Website to iOS App Converter in 2017

The world had gone mobile a while ago, but still, not every online shop or service has a mobile app! Which means they’re missing out huge business opportunities. As we promised when we talked about turning a webpage into an Android application, today we’ll review the topic of how to convert website to iOS app.

How To Turn Website Into iOS App. Starting Point

What should you consider first:

1.  Design Approach

Most important thing in the iPhone case, a clear cross-platform or a hybrid development approach isn’t an option. Your application should be “native” to the Apple’s device on which it’s supposed to run because it has to load and operate a lot faster than a responsive website. A bad working and feature-poor product won’t satisfy the needs of your customers. In addition, most times an app mustn’t require an Internet connection to function and be used at any moment.

2. State-of-Art User Interface

It has to be perfect! As well as the user experience you provide. Since Apple has a super strict guideline policy that isn’t allowing a cheap looking and unstable product – the App Store simply won’t publish it. You should also keep in mind that the design will look and feel a bit different on an iPhone’s screen since it’s much smaller and you can’t put there everything you have on a website. Too many functionality elements would make an application heavy and it’s always a bad sign. You’ll have to sacrifice all the secondary elements and add some new ones that weren’t on your site before (like page numbering, sidebar menus, swipe).

Ways to Create iOS App for Website

3. Ways to Create iOS App for Website

There are two general options:

  1. Build it from scratch with the help of coding skills or professional developers.
  2. Following the shorter and cheaper path by using some online transformation services and Xcode.

The choice depends on your goals for future creation and the size of your budget. Just bear in mind that only the 1st way will ensure you a perfect product, nice revenue, and a huge audience. But if you desire to test the waters and deal with the converting process for the first time and don’t want to risk your money... Well, the 2nd way would be what you’re looking for. That’s why we’ll explore it some more.     

Website to iOS App Converter – 2017 Champions

Disclaimer: all of these online solutions that promise you to make an application within 25 minutes aren’t really as great as they claim to be. They’re fast, cheap, and work pretty well for the most times. But here are some drawbacks:

  1. Free of charge converters are able to process only those features that are available in their service. If your site has rather unique functions they won’t be copied.
  2. Heavy webpage (Joomla, HTML5, custom-made) with lots of remarkable features couldn’t be handled by such systems too.
  3. The good website to iOS app converters are always the paid ones – starting kits vary from $60 per one app and up to $2000 for several apps package, with an unlimited number of changes and a lifelong membership. Still, no 100% guarantee of successful market release.

Best Places to Convert Website Into iOS App

Fancy and acknowledged services that you can try to create iOS install app from website.

#1 BuildFire


An inexcusably feature-rich drag-and-drop option for mobile app making. Along with the in-built design functionality, you get an ability to add your own images and select the brand colors. And a “loyalty” feature is here for you to implement an in-app point-based loyalty program. No coding skills required, just follow the 3 easy steps:

  1. Choose an iOS app template (there are dozens of them for any type of business)
  2. Customize your product
  3. Publish it and manage the updates

Developing a mobile application with BuildFire saves a lot of time and money than building it from scratch. And the platform also offers the ongoing maintenance and support for your creation. The publishing of your iOS application would require an Apple developer account that costs $99 per year. As of paid plans that the BuildFire has, you can read more on their official site. There are Free, Premium, Professional, and Enterprise ones.


This website to iOS app converter offers a 100% guarantee of approving by App Store and Google Play. It’s fully automated when it comes to turning the existing web application into a native one both platforms. You’ll get in-app push notifications, updates, transitions, deep links, and more. There won’t be "going native" from scratch though, instead, GoNative empowers any existing web product and the layout page content by the seamless integration of native features.

In the end, you get a smooth and well-designed mobile app that feels and looks native. The service has a thorough documentation and the downloadable source code that you can change and extend your app in any way. Check this video tutorial on how to use this 100% white label solution without any ads or hidden fees. Offered plans also are described on their site.

#3 AppMakr


If you’re looking for a high-quality service to build free iOS apps for website you can’t miss the AppMakr. With more than two million published applications and unique offers, they make a development process super easy with no coding required. A wide range of features varies between push notifications, HTML5, native high-resolution photo galleries, branding, live updates, and so much more. Here you can make as many strong competent applications as you want, with customizable look & functionality, and awesome content. One particular feature is worth your attention – in-app messaging a.k.a. notifications. It isn’t provided by many converters while it’s a great tool to engage customers with special offers.

They provide a nice and useful video guide on how to build with AppMakr and mobile analytics to monitor your app’s downloads. Pricing includes Free, Basics, Pro, and Reseller 10-Pack options. The free version can be used as long as you like and all paid plans come with a month free trial that you can cancel at any time without penalties.

#4 Appy Pie

Appy Pie

It’s a marvelous solution for those who seek to make an iOS app from website or do-it-yourself application. The available features include: working in the offline mode,  monetizing options, push notifications, customization of themes, iOS app website templates and modules, social media integration, etc.

All you have to do is complete 3 simple steps:

  1. Enter the URL of the website or content you want to convert
  2. Name your future application
  3. Make it and publish on the marketplaces of your preference.

#5 WordPress Sites Builders

WordPress Sites Builders

Here, we can recommend both Mobiloud and IdeaPress, they work well for the WordPress plugin. However, Mobiloud is usually called a more mature solution. And if you have some professional skills, there is a couple of tutorials on how to create an Xcode project for any responsive WordPress site. Check out this one with a code example and this one with a video guide.

Summing it Up

Turning a website into an iPhone application isn’t exactly a 5-minute deal and the techniques we listed above are more of an app “wrappers” that will display a webpage. But it’s always worth to try since the mobile product is a short way to lots of benefits and the boost of business revenue. Just find the right online solution or contact a team of skilled programmers who will build you a native iOS app from scratch.

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