TecSynt Mobile App Development Digest: The Best Tech Publications in 2017

How many technological improvements and revelations can be placed in one year? This is such a huge term for software development companies! Nevertheless, we find some facts and researches truly significant for the year of 2017.

Today, the team of TecSynt would like to share with you some precious pieces of information through the best materials of our blog. These articles were created with a real passion and interest – and we hope you’ll be pleased to read them.


Mobile Interaction Design Beyond 2017
Top 7 Mobile Application Performance Metrics
Android 8.0: New Features and the Checklist for App update
Internet of Things White Paper: Stock Overview and Strategic Value
Pros and Cons of Facial Recognition Technology for Your Business
The Top 5 Must-Have Features of E-Commerce Websites
How to Make Your Own Stickers App
Website to iOS App Converter in 2017

Mobile Interaction Design Beyond 2017

Mobile app development has traveled a long distance to build the concept of the interaction design. Basically, it is about making a mobile application not just an instrument but an understandable tool for each category of the target audience.

Mobile Interaction Design

Broaden your knowledge and gain new perspectives with all of this info:

  • Deepening into the theoretical foundation of the interaction design. We didn’t forget even about some aspects of cognitive psychology.
  • Learning more about the fifth dimension of interaction design.
  • Getting inspired by some real mobile app examples.

New mobile products are beautiful and easy-manageable solutions giving users a smooth flow and fast results. Do you want to have a look at them? Start reading from the very beginning.

Top 7 Mobile Application Performance Metrics

There are so many words have been said about performance metrics! First of all, you should pick the right indexes among dozens of existing formulas. Then, you should figure out what numbers are desirable for your business. Does it sound difficult? Not for us!

Best tech posts - Mobile App Metrics

We have already picked seven main metrics to manage any kind of mobile product. This time, we’ve decided to review the global market situation and to give you numbers typical for the biggest market players.

With this article, you will know:

  • The statistics about market shares of Android and iOS
  • The average revenue per user of Facebook, Snap, and Twitter.
  • The level of user churn and retention for different types of mobile apps

…And a lot more diagrams, graphics, and stats! If you want to learn all of them, continue reading.

Android 8.0: New Features and the Checklist for App update

As soon as we’ve heard about Android Oreo, we wanted to know everything about it. The creators promised it to be huge on the mobile market – and we gladly believed them. Android 8.0 differs a lot from the Nougat and older versions. With this fact in our minds, we’ve decided that this subject deserves a thorough research.

Android 8.0

In this material, you’ll find everything you need to know about the new Android:

  • How Oreo looks like and what its new features.
  • When mobile users will get an opportunity to test the eighth version on their devices.
  • All the necessary data about app update if you’re an owner of the Android mobile product.

If you don’t want to miss a single detail, we wish you an enjoyable reading.

Internet of Things White Paper: Stock Overview and Strategic Value

What do you know about IoT? We bet you meet these three letters a lot in your business routine. IoT or the Internet of things is one of the most well-known trends in our daily web life. But why is it so popular and what tendencies did it bring for 2017?


While writing the article, we were thinking about those entrepreneurs who barely know anything about IoT and those who are ready to invest in it. Here’s what you will find in our research:

  • The basic information about the term “Internet of Things”.
  • The list of the most successful IoT stocks on the market at the moment.
  • Detailed information about your first investments in IoT and your own app creation in the industry.

These three points have a lot to tell you. The article gathers everything you need to know in one place – just follow the link.

Pros and Cons of Facial Recognition Technology for Your Business

Each year we talk about different security issues appearing here and there all over the world. Jedi of the mobile world (aka security specialists) are fighting with the dark force (aka attackers and their malware) every day. As for the expiring year, it’s been famous for the facial recognition technology.

Facial Recognition

TecSynt has its own expertise in implementing the new approach in the mobile application, and we’ve decided to share with you what we have learned:

  • The main working principles of the facial recognition technology.
  • The basic stages of the face recognition.
  • Pros and cons of this technology if you want to pick it for your next project.

No, it’s not science fiction – it’s our reality that we’re ready to offer mobile users. Are you with us? Then read our opinion here.

The Top 5 Must-Have Features of E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce… This is a huge world on the web field giving plenty of opportunities for shoppers of any kind. No matter what you’re going to buy, you will undoubtedly find it on the Internet. But this tendency has another side – very high barriers for those companies who’ve just entered the market.

E-commerce Websites

We’ve decided not to talk much about e-commerce itself – we give only the most valuable data to your business:

  • The most attractive features of e-commerce websites for the users.
  • Important tips on the example of successful online marketplaces.
  • Some initial pieces of data which mobile app development companies need to create the marketplace of your dream.

To face the future, you need to know enough about the current situation on the online shopping market. If you still have some knowledge gaps, it’s about time to turn to our blog.

How to Make Your Own Stickers App

First, there were smiles, then we had emoji, and stickers are the next step in our emotion expressions via messengers. Imagine how many artists work on creating new messaging experiences for users. And you can also become a creator of something unique in mobile devices.

Stickers App

We’ve prepared some data and ideas for you to know if you get serious about apps with stickers:

  • Instruction on how your designs should look like.
  • What Xcode 8 is and how you can use it.
  • Necessary information about iOS certificates.
  • The importance of iTunes Connect.

Why not use the new tendencies to express yourself? You have all chances to win new audiences – and to begin with something, read our article.

Website to iOS App Converter in 2017

It’s already 2017, but your business still needs a mobile application – is this story about you? Something has to be done at this very moment, and we know where to start.

Website to iOS App Converter

Another research we have is about converting an existing website into an iOS mobile application. You need to know several points, and here are some of them:

  • Your app should be native to the Apple device.
  • There are good reasons to avoid free-of-charge tools in this case.
  • There are at least 5 great solutions on the market which can be used as reliable converters.

You’d be right to think that only skillful professionals are able to build a native iOS app. Nevertheless, there are some great products on the market worth learning more about.

And There Is More to Come…

Technological progress measures the overall development of our reality. It has such a great impact on numerous spheres of our lives that we have to gather the new knowledge with care. That’s what we’ve done today – took a walk from interaction design to facial recognition technology, making a few turns to stickers apps and IoT.

At TecSynt, we are eager to know what’s waiting for us around the bend. New discoveries in app technologies and mobile design are about to show themselves – let’s meat them together!

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