Why Does a Healthcare Consulting Firm Need to Create a Mobile Application?

Every person one way or another at some point is forced to take care of his or her health. We are humans, after all, and we need doctors, healthcare consultants, and medical professionals. But with each day digital medical tools are becoming more and more popular than annoying lines in clinics or uncomfortable visits to physicians.

These tools are designed to satisfy some of our basic health tracking needs and ensure that we define our symptoms properly to schedule an actual hospital appointment just in time. And you know what the professionals themselves think? For example, in the United Kingdom, 81% of them believe that healthcare apps increase their knowledge of the patients' conditions.

Let’s say, you have an excellent idea for a startup – to establish a unique healthcare consulting organization that would help people and protect them from various troubles regarding health. It’s a great start. Only... What do you need to stay on top these days? Right, any business has to keep up with technological trends. And the most popular of them is having some branded mobile application to be always in touch with the customers.

Healthcare Branded Mobile App

So, why do you need to develop a mobile app for health care consulting firm?

Tip #1 Our future is the age of technologies

Right now we’re facing a global digitalization of people’s lives. Every day the world is changing, most aspects of our daily routines are represented by mobile applications and gadgets. We check our smartphones and iPhones at least 150 times per day. And we like comfort and fast professionals services.

So, it’s only a matter of time when healthcare apps will take over the market. You need to be forward-thinking to win your golden ticket – take your place in this niche, create a product that will engage the customers and make them stay. Your users are your revenue level, the more comfort you provide for them, the more loyal they would be.

Believe us, easy-to-use health tracking app is the best way to show your clients that you keep pace with the times. If you need more proof, based on the Statista.com estimation the size of the UK's mHealth application market up to 2018 will grow over 100 million GBP.

Mobile-health Revenue

Tip #2 Strong brand promotion and worldwide recognition

People love when they can reach someone in the mere second which includes medical professionals in the first place. The app ensures the fastest connection between patient and consultant or nurse, and if we’re talking about reputation and number of customers... Modern users will definitely prefer the firm that has an application they can use instead of the old-fashioned offices with desk phones.

Just check the marketplaces like Google Play and App Store – every well-known shop or retailer, every service provider and consulting company has its own mobile product. This makes them top-ranked among customers. Healthcare field is nevertheless the same! The app will help easily promote your project and gain more clients.

Tip #3 Two-way road – both sides with benefits

Custom healthcare app development is constantly growing and the customers’ interest long ago had shifted towards electronic devices and virtual tools that ease for us the whole process of the health managing (especially for age patients). But we’re forgetting about one small thing... The doctors need this too. Considering their line of work and constant pressure they’re under... Well, let’s say, we should take care of our doctors too.

This is where digital healthcare are coming to rescue allowing doctors and nurses partly replace house-call for e-visits and in-app prescribes for some chronic diseases (like diabetes etc.). Thankfully to the mobile electronic data storing a physician can easily keep track of all the patients’ appointments, their medications, or do a research for some information and medical instructions in the app.

“Today, an on-demand industry is growing very fast and actively integrates into healthcare space as patients are demanding an interactive experience for their healthcare needs. As a result, top medical specialists are becoming just a swipe of a finger away. Just imagine, you don’t need to waste your time staying in a line of people who wait several hours to be treated or consulted. Just download an app and all the specialists are ready to help you.”

Not to mention, that some types of the healthcare apps provide a convenient way for doctors to communicate with each other by texts or video calls and files sharing to get a quick consultation between colleagues. It’s obvious, that medical professionals became reliant on the wireless mobile technologies and the tendency will only continue to expand.

It’s already a fact that 42% of mHealth app publishers in 2016 collaborated with healthcare professionals worldwide. As for the whole healthcare app development industry, it’s predicted to reach above $20 billion by 2018.

Tip #4 Electronic Medical Records (EMR) & Compatibility within medical chain

To build a healthcare app is to provide patients and medical workers with the ability to store all the valuable information about one’s health condition in a digital manner. Which is a very progressive method that is being accepted worldwide more and more with each day. The healthcaring have been evolving exponentially during last 30 years, and the EMR option is definitely one of the most important, considering patient's’ electronic data handling and medical databases processing.

Consumer Attitudes Towards Virtual Healthcare

“An EMR is a digital version of a paper chart that contains all of a patient’s medical history from one practice. EMR contains the standard medical and clinical data gathered in one provider’s office. EHR data can be created, managed and consulted by authorized providers and staff from across more than one healthcare organization.“

Such recording allows doctors to easily track their patients’ status and spare the patients themselves an extra visit to a medical facility if it can be avoided by using a healthcare app. By the way, in many cases, these mobile apps are applicable not just for specific consulting firm or hospital, but through the whole chain of medical organizations. Therefore, if the patient wants, he could go to another doctor with already stored EMR from previous treatment.

Tip #5 Promising market niche

Let’s face it, a healthcare industry will never stop working toward improvements and best ideas to save people’s lives. We all get sick sometimes, so... The battle is always raging.

But what speaks on the behalf of the medical apps is that the healthcare professionals along with average patients are quickly and gladly adapting to the benefits of mHealth. The world is ready to move forward, so the healthcare consultants should provide these opportunities we all are eager for.

There is a wide range of possible intentions regarding medical gadgets and mobile devices, not to mention all the spheres of the health tracking that still aren’t explored enough. If we need a statistical data, from 2013 up to 2015 the number of iOS mHealth apps in the U.S. was approximately 91,000 iOS mHealth. As for the mobile apps that were prescribed by healthcare providers in the U.S. that year, the research says, at least 30% of those apps concerned diet.

Health App Solutions

And how much does it cost to make a healthcare app?

Well, the cost to make a healthcare application always depends on the several factors we already described in our post ‘How to Build a Mobile app for Patients Health Tracking’. If you choose to hire a team of skilled and talented developers, you have to keep in mind their hourly rate and localization. Then, the mobile platform or the combination of them...

We personally recommend starting with android to gain experience and wider target audience. In this case, the approximate price of the whole ready average medical application with all the basic healthcare features will range between $ 30,000 – 150,000. And the more complex and sophisticated product you desire, the higher will be the cost. Best mobile app development services offer their app with the price from $80,000 to $250,000.

How can TecSynt help you

We have a strong team of experienced mobile app developers to your advantage and we know a thing or two about healthcare app development. One of our successful projects was an iOS mobile app for Los Angeles-based healthcare startup called DermDash. So, if you decide to create a new app for healthcare professionals, we would like to offer our services and provide you with any help you’re gonna need. Feel free to get in touch and ask away your questions, we’ll gladly try to answer them.

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