The Top 5 Must-Have Features of E-commerce Websites

Having an online selling platform is a mainstream these days. People spend half of their day online and buy so much via the Internet that it’s becoming harder and harder to impress them with one more new e-commerce store.

In the midst of all the competitors, you need to win your customers’ attention within seconds after they clicked on the link of your site. How can you do this and what action do you need to take? Well, there are dozens of marketing tools and website features that represent a core of any online shop – catalogs, shopping carts, advertizing banners, and so on.

But it’s not enough anymore since the online selling industry is transforming with each new day. Customers crave bigger and better. Their affection quickly shifts towards retailers with ultramodern and advanced e-commerce sites. Hardly it’s the easiest thing to build... So, where to start and what actually works for your platform if you plan to sell something? Let’s see how can you impress your clients.

What Makes Your Online Shop Sell?

Every shop is unique and offers some irresistible services. Current trends for a good e-commerce website design include:

– Advanced Search Filters + Related Items

Not every person who visits an online retailer knows what he or she is looking for in the first place. So, in order to help them find it, you must provide advanced filters that implement a fast and categorized search. There should be options to filter products based on their name, size, price, brand, a sphere of usage and view per page. It’s especially a concern for the shops with a huge assortment and where it must be narrowed down to particular items. Helpful search is the essential feature for effective site navigation. It makes users’ life much easier and encourage them to stay.

Must-have feature: Advanced Search on your e-commerce website

Then, there is an enticing phrase “you might like this” that stimulates curiosity and excitement. When you place a combo of related items and sets under the products clients chose, it pushes them to check out the offer and creates the stickiness effect. For example, one plan to buy a coffee machine and your website generates a cool proposition below: “coffee machine + can of coffee beans at a low price”. How motivating does it sound? Exactly!

Must-have feature on your website: Pluses and Gifts


– High-Quality Photos, Animation & Video Promotion

Modern customers have seen it all and they like to be impressed by the quality of visual information e-commerce retailers provide. Multiple angles and zooming, clips of crash tests, etc. Every marketing tool must be on point from a technical perspective. Since it the images that sell they must have high resolution but load fast. The more of them the better – show all the advantages your products represent. As for the static images... mix them up with animated ones too.

Also, show all the multiple parts or pieces an item has and make short video tutorials on how to use or wear it. Buyers can’t feel or touch stuff online, so their decision to purchase would totally depend on what they see on a webpage. Accurately portrayed products are the best way to boost your sales.

Must-have feature: quality media on your e-commerce website


Mom & Popcorn

– 360-Degree Previews for Goods

You can’t avoid this tool when you need to promote your assortment. Selling via the Internet is an interactive process that should be reflected in the product preview too. These days, 360-degree and 3D product photography allows to create visual models that cast spells on consumers by showing in action how the item would look like in real life. It’s an amazing feature which lets user rotate the picture and see the item in its full glory.

Must-have feature: 360 rotation

– Dynamic Product Search

Keywords – is how the Internet search works. Whole process of surfing is entwined with keyword generation, matching options, and keyword targeting in connection with Google AdWords. But Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) allows to ignore them! DSA takes Google’s organic web crawling technology and automatically targets relevant search queries based on your website’s content. As a result, your marketing campaign gets a better return on investment through the incremental traffic. So, the sellers with “content-rich” online stores will benefit the most from using the DAS tool.

All of the above is a part of Shopping Cart platform that is a basis for an online store. It’s a technological software that acts as a professional cloud-based website builder designed to develop the e-commerce shops. The most commonly used nowadays are:  


Most popular platforms for e-commerce website

Selecting the best eCommerce software can be difficult when you have a serious project in mind. Everything depends on the details and needs an individual approach. But you must choose a platform that provides a number of diverse e-commerce design templates to customize your site’s look and feel. And it also should support screen sizes of various devices.

Still, trends don’t ensure satisfying conversion rates and robust user experience. To stay relevant and competitive, your e-commerce site must have something more. There are shopping cart features that should be in any solution you choose. And here is a list of the top 5 must-have features that attract online shoppers.

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Top 5 Features of E-commerce Websites

Aside from the advanced payment options, security measures, FAQ, and detailed catalogs, your online shop features must be the next ones:

1. Attractive Deals, Free Shipping, Freebies

Your site starts with a home page, it’s the first thing clients see and decide whether they like the service or not. So the top task is for you to catch their interest in seconds after they entered a site and pursue them to stay longer. The best way to achieve it? Attractive shopping deals – sales marketing works like a red flag for millions of customers. Put the banners of discounts and slashed prices on a front page and your customer retention will be impressive.

Forever 21
Victoria’s Secret
Barneys New York

And don’t forget about free shipping — almost any kind of promotion works when people intend to spend money. Unique prices and promises of benefits will stimulate them to buy more and more. According to various studies, shoppers spend nearly 25-30% more per order if the free shipping is present. So, make sure you put the codes for free shipping on all web pages via header navigation, if possible. If you plan to sell across the world, a shipping cost must be taken into account when a price is being generated.

Must-have feature: Freebies

Huge popular brands already learned that the free shipping is a key to clients’ wallets who prefer to buy online. They avoid expenses on product delivery but purchase twice as many things in the e-commerce shop instead. Here are some examples:

Neiman Marcus

2. Special Offers

We like when we’re treated as important customers. It’s a standard marketing practice of the most e-commerce websites that involve special offers sent via emails, social networks, texts, etc. Next-level entrepreneurs use the prime real estate in their header sections to show off the special offers. Motivation is the goal here – customers who get special deals will fall in love with your store, buy more, and spend more time surfing through it.

Buyers crave sales to save their money while still spending it. Even if they came to you to purchase a hairbrush they most definitely will check out some other things if there is a sale proposition. The biggest proof of such approach effectiveness is the one and only Black Friday when people go crazy over the stuff they couldn’t allow at any other day because the price does make a difference. Also, the ongoing promotions and unique webpages with lists of various offers improve SEO indexes.


3. Find-in-Store

Those e-commerce websites that have physical assets a.k.a. brick stores absolutely must implement the find-in-store feature. A huge part of customers usually prefer not to wait for an item delivery – this instrument will guarantee them an instant gratification.

As the statistic shows, around 72% of millennials go online just to research before actually purchasing in a brick and mortar store. That’s why it will be attractive for them if you make it possible for them to see which local shops have products in stocks.

4. Multi-Touchpoint Contact Page

Especially when your e-commerce offers businesses that are completely online based, your customers must be convinced to trust you. In this case, nothing works better than an overly transparent and well-presented detailed “contact us” section. It is truly crucial if you sell high-end technical equipment or other expensive products.

Make it easy for a client to get in touch with you or request support. Offer the multiple ways to reach out: phone numbers, email, fax, and an online order form. These days, it’s also a good courtesy to add customer service social links and maps for locations of stocks and stores. Some of the ‘brick and mortar’ companies even offer online appointment settings on their contact page.

5. Return Policy

This feature is essential for any e-commerce site. Approximately 30% of all products purchased online are returned due to various reasons, but the customers will buy again if a return process is easy. Most of them check the Return Policy page before they buy via the Internet. After that, consumers take a leap of faith trusting a retailer with product quality, services and guarantees he may offer. So, you need to make your return policy clearly visible and well-presented to win the consumers’ trust by showing them that your brand is there for them.

Must-have feature: Return Policy

This is a truly trust-building feature when it comes to online selling. Any effective e-commerce webshop should treat the policies about returns, exchanges, and warranties responsibly. And let’s not forget that space on a site where clients must be able to find information about the procedure for a refund request.


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What Should You Do to Get an Estimate for E-commerce Website?

So, we didn’t invent the wheel, all of these features actually existed a couple of years back. But the important thing is that in 2017 their popularity and effectiveness moved on to a next level due to the higher stakes and cruel competition. Online stores battle for their customers every day because it became difficult to sell your goods without the fear of ending up with empty pockets. In this case, all the features we described actually represent a driving force of sales and they totally attract your customers to check out what does your web platform offer.

Building a high-profile e-commerce site requires the help of experienced and skilled developers that are able to provide the best professional web design solutions. TecSynt’s team of experts recommends you to fill the checklist for desired site before you reach out to professionals. The milestones can include the following information you need to provide for developers:

  • Project Details – how big is your assortment and how many categories will you sell.
  • Goals – what are the main ideas of your future business.
  • A full list of features you crave to implement.
  • Are you interested in SEO optimization and analytics?
  • Do you need custom functionality or a ready-made platform?
  • What is your launch deadline?
  • Contact Information – your own and company name, email and phone number

With such details provided, you might even get your estimation in 24 hours. The team of professionals will also answer your questions, offer suggestions and a detailed e-commerce scope with a project timeline.

As for the retail mobile apps and how to get them done for a reasonable price, we’ll review this topic in one of our next articles. Stay tuned!

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Wrapping it Up

As you can see, there are dozens of selling platforms and e-commerce features that boost your revenue. And the variety of tasks that are needed to be done for developing a good online shop is pretty intimidating for beginners. That’s why, in TecSynt’s team opinion, it’s better to delegate such project to the experienced developers who are able to provide you with high-quality final web product. To prepare yourself for a journey of successful online retailer, you can also read helpful resources like Hongkiat, Search Engine Journal, and JECR-Journal of Electronic Commerce Research.

E-commerce website with professional team

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