Java App Development

TecSynt chooses Java programming language for Android applications because it is a leading open source solution, which works on any kind of processors. If you build with Java, you literally speak an international development language.

Our Clients Benefit from Java
Our Expertise in Java App Development
As Java is a universal solution for any Android application, we are ready to discuss any of your ideas and demands considering a new project. Choose the field where you want to meet new customers and let’s work it out.
Health and sports
Mobile payments
Mobile travelling
Enterprise mobility
Social Networking
Location based services
Java Design Patterns and Architecture
These are our helping instruments we use to cope with common issues in the development process and to make the team’s work go faster.
Creational Design Patterns Structural Design Patterns Behavioral Design Patterns
Prototype Pattern Adapter Pattern Template Method Pattern
Factory Method Pattern Composite Pattern Mediator Pattern
Builder Pattern Proxy Pattern Chain of Responsibility Pattern
Abstract Factory Pattern Bridge Pattern Observer Pattern
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The Full Set of Java TechnologiesUsed at TecSynt
Backend: Python, Erlang, C#, C++
Libraries: Retrofit, PreviewSeekBar, EventBus, CoordinatorTabLayout, ShimmerRecyclerView, FadingTextView, MVVM Tools Kit
Frameworks: ReactiveX, Realm, Retrofit, Braintree, Crashlytics, Facebook SDK, Twitter SDK, Google Play services, Google Analytics, Google Support Library, Stripe
Servers: AWS, SQL
IDE: Android Studio, Eclipse, InteliJ IDEA
Patterns: MVVM, MVP
Database: MySQL, NoSQL, Aerospike
TecSynt’s Solution Written in Java


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  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Backend: Python
  • Server: AWS
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Tecsynt Makes Dreams Come True
Are you still dreaming of a clear, secure, and magnificent app for your target audience?
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Android market is a really huge one but still has some space for surprises. We follow one universal plan to create unique Android solutions. Ultimately, this plan gains its own personality depending on the client’s preferences.
A perfect mobile application begins with a flawless server-side development process. We focus all our strength and knowledge to provide app users with a fast and safe product.