The Best Calendar App for iPhone in 2017

Do you still think that calendars are those boring sets of dates and months? Believe us, calendars now have all chances to become one’s indispensable assistants. It seems barely possible with a paper planner on the wall. The subject for our discussion today is the opportunities you get using an iPhone device.

Choosing a mobile solution, we all expect to get the best application. After all, when it comes to your personal schedule, you want to put it in reliable hands. Plenty of Apple users got used to entrust the Sunrise app with all their planned activities. But this epoch is over, and we have to search another perfect calendar app for iPhone. 

So, what does the market can offer and how many benefits can we get from it? These two and many more questions we’ll be answered today.

3 Top Features of a Great Calendar App
Fantastical 2 as the Best Calendar App for iPhone
Pocket Informant as the Best App for Long-Term Planning

3 Top Features of a Great Calendar App 

How to know that this product is a perfect one? You surely know the answer while roaming about at the supermarket. For our part, we gathered three simple metrics to evaluate iOS calendar apps.

1. Easy access to personal appointments.

Your meetings are a foundation of your calendar. To plan everything thoroughly, a user needs to view oncoming events from different perspectives. By this, we mean a fast switch between monthly and weekly planners. Fast and furious – yes, this is our candidate for the position of a perfect planner. 

2. Prompt interactions in searching and adding new events.

For you not to forget – quickly add an event to your calendar! Was it quickly enough? The same we would measure when searching an appointment – it should be as convenient as possible. The best iPhone calendar app knows how to parse your natural language – type the words you use every day instead of formal phrases. 

3. Cooperation with the basic services such as Google and iCloud.

We want nothing less than all necessary information available in one application. If an app makes friends with its elder allies, this is a calendar we’re struggling to find. 

Now when we have some initial understanding about calendar applications, it’s time to reveal the mystery of our discussion. Naturally, we needed some help on the way, and it brought us to the final solution – Fantastical 2. 

Fantastical 2 as the Best Calendar App for iPhone 

To make sure we were right in our conclusions, we turned to the list of top iPhone calendar apps created by Slant. This rating is based on the users’ opinions, and it turned out we share the same view.

Top 5 due to the Slant website:

  1.  Fantastical 2
  2.  Pocket Information
  3.  Awesome Cal
  4.  Cal
  5.  Google Calendar 

There might be some reasons that make Fantastical 2 so credible and user-friendly. Let’s start from the very beginning. 

"Fantastical is my new favorite iPhone app. It looks great, it works reliably, and, more importantly, it made managing my schedule better." – MacStories

Presently, you can get Fantastical 2 for $4.99 on the App Store. Actually, this application is not a rookie on the market. There have been years of discussions before getting the honorable title of the iPhone’s best calendar app. So, how does the app look like now? 

At first, we will examine two main “fantastical” options. A user can view a to-do list with a week or a month calendar on top, or he can review a week with tasks in “blocks”. 

Interface with a to-do list

Fantastical 2 

The week ticker will show you how busy you are in the next seven days. As you can see, the workload is marked with simple lines of two colors: blue is responsible for activities at work, your private time is drawn in orange. 

Fantastical 2 is also the best calendar app for the month view. Here, we have dots in different colors. Again, the color depends on the type of activity you will have (it can be more than two). 

Interface in the landscape mode

Interface in the landscape mode 

You might have seen something similar in Calendar from OS X. This is how Fantastical 2 looks like of you turn the device into the landscape mode. This view is more detailed than previous ones – we see certain blocks instead of lines and dots. It looks rather descriptive, doesn’t it? 

More great features you get with Fantastical 2:

  • Natural language parsing. You can talk to your phone in a natural way without additional explanations. What’s more important, you won’t spend time on learning specific words the app can understand. For example, if you type “shopping at Macy’s Tuesday at 4 p.m.”, the calendar will create an event “Shopping” adding time and place and scheduling the new appointment.
  • Coming with the Today widget. It means Fantastical 2 can replace the standard calendar option. It makes the way from your habitual mobile routine to the calendar app much shorter.

Today widget

  • Magical “Extension” button. You can create events and work in Safari at the same time. Just think about all that information you find on the web – and how much of it you want to add to your daily routine. You can save the URL address or a highlighted text from the web page – Fantastical 2 will be on the lookout.

Magical “Extension” button

  • Quick Actions (available on the iPhone 6S and later versions). You don’t have to open the app – just touch it. In the next moment, you can create a new event, see available reminders (with more details on today events), and search for information.

Quick Actions Button 

Wow! Dealing with best products is always wonderful and challenging at the same time. There are so many benefits for customers and so much inspiration for developers! But it was just the beginning of the list. It would be unfair not to mention one more participant from among the best calendar apps for iOS mobile devices. 

Pocket Informant as the Best App for Long-Term Planning 

Pocket Informant is another example of a powerful planning tool. This is a freemium application (the full price is $14.99) that seeks to know everything about you: contacts, reminders, location services. What will you get in return? Let’s sort it out together.

  • The month review can be opened in both portrait and landscape formats. Here, you will find all tasks and events that you possibly have.

The month review

  • The weekly review has all that you need to find details on upcoming plans.

Upcoming Plans 

  • All reminders are gathered in one place, and they’re filtered according to the due date.


  • The premium account lets your planning inspiration become unlimited – do you already want to schedule your future vocation?
  • If a calendar app wants to be successful, it certainly should make friends with the Today widget. Informant has learned this lesson perfectly.


It’s obvious that Pocket Informant has a different design approach which has already created its loyal audience. So, the final decision on the calendar app may depend more on the available extensions and pricing policy. In any case, Fantastic 2 as a leader and Pocket Informant as a runner-up have good records on the market and deserve your attention. 

But There Is Plenty of Fish in the Sea 

How to use an iPhone calendar app? It looks like developers have more and more answers each day. You literally can put all your life into one application – and it would be more convenient than ever! From now on, there is no extra data you have to keep in mind – just schedule it for the right time.

Best calendar apps for the iOS mobile devices know everything about the user’s habits and his everyday routine. But can we say that the features of Fantastical 2 or Pocket Informant are the limit for the market demand? Well, just for now… It won’t take much time for the next extension to appear. And who knows, maybe it will appear thanks to you.

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