12 Tools to Market Your new Mobile App 

It was a long and laboursome way but here you are! Your new mobile application is ready to go in the Google Play or the App Store (maybe both?). A whole set of superior features and functions that users, as you think, will love instantly, compels you to dream of a huge success and tons of positive reviews. But then... you did hit the market, your product was published, however, nothing happened. It was left almost invisible for customers...

What is the problem? What did you do wrong?   

Well, it’s because these days a mobile app market is so booming that both Google and Apple stores now offer more than 2 million products each. We don’t need to explain how easy it is to go unnoticed in such kind of competition. Okay, so what should you do to make a difference? Obviously, the mobile app marketing is a matter of your concern. Any businessman knows that there is no way you attempt to launch a product without a strong strategy to promote it. 

The App Marketing Tools Beloved by Developers
App Store Optimization
Mobile Advertising
Users’ Feedback & App Reviews
Mobile In-App Analytics

Why do you have to market a mobile app?

There is no such thing as luck when it comes to application’s success, only the hard work of a marketing team. To win the top position in the app store and be noticeable for a target audience, your iOS or Android latest offer has to be thoroughly promoted pre-, during, and after the launch stage. A hype needed to attract the customers, engage them, and boost your ROI. Let the world know about an excellent product you’ve built and start analyzing what an impact it made on your clients. 

This leads to the fact that a mobile development company must to be experienced and competitive enough to create a product that will become a hit in the chosen application stores. Which brings us to the point of picking the right development instruments which would help marketing an app.

The App Marketing Tools Beloved by Developers 

Not so long ago, we discussed how to market your app. But that was just a general strategy, today we’d like to explore the subject in a deeper way. A marketer always has his hands full as he must keep track of various analytics, mobile metrics, and the application growth. Luckily, there is no need to do it all manually! The army of virtual marketing assistants will help developers to optimize, test, and analyze their creations throughout the entire life cycle. 

Aside from the prototyping and social media marketing tools that we’ll review a little bit later, you would be interested in the following top-ranked digital tools for marketing mobile applications. Let’s divide the list into the common sections that are valuable for any mobile marketer. 

App Store Optimization 

The progress of organic distribution greatly depends on the app’s position in search ranking. You need to be visible on the app store and have the nice ratings and reviews. For this purpose, mobile developers use the App Store Optimization tactic (ASO). It’s a process of choosing the well-researched keywords for product’s title and description to rank it higher in search results. Along with the optimization of the icon, this will boost up app downloads and give you a chance to beat the competitors.  

Here are the instruments you can use in the ASO marketing section:  

1. MobileDevHQ 

MobileDevHQ in ASO marketing

This tool is considered to be the best and most prominent for the app store optimization. It helps to select perfect keywords to put your application on the top pages of Google or Apple store and improve its discoverability. Also, MobileDevHQ follows your app's relevant search queries giving back the “Top Charts” exportable reports. And they show the application rankings in the store relative to your competitors in the chosen niche.  

This analytics tracker has an easy-to-use sleek interface, an international support, and cool graphs. You can check it out for free for 30 days trial. 

2. Sensor Tower 

Sensor Tower in ASO marketing

The second in the row of tools for the ASO intelligence. Marketers use it for the daily keywords research and revenue reports, competition and app performance tracking. The application also assists with mobile ad optimization and SEO marketing.

3. App Annie 

App Annie ASO marketing

Famous tool for marketing an app which has a keyword explorer and a keyword tracker with volume and difficulty. Then, there is also a function of competitive keyword monitoring. App Annie aids in validating the investment opportunities and estimating the app’s revenue. Along with these, it offers analytics support for mobile advertising. Some of the App Annie features are free and some are paid.

Mobile Advertising 

User acquisition and engagement is a priority goal for mobile app marketers. And how can you gain more and more customers? Of course, by promoting the product through ad networks that would bring you traffic. As for the native ads, this strategy helps with the monetization of your app

1.  AdMob 

AdMob by Google in ASO

According to the internal success stories from various money making apps who use AdMob, their developers have gained from 10% to 30% average increase in traffic and revenue. Being an excellent marketing instrument, AdMob relays on a high-class technology. It helps an entrepreneur to choose the suitable format of advertising and get a profit with customizable native ads. With this tool, you’ll gather the important insights about your customers, push up sales, and raise up the level of revenue from your ads. 

2. StartApp 

StartApp in ASO marketing

This application is an advertising and monetization platform with innovative options for both iOS and Android (compatible with Swift, iOS 8, Xcode 6). It can be used for user engagement and effective ad units. Moreover, the integration is super smooth and easy. 

3. Airpush 

AirPush in ASO marketing

One of the leaders on the mobile applications market when it comes to advertising. Works for both Android and iOS platforms too. Here you’ll find a hyper-targeting feature that reacts to the user’s download history. And another unique option that this tool provides is a Conversion Optimizer which lets clients improve the performance of their mobile campaigns.

Users’ Feedback & App Reviews

A huge part of the app’s success is defined by people’s reaction to it. What you should seek is their feedback, so provide the customers with ways to contact you or shoot some questions. You ought to respond to those reviews and take them into consideration, solve the issues, and make some improvements for users’ satisfaction. Nice feedback equals good reputation of the brand.  

Apart from the websites like Appolicious for iOS and 148apps for Android products, a developer should think about the following helpers:  

1. Appsee

Appsee is a must-have for marketers who want to find out how their apps are being used and which screens are the most popular. It’s a stable platform for getting customers feedback through the heat maps and user recordings. There is also an analytics dashboard that lets you analyze users’ behavior. 

2. Applause

Among other marketing apps, this free tool was designed to measure the reviews and group them based on the used keywords. Its capability allows defining the quality of your application over different attributes which will be reflected in scores. Such scores provide an information about the level of your app’s performance against its competitors. 

3. Appbot

This instrument is for future kings of the app stores. Appbot automatically analyzes for marketers the user sentiments providing them with flexible daily reviews report. The application seeks trends in your customers’ comments, allowing you to concentrate on what influence an app’s success the most. You can monitor and visualize reviews from  Google Play, iTunes, Windows and even Amazon.

Mobile In-App Analytics 

A crucial point of the mobile app business is that you must track the amount of revenue the product generates and how much do you spend for its maintenance. Thanks to the analytics tools of all kinds, you can measure all important aspects pretty easily.

1. Flurry

Flurry analytics

You must have heard about it! Flurry gathers customers behavioral info and helps you to build a loyal user base for the app. To boost up the installs, ensure ROI, and user retention, Flurry offers the interstitial ads, banners, and videos. In addition, you can also cross-promote your products for free.

2. MobileAppTracking

MobileAppTracking analytics

One of those tools that you can implement through its SDK. Mobile App Tracking provides you with unique codes for every marketing channel and measures an interactivity level of the customers on those channels. It is built to track the impressions, installs, and user engagement. Moreover, this tool gives detailed reports of the best marketing strategies for your application and ensures that you spend money rationally.

3. Mopapp

MopApp analytics

This platform generates specific information with the assistance of its revenue analytics tools. Also, there is a feature of revenue forecasting for app marketers.

To see how your business is doing in general, you can also use analytics tools like AppAnnie or Google Analytics. They would give you a clear understanding of how your clients interact with the application. And if you’re looking for a wider list of the marketing instruments, we might recommend checking out this Apptamin’s post.

Bottom Line 

With such a variety of the existing tools, the biggest challenge for app marketers is to choose the right ones. That’s why mobile app development companies must be skilled and professional enough to take care of all application marketing aspects before and after its launch.

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