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It occurred to me recently that we haven’t told you about the applications called ‘usage trackers’. And what a better example than the Verizon, right? Like, the biggest giant of them all: innovative company, pleasant service, and broad expansion. I guess, there is literally no person who doesn’t know about this provider of wireless communications. According to Statista report, Verizon’s operating revenue worldwide just in 2011 already reached up to 110 billion dollars.  

But the coolest part for mobile gadgets addicts is that this awesome network made the awesome app! And it gives you a greater control over your Verizon experience due to the handy features and capabilities. 

My Verizon Mobile: One App. One Tap. Total control 

My Verizon Mobile

Constantly ranked in the Top 100 (for U.S.) based on the App Store Optimization criteria, the official My Verizon Mobile app is now available for users. Those who own iPhones can track their data usage statistics straight from the Today View in Notification Center. More so the widget part is updated automatically based on customer’s plan and usage. It shows the total data allocation along with the currently used one and how many paid megabytes you have left. As we wrote previously, the widgets are always a useful addition to the main app, so the Verizon definitely did hit a target.

My Verizon: App Store Description 

The app itself lets you manage your new Verizon Plan in a tap. Fast, easy, and from anywhere. Everything is under your control without much fuss and effort, really. You can track the entire Verizon account with your small smartphone or an iPod/ iPad. Surely, every modern person would appreciate such convenience with our current rhythm of life. 

In addition, you won’t be surprised by the bill that arrives at the end of the month because all your allowances won’t be exceeded. You want your bank balance in check, yes? That’s why you need My Verizon Mobile app for your iPhone or Android device. It will greatly simplify any user’s life by presenting a detailed amount of used data comparing to the overall quota, believe me! 

My Verizon App’s Features:

1. The Feed

This section contains everything you need to track about your account, data usage, and bills. Just launch the application and you'll see one centralized Feed, with some personalized products and content based on your preferences. 

2. The Data Hub

Basically, My Verizon is your personal data manager that shows you the clear details of how much data has been used, who’s using it now and when to get more. All tabs on your user behavior are at your fingertips whenever you need some information. So track your data in one control center – it’s super handy!  

3. Plans Management

Here you can review or change your plans at any second of the day. Purchase more megabytes or go ‘Unlimited’ if you desire. And you can also manage your friends and relatives plans. 

4. Handle the Bill...

... Became easier than ever! The app provides a clear and simple breakdown of your bill that shows exactly what’s happened from month to month. And just with a few taps you can pay it right on your smartphone! 

5. Shopping

My Verizon is the easiest way  to access a company’s shop: you’ll be able to check the product’s description, purchase, and customize any latest device or accessories straight from the app. There is an exclusive in-store experience because you can interact with featured products, discover their availability and price. The application checks you in automatically when you visit for pre-existing appointments, in-store pickups, or workshops. Note: You may need to turn on your Bluetooth when you’re at the store in order to use this feature. 

6. Tech Support

There could pop up some difficulties or bugs in the app’s functioning, we all know it’s possible. That’s why My Verizon app offers you in-app help-center that provides you with immediate answers. No need to call and wait in line or on hold! 

My Verizon App’s Features

To crown it all, you can also get the marvelous user experience by allowing My Verizon to: 

  • Text you confirmations on your in-app purchases.
  • Send you updates on usage statistics and Device Health Check reports.
  • Use location services to search for the nearest Verizon stores and suggest you international plans when you’re traveling.
  • Access your camera and Bluetooth to ease the payment process, scan products, and self-checkout. 

Important Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • Data charges may apply
  • If you aren’t on one of Verizon’s latests plans or you’re using an iPad, there will be a new app icon, but the in-app experience will be the same as you’re used to.
  • Be prepared for a time lag between the end of your session and the point at which the latest data usage will appear. 

Information Chart: App Store vs. Google Play Market  


My Verizon app for iPhone

My Verizon Android application



Latest Version

5.10.0 (May 10, 2017)

5.10.0 (May 12, 2017)


151 MB

depends on the device




Compatible devices

Works for iOS 8.0 and later.

Compatible with:

  • iPod Touch (5, 4)

  • iPad (3 4G, 4, 2, Mini 4G, 2 3G, Mini, 3, 4 4G)

  • iPhone (5s, 6, 5c, 4s, 4, 3GS, 6 Plus, 5)

  • Apple Watch App is also offered

Required modification of the OS depends on the particular device


English, Spanish

Age Restrictions



Verizon Wireless

Try it right away!

My Verizon app for iPhone

My Verizon app for Android

 Not a Verizon user?  No problem! There is a DataMan Pro application for you!

DataMan Pro 

Similar to My Verizon, this iOS widget can somewhat replicate the carrier app experience for you. It comes with a package of amazing features for the data tracking. Beautifully designed DataMan Pro reports usage for both the device's cellular communication and Wi-Fi connections. This allows to identify problem apps that are ‘stealing’ the data you don't want them to. And DataMan uses push notifications for usage alerts for you to stay on track with managing your data. 

That about it, guys! Stay tuned, we’ll continue to explore Verizon’s mobile field next month! 

Are you a Verizon fan? Try their app and let us know what you think!

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