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NYNJA is the world’s most advanced Blockchain vOS for communication, labor marketplace and e-commerce.


Partnering with a team of bold entrepreneurs and investors from around the world, we're creating the first international Blockchain enabled ecosystem with its own advanced communicator, on-demand marketplace, robust business management and support for multiple cryptocurrencies.

On a big scale, NYNJA will be the first of a kind global platform that offers the unique virtual operating system (vOS) with enormous capabilities and ability to transform all social communication options as we know them.

  • Client: Swift, Java, Kotlin, Javascript
  • Backend: Erlang, Java
  • Architecture & Server: MQTT + BERT, VIPER, MVP
  • Blockchain Part: Ethereum Platform, Solidity Smart-Contracts, ERC20 Token Standard
Never Go Back
Never Go Back

NYNJA not only supports all standard communication features such as text & voice messages, images, stickers, videos but also adds the following innovative features.

Transfer NYNJACoin Fast and Securely
Transfer NYNJACoin Fast and Securely
Goodbye long bank transfer times and its high fees! NYNJACom users will benefit from blockchain technology and will be able to transact with other users fast and securely. In addition to Bitcoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, etc., NYNJA supports its own inbuilt cryptocurrency called NYNJAcoin, developed specifically for this project.
Delayed Audio Messaging
Delayed Audio Messaging
Offers you a truly unique experience where you can schedule any audio message.
Delayed Text Messaging
Delayed Text Messaging
With this messaging feature, you can schedule any text message as a reminder or just for the sake of convenience.
Allows you to engage with the whole ecosystem using the outstanding NYNJACom’s patent-pending concentric wheel interface.
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