Sports App Development: Grand Slam Market Opportunities and Pitfalls

While everybody talks about Bitcoin and Blockchain the Olympics are coming, so we decided to turn your attention to another hot topic – sport mobile apps. As it is these days, more and more entrepreneurs and investors concentrate on this industry, since the sports apps turned out to be the second fastest growing app category in the world.

More often than to check our social media we use the smartphones to find out who won the sports game, which position our favorite teams are taking and how many points Sidney Crosby has scored while we were busy with dinner making. All the latest news, live-streams, hot statistics, hi-resolution photos of the games and schedules are there in sports apps, just at our fingertips. 

How Large Is The Sports Industry In Mobile World

Despite the fact that almost every city and town has its enterprise sports complex, fans appreciation long ago shifted towards sports mobile games and sports news apps. As a proof, in 2016 Flurry analytics released an annual State of the Mobile report which already showed that sports apps became the second fastest growing mobile app category. It was sided by the first-place social and messaging apps and third-place business/finance category.

According to this report, the general social and sports mobile apps usage has grown in 40 percent. The results were obtained by tracking approximately 940,000 apps across 2.1 billion gadgets with more than 3.2 trillion sessions. Comparing to this, the non-sport games, magazines, news and other personalization apps had a visible decline in usage numbers, up to 46 percent.

Mobile App Usage

As the report stated, Sports and Business/Finance that are heavily time-dependent categories will see the further growth. The customers around the globe continue to shift their daily habits and needs away from traditional TVs and banks to their mobile apps.

Sports Apps Market Overview: Top 5 Free Applications for Your Smartphone

To prove our point that the sports app development is flourishing, here is the review for the best sports apps out there that made their owners rich and fans – happy.



The current leader in the market, formerly known as SportsCenter. Now, the ESPN app became a giant that users love to check for the hottest and latest sporting news, information on players worldwide, etc. It brings people updated scores, breaking alerts about teams and leagues, even professional analytics. The app offers fully customizable user profile, allowing you to personalize your own sports experience. It also has a spin-off app called WatchESPN that requires Cable/Telco subscription.

Download for iOS, Android

2. LiveScore

Second in the field but nevertheless an outstanding app. LiveScore is trusted with up to the minute scores since 1998, it's a reliable simple mobile app that does its job perfectly. Here you can find the latest news from the fields of hockey, basketball, soccer, and tennis. This sports app presents various league standings, all match information, and recent headlines.

Download for iOS, Android

3. CBS Sports


This mobile app offers you personalized score updates, stats, hottest news and professional analytics for the favorite teams and leagues. It has live-streaming feature for huge events along with on-demand video highlights, original sports video programs and live broadcasts of CBS Sports Radio.

Download for Android, iOS

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4. NHL (National Hockey League)

One of people’s dearest, NHL application has everything a hockey fan desires to know about the live scores and player stats, latest news and information on favorite teams. Users also have access to the full season schedules, game alerts, highlights, and live game audio for every game you want to watch. There are sections with analysis and customizable push-notifications. You can get a premium subscription without ads and expand the streaming options.

Download for iOS, Android

5. NBA (National Basketball Association)


The official National Basketball Association’s app provides you with relevant news and information for the game all year round, non-stop. Users can check the live scores and statistics, schedules, video recaps, team rosters and personalized game alerts and notifications. If you subscribe to NBA's League Pass you’ll be able live-stream games or get them on-demand on your smart device (beware of regional restrictions) and watch some classic matches.

Download for iOS, Android

People also love Thuuz Sports app and theScore Android and iOS versions. As you can see, sports apps present a great opportunity for an entrepreneur to profit. We already reviewed the top 10 reasons why any football, hockey or basketball team app is destined to be successful. So it’s about time we describe some basics of the sports app development.

How to Build the Best Sports App

The sports app design is pretty straightforward since you know your target audience well – they’re sports fans and they have particular daily demands for your software product. Now, the app is only as good as its valuable features. Below, we put up a quick list for you to keep in mind.

1. Basic Mobility Sports Elements:

  • Customizable user profile – Fans should be able to set their preferences, notifications, etc.
  • Commenting on individual player reports and news – Users like to discuss and bet, and debate about their favorites.
  • Social share button for email, SMS, Facebook, etc. – The age of social media is as powerful as ever.
  • Sports News and Alerts – The must-have for any sports app.
  • Real-time reports and  Quarter by Quarter History – So your customers would be able to engage on all levels possible.
  • Post-game highlights – To give users a chance to follow the events they missed.
  • Player rankings with customised ranking points – Fans love to check how their favorites are doing.   

2. Sports App Pricing

  • How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Sports App

The greatest pitfall, however, is that developing such application will be easy only for professional programmers who know how to code and design the app’s UI and UX. So the first question that pops up to any startuper’s mind is that how much money will it require to build the best sport app with mobile application development company. Let’s find the right answer.  

Sport Apps

Like with any other mobile app, the price depends on the complexity of features that would be implemented and the monetizing option that owner chooses for the application. Also, if there would be a live-streaming tool it will add to the price as well.

Assuming you’d like to start with an MVP for your app, that is supposed to be available in different countries worldwide when is done, we can name the approximate price. Based on our experience, a sports app’s MVP would cost you somewhere between $30.000 – 35.000 per one platform (iOS or Android).

  • TecSynt Rates

Diving into the process a little deeper, other aspects you should know to start a development itself include the following:

Team’s size

  • 1 UX/UI designer
  • 2 frontend developers
  • 1 backend developer
  • 1 QA-engineer
  • 1 Project manager

The most time-consuming features

  • Live-stream – 70 hours
  • Scores & Schedules – 70 hours
  • Social Media Sharing – 50 hours
  • Push notifications – 48 hours
  • In-app purchasing – 50 hours

The overall development numbers

  • UI/UX design – 150-300 hours
  • Frontend development – 500-800 hours
  • Backend development – 300-500 hours
  • QA-engineering – 80-100 hours
  • Total score: 1100-2000 hours

Taking into account that the average hourly rate of Ukrainian developers is $35-40, the final cost of a sports app development would be around $44.000 – 80.000. But since the demand for sports apps on the market is very high, such investment would pay off in no time.

For more information about the development time and price hit the contact button you’ll see below. Our team is quiet experience in the field of sports apps, so we’re fully equipped and ready to build you a great sports mobile application that would make a noise in the global arena.

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