself. TecSynt follows mobile design trends to implement them at the first opportunity.

It's the experience that matters
Our Design Process
Before committing resources, you need to find the most efficient path to your goals. We research the target market to provide critical insights. Here, we will finally understand the full logic of the project and will be able to make a decision on the additional research or technologies.
User Research
Competitive Analysis
KPI & Metrics
Marketing Strategy
We believe that apps should make life simpler. The logic of UX scenarios is checked by the QA engineers of TecSynt: they pay attention to the possible user behavior, needs of the target audience, and the guidelines of the final design.
MVP Roadmap
The interface of your app creates an emotional connection with your audience. They'll tap, swipe, and pinch it. The sketch is becoming a clickable prototype with all necessary elements. On this important stage, the app gains its own individual style. That’s why a developer knows everything about the approved design and has the necessary documentation.
Adobe CC
We believe that apps should make life simpler. With that quality in mind, our interface solutions meld intuitive design with practical functionality. Every graphical element has a purpose. Each line of the code accomplishes a meaningful task.
Usability Testing
User Flow
Heuristic Review
Production Support
The Right Time to Have a Talk

There are only a few steps to a completed design idea. But these steps are hiding numerous challenges for TecSynt’s team – and we can’t wait to show off our skills.

The first step is connecting. Your software vision is about to be realized.

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