Top 5 Emerging Software Testing Trends to Follow in 2018

The continuing era of business digitalization and mobilization brings the new technologies in software development, along with the testing trends in quality assurance industry. As it is, QA department is one of the most important ones that defines the weak points of apps and websites before their launch. Testing itself is an essential stage of software development where all the QA initiatives save developers’ time and company’s money by finding problems or bugs fast and effectively.

Software Testing Trends

Therefore, every team of software and QA engineers has to keep up with the latest testing trends to be able to present a high-grade product that clients demand. In order to do so, they must always be aware of what emerging technologies in software engineering are currently popular and worth the attention. Like Crowd testing, for example, that received a lot of attention over the past few years and is considered to be an emerging trend. So, we decided to talk about other trends in software development that TecSynt’s QA team prefers to use.

Mobile Technology Testing Prospects

Prioritizing the software across the world has created a big challenge for developers to deliver tested applications.The number of mobile devices is expected to grow tremendously in the nearest future. Various gadgets became the primary method of communication for both clients and businesses, which leads to thousands of apps being made each day – for cars, wearables, and smart homes.

Why? It is due to the fact that mobile app testing greatly differs from traditional desktop testing due to its complexity and new challenges. This often results in time poverty and the absence of right tools for business companies to test their mobile apps. That’s why professional QA team that is able to perform appropriate mobile security testing is a must-have department in any case of business app launching. And the overwhelming evolution of the software testing industry is giving the green light for developers like us to expand our knowledge and improve the testing skills.

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5 Testing Trends You Can’t Neglect in 2018

When it comes to software testing, speed and quality run hand in hand, indeed. But every business owner or an entrepreneur will want the best product to meet requirements of the latest trends and tactics in software testing. That’s why our QA team surfed through the landscape of software testing market to gather the top 5 techniques to follow in the upcoming year. Find out about the latest software trends in performance, usability, functionality, compatibility, and security testing areas.

#1 The Internet of Things Conquest

As we stated in our White Paper about the Internet of Things, this technology is becoming the Optimus Prime of all others. Software and applications that connect hardware to the Internet or with each other bring great concerns for the IoT project QA team. It’s hard to establish security priorities and define the right testing tools. Any IoT product needs to be tested for its functionality, reliability, and effectiveness.

The Internet of Things Conquest

However, the major threats would be network-related and involve the web interface and user authentication processes. IoT tech breaks the boundaries and expands the possibilities, but it’s also vulnerable to the greater amount of security breaches. That’s why this latest trend in software testing oblige the QA teams to be thorough and focused when performing static and dynamic testing of IoT gadgets.

#2 The Merge of Agile & DevOps

The key principle of DevOps ideology is that all departments of an IT company must collaborate seamlessly. It means that centralized Test Centers of Excellence would become the dust of past soon since the test automation developers are already a part of the agile teams these days. The emerging trends in software development shifts towards quality engineering where testing must be more progressive, iterative, and integrated with app making process from the start.

The Merge of Agile & DevOps

DevOps approach requires continuous testing – test automation has to be done on every level. Testers would be verifying the requirements, configuring toolsets for integration and delivery, creating automation frameworks to support DevOps, etc. So, if we are to trust the experts’ forecast, the QA testers and developers roles will merge in the nearest future. Such future of software development would push the businesses towards greater speeds of delivery and QA, along with obtaining higher ROI in the most cost-efficient manner.

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#3 Open Source Tools Will Win Over the World

It’s already a fact that more and more companies accept Open Source services for the execution of test management and automation, Agile and DevOps tactics, and the defect management. This only means that the next era will bring the further expansion of the newest tools on the market – the Open Source ones. Which can lead to the greater involvement of support communities for the open source tools that would become more active.

Open Source Tools in Testing

Easy process of modification according to project’s requirements and public accessibility of the Open Source Tools will be beneficial for both the programmers and non-programmers. Feature-richness, full support, and accountability of such technology would reduce the development expenses and speed up the app making.

#4 Migrating From Performance Testing to Performance Engineering

QA process improvement ideas of 2018 couldn’t be imagined without this particular latest trend in software development. The better app’s user experience is the higher your chances of success on the market. A necessity to provide the best UX is leading to the preference of Software/System Performance Engineering (SPE) instead Performance testing. The consistent app’s performance across various platforms, operating systems, and mobile devices must be issued beforehand and not after the testing.

Migrating from Performance Testing to Performance Engineering

This systematic and quantitative approach will be focused on the architecture, design, and implementation. Which will also lower the cost of the development process but ensure that produced software meets the performance requirements on time.

#5 Big Time for Big Data Testing

The explosive volume of digital technologies like Big Data and Cloud Computing signals that software engineering demand for appropriate testing trends in 2018 will rise exponentially. QA teams need a very strong strategy for BigData Testing because it requires high-grade analytical tools and frameworks, along with superior techniques. Big datasets will only grow and we need to improve the testing process on the highest level to provide faster releases and depletion of time-to-market life cycles.

Time for Big Data Testing


The increasing distribution of mobile devices results in a great headache for app developers and QA testers. Which demands new software testing technologies and the changes in the industry itself. While the testers must constantly improve their skills, the entrepreneurs have to follow the best choice for their products or solutions. And, of course, any businessman would prefer to get a proper software testing life cycle that would deliver a flawless app to their customers.

New software testing trends will raise the new challenges for mobile testers but they also will make the development strategy more cost-efficient and effective. Coupled with sufficient level of testing expertise teams like ours have, all the above future software technologies we discussed represent unbiased and in-depth quality assurance.

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Stay Tuned!

We intend to continue putting these trends into practice when building our apps or help our clients to choose the right testing tactics. So, stay with us, we will keep reviewing latest trends in testing and provide you with updates on the subject. And feel free to contact us for more details any time you like!

Testing Trends with Tecsynt

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