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We always turn to laughter when life becomes hard and challenging. It’s in our nature to smile and enjoy the fun. Who doesn’t like to prank some buddies or the family members? At least on the April Fool’s Day or the Halloween, we are absolutely in for tricking and laughing as much as possible.  

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But this is a modern world and we don’t need to wait for special holidays – just take your smartphone and download some funny prank calling app. Here you are, the joke is ready to be made! And it’s only a sample... The app markets are full of various pranking mobile applications that were designed to amuse you. Traditional jokes or specially created ones – everything for the demanding users!

So, are you in need of a digital prank tool? Check out this guide we made for you!

Prank phone call apps
Fake-A-Call Free
Call Voice Changer
Voice changer with effects
Scary prank apps
Scare Your Friends
Cockroach in Phone Prank
Screen cracking fun
Crack Your Screen
Action pranking applications
Dude, your Car!
Fart Cushion
Time Bomb Simulated
Prank Pack

10 Best Funny Prank Apps for iOs and Android

Use the download links from the Google and Apple stores to try these awesome applications right away. Unleash your inner prankster and make your friends’ days full of laughter! Be careful though: choose your prey really wisely, you never know which mate will return the favor with a backfire trick.

Prank phone call apps: never gets old

Let’s agree here, funny calls are always trending. Since high school years, our gang of friends keeps the tradition to mess around with each other via the phones alive. Only these days it’s a lot more fun with the abilities of mobile gadgets and awesome prank calls apps.

1. Fake-A-Call Free

Probably, the best prank call app you could look for! It’s available in two versions for you to fool your friends and have fun. The free one is pretty satisfying with features that allow fake phone calls to be made to any of your mates or even to yourself. It transforms your voice to a totally different type to avoid the recognition (there are nine of that types, actually, and nine different scripts). The app is able to autofill out of the user’s contact list, record a voice on the other end, and schedule fake calls.

As for the paid variation, it just has additional voices types and scripts and shows no ads. You’ll definitely fall in love with this phone prank app! Wanna escape a bad date or an uncomfortable situation? Quietly press a button to fake a call from your parents or somewhat like that. Boom, the job is done! Just keep your face straight to succeed with a joke.  


2. Call Voice Changer

A superb call prank app that is a combination of a fake phone call and your voice hilarious alternation. Believe us, no one will forget such a unique conversation when your voice is powered up with spicy real-time effects or some unusual sounds. You can sound funny or creepy, the choice is yours! But the point is your voice would be changed so much that people won’t ever recognize it.

The product is free with purchasable additional functions. Just a perfect tool for a harmless prank – no one will be able to resist at least a smile!


Call Voice Changer

3. Voice changer with effects

Another great example of the voice changing phone prank apps. Your buddies just won’t be expecting what hits them, but everyone would laugh hard! The product is cool because of its thirty funny voice effects and the ability to record the altered version and play it back later.

A user can pass the recordings to his besties or save them in a smartphone to enjoy afterwards. The app offers a feature of sharing pictures and video clips via WhatsApp,  Dropbox, E-mails, etc. You can also create a picture with a sound layer and the voice from text. In short, it lets you surprise anyone at any time!


Scary prank apps: have mercy! 

This category is represented on the market by dozens chilling apps of all kinds. What looks like an innocent game could scare the crap out of you. A classic, really. Here is why you should be super thoughtful and careful – consider who you want to trick. Fear is a pretty sensitive topic, some people just could not handle it.

Screen Cracking Fun

4. Scare Your Friends

This one is on top of the scary prank apps leaderboard and it does leave people completely freaked the hell out. Scare Your Friends is a product for smartphones that messes with a prey when he or she picks up your gadget. A creepy picture will instantly pop up on the screen and there would be an unexpected terrifying sound like set off alarm, buzz or something other.

The app is easy-to-use: just choose a horrifying image and a type of sound effect. Then set a timer for that moment when a victim supposedly will use your phone. However, keep in mind that a scared person could easily throw the device away probably damaging it. So this prank is better to plan for the people with good nerves!


5. Cockroach in Phone Prank

And this scare prank app is a gift for those who want to have fun with mates disgusted by insects. Are there any fans of the crawling repugnant creatures? Yeah, we bet. They’re so creepy... So, this is exactly what the application offers to spook your friends – massive cockroaches in charge of the whole phone screen. Just select a desirable time interval for your ‘pets’ to appear on a front screen. It will happen immediately as you click the button displayed on the notification bar.


Screen cracking fun: Jeez, that look on your friend’s face!

Aside from the Bee Swatter Prank Game which is becoming more and more popular, there is one that application easily beats the competitors from this niche.

6. Crack Your Screen

The most famous application from this category. Old but still effective! Just take a friend’s phone and secretly install this screen-cracker. You won’t regret it!

Can you imagine the reaction of a person who saw his brand new Galaxy or an iPhone screen shattered? Yeah, that’s it! Your friend comes back, see his phone and think it’s broken. The ‘freaking out’ part is guaranteed. Eventually, it will become clear what happened, but until then – a win-win.

The pranking app works in three ways: 1) crack on shake; 2) crack on touch; 3) a timer to set up. The cracks sometimes look not so natural, but the point is that it happens unexpectedly. It’s a really hilarious prank without the need to play a game or something like that. Try it now!


Crack Screen

Action pranking applications: iconic, classic, traditional!

“Make someone smile whenever you can. You never know how much of a difference you could be making in their life at that moment.” (с)

7. Dude, your Car!

Here is the prank that is probably not so funny for a victim, beware of who you chose to trick. Okay, precautions aside, we included this app because it has marvelous functions. Simply take a picture of your mate’s vehicle and the ‘Dude, your Car!’ will offer you to add cool effects that imitate like the damage has happened to the beloved automobile. Most of the time, the result is quite shocking and believable!  

Imagine, coming to a buddy with a tragic expression on your face and a horrifying picture of his destroyed car on your phone screen? Yeah, anyone would freak out instantly seeing it scratched or even in flames... Wow, dude, it’s going to be a show!

Prank Apps Dude, your car!

Sure, you can say you’ll do the same with some photo editor, but it will take hours instead of minutes. And the is also the fact that the prank application will do all the work automatically. So download ‘Dude, your Car!’ and go scare the hell out of your friends! It costs $0.99 in the both stores.


8. Fart Cushion

One of the oldest and most hilarious pranks that we all know from our childhood! The fart jokes are just classical and today they became easily available with the help of special funny prank apps. Like that Motion Fart app that also is worth mentioning, the ‘Fart Cushion’ works exactly like a real toy. Just launch the application, choose some settings, and place your gadget where a potential victim is going to sit. Wait, be patient and the reward will be more than enjoyable when you see an embarrassment on a person’s face.

There are 4 different ways to trigger the fake fart sounds: 1) touch; 2) GPS & accelerometer; 3) a timer. And the app allows you to regulate the volume and the fart itself. Have fun pranking your relatives or friends!


9. Time Bomb Simulated

Simple and entertaining, just what you need for fun. This application turns a mobile gadget into the fake time bomb simulator. The prank is about an explosive device that appears on the screen and a button to activate its timer. Tap on it and activate the bomb – voila! Once the timer stops, the application plays cool animations of the bomb detonation and displays a broken glass effect on the phone screen.


10. Prank Pack

Last but not the least, indeed. We decided to finish our list with a whole suitcase of pranks gathered in one application. There are thirteen pranks for any type of jokes one desires to make – six are free and other seven is to be purchased. If you want a pranks bag app, this one is definitely the must-have.

The menu offers the cracked screen, hair clipper, fake crash, fart cushion, and a laugh track. And after an upgrade, you’ll get additional cool stuff like emergency calls or radiation detector. As you see, it more like a combination of the previous products which is the most convenient choice for a true prankster.



We described for you just the hottest prank applications in our opinion – some of them will make one laugh and some would scare the crap out of people. So you have to make sure you pick the one that won’t be too much for a person. Keep in mind the fun you seek and not the harm. Prepare for an adventure and go storm the app stores which hold the keys to your tricks ideas. Or even better... build a brand new pranking application yourself!

Prank phone call apps

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