The Benefits of Developing a Mobile App for Baby Center

Why did I decide to discuss such a topic? A reasonable question, really. And the reason is that a couple of my girlfriends became moms recently, but before this they were struggling during their pregnancy to keep track of their weight, constantly changing habits and baby’s growth. Then it occurred to me, that half of their problems could be easily solved if they used some of the trust pregnancy apps that are already provided by a famous resource called Baby Center.

“The #1 pregnancy and parenting digital destination, BabyCenter reaches more than 45 million parents a month from every corner of the globe through its 11 owned and operated properties in 9 different languages. In the United States, 8 in 10 new and expectant moms online use BabyCenter each month.

BabyCenter provides parents with trusted information, advice from peers, and support that’s Remarkably Right at every stage of their child’s development. Products include websites, mobile apps, online communities, email series, social programs, print publications, and public health initiatives.”

So, here we are, standing on the verge of a great idea for a startup! Why not? It’s enlightening to even think that your product will help thousands of wannabe or expecting moms to bring a new life into this world. The most precious thing in our lives is always... our mommies. And for them, it’s the one and only true purpose — to give birth and keep their child safe.

I sincerely believe that we should invest more in the industry like Baby Center to create wonderfully useful apps and digital gadgets to make women’s life easier.

Baby Center's Useful Apps

Baby Center mobile app — embrace the future

In generally, about how to build a mobile app easily you can read in our guide. But to give you quick specifics on how to make a pregnancy app I must point out the following steps:

  • Thick through your app idea, decide which problems you want to solve
  • Set out the priorities and gather the needed content to fill the application
  • Create easy-to-use and point blank UI/UX design
  • Make a quick MVP and prototype your product with easy digital tools
  • Test it on a focus group of the target audience to get first feedbacks
  • Measure the results, analyze user’s reaction and make necessary improvements
  • Develop a strong marketing strategy and post-launch campaign.

To find out more and get a nice insight on this topic you can check out this webinar, where it’s discussed fully how to build a branded pregnancy app.

As for the benefits of developing a mobile application for Baby Center, let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Why should you build an app for expecting mommies?

Benefit #1 Brand promotion and reputation

Any mobile application is the first way to promote your brand and ensure it’s crystal clear reputation. But when it comes to Baby Center, the level of recognition and trustworthy is high as a mountain. Such a resource is a label of quality — moms that liked your product will definitely recommend it to their friends or colleagues, therefore, build you a long and strong chain of loyal customers.

Benefit #2 BabyCenter concentrated their focus on the mobile path

During the latest years, the company made a research which resulted in the decision that mobile products bring in more users than ever before. According to the Julie Michaelson, VP of sales at BabyCenter, they started investing seriously in the mobile field five years ago. When they saw a trend in customers’ behavior — more and more traffic was coming from smartphones and iPhones

“BabyCenter runs a suite of apps: My Pregnancy Today and My Baby Today, both calendar-style iPhone apps that provide daily informational nuggets and baby-related advice, and BabyCenter Birth Class for iPad, which includes guidance from childbirth experts, lactation consultants and OB/GYNs on labor, pain management, and other birthing tips.”

Baby Center - App Business Perspective

So, as you see, from the business perspective it’s a wise idea to develop an application specifically for BabyCenter. They strongly support the “mobile moms” course and are ready for innovations.

Benefit #3 Fairly free niche for now, not so crowded as others

Custom Baby Center app development is a young and wild industry and while there are already some giants there, you still have plenty opportunities to fit in. Want to know how? Get started with reading such lists and reviews as ‘The 10 Best Fertility Apps’ and ‘Top 5 Best Free Pregnancy Apps for iPhone & Android’ or ‘The Best Pregnancy Apps of 2016’.

They are small empires, as one can say, and you must learn from their example — how they became successful and what to do to avoid the failure. And while some of them are free others aren’t but all of them provide a highly satisfying user experience.

Here is your way to get some profit. You can make money with your app even if it’s free for installation, you know? There are ways to boost the revenue numbers by in-app purchases, paid features or targeted ads based on the customer’s preferences. You just need to consider the most suitable monetization strategy for your app’s purpose.

Benefit #4 Pregnancy applications aren’t medical and don’t have to be HIPAA-compliant

Such apps don’t ask a user for protected personal information or medical records and credentials, so it’s easy to deliver them on the Marketplace and avoid unnecessary difficulties on the way.

Benefit #5 The perspectives and opportunities

If earlier a pregnant woman had to read dozens of books and keep a paper journal or search through the all Internet content, nowadays mobile sphere allows sparing the headache by providing all the valuable tools and needful tips just in one simple Baby Center application.

One doesn’t have to go visit a doctor every week just to check some small details or get a consultation regarding a non-urgent matter. Which saves a lot of time and money for your users, therefore, make them appreciate your product and crave for more.

This industry will only grow with each year and it’s in your best interests to catch a train ASAP and turn your dreams into the real opportunities. Check out the AppStore and Google Play Store, you’ll see how many apps for pregnancy tracking are already on top of the leaderboard.

“BabyCenter’s pregnancy apps and website have been chosen by over 400 million pregnant women since 1997. BabyCenter is the #1 rated app in Google Play’s Parenting category, won the 2016 People’s Voice Webby Award for Best Family/Parenting website and has been featured as a must-have pregnancy app and parenting guide by the New York Times, ABC News, Healthline,, and more.”

Baby Center App - Must Have Features

Of course, if you decide to build a mobile app for Baby Center, you’ll have to keep in mind the features that must be there to attract the customer base. Here is an approximate list for you.

  1. Pregnancy week-by-week or day-by-day graphic calendar
  2. Ovulation calculator
  3. Weight Tracker & Baby growth chart
  4. Daily tracker of symptoms, mood, medicine/doctor’s appointments
  5. A guide on dealing with morning sickness
  6. Kick Counter & Contraction Timer
  7. Pregnancy journal & Bumpie photo diary
  8. Childbirth checklist
  9. Baby names finder
  10. Fetal development articles with useful tips and insights
  11. Food adviser with the best nutrition ideas
  12. Prenatal vitamins and healthy snacks recommendations
  13. Sport exercises for expecting moms to keep their bodies healthy
  14. Various communities and forums with social media integration
  15. Interactive videos and 3D birth illustrations

For newborn there should be a parenting guide with the insights about baby’s developmental milestones, firsts steps, along with tips and tricks for toddlers, and child’s illness symptom trackers. To make your app standout and spicy you can add also such features as:

  • Daily baby calendar & Registry checklist
  • Sleeping time tracker and lullabies for kids
  • Breastfeeding guide with baby care recommendations
  • Baby development journal with helpful notes and tips

And what about the investment part?

Pregnancy app development cost is rather tolerable, but if it’s your first experience, I would suggest creating a pregnancy app on iOS for starters. Then, if everything is fine, you can move on to Android field and expand your user’s base. But in any cases, first of all, I strongly recommend building an MVP of your future app.

The price is gonna depend on the skill level of the developers you hire for your team and their hourly rate as much as on the complexity of the project itself and the features you’ll decide to implement in your application.


A mobile app for Baby Center helps a future mom to keep track of all the valuable stages of her pregnancy and organize her day appropriately before the birth and after the baby is here. It allows a woman to control her health along with the baby’s condition. With such mobile tool, one can observe child’s physical and brain development, and pick interesting activities to entertain a baby. It’s our future and we should cherish our would-be moms by providing them with the best mobile apps possible.

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