Top 5 Mobile Web Browsers for iPhone 

Nearly 50% of the world population use Internet. At the very beginning, we could get to the web using only computers of staggering proportions. Nowadays, users can pick any tool they like and spend hours on the Internet spaces.  

People would evidently choose their mobile devices if they need an immediate answer. After all, smartphones are something we all have near at hand, and we always ready to use it. This is the main reason why we started a research on the usage of mobile Internet. We already gathered some information on the top web browsers for Android phones – iOS Internet browsers are a goal for the today survey. 

We are focusing our attention on free products you can easily get on App Store. We avoid a numbered list with an absolute leader. The thing is each user has his personal preferences in web browsing – it’s up to you to make the final decision. 

Safari: the best for fans of classical standards 

You won’t find this product on App Store, but despite this, any iPhone user knows the app well as it’s a default iOS instrument. If you worked with Safari for at least a couple of minutes, you know that this browser is a capable tool for your needs. Apple has done a great work to build a browser with all the basics. 

Key features:

1. iCloud Keychain is a unique storage for your passwords, which syncs them across all Apple devices. You don’t have to waste spare minutes typing a password every time when logging in. And if you worry about privacy, Safari has TouchID protecting all data.

iCloud Keychain 

2. Hand-Off solution makes your work with Mac and iPhone a really seamless process. Users can sync their open tabs on the smartphone and desktop creating convenient work experience.

3. Safari’s Reader Mode is for those who don’t want to leave their phones in any circumstances. The user will get a decluttered web page easy to read.

Reader Mode 

4. The whole app is built according to Apple design features. It creates a pleasant environment for customers – they don’t have to get used to a completely new interface. 

Opera Mini: the best for rapid actions 

This is the fastest iPhone browser in our list. You will get search results appearing as you type along with quick access to browsing history. Also, Opera Mini has an inbuilt adblocker – and you have a flawless web environment. 

You may also check Opera Coast which has a different browsing approach. It would be a pure pleasure for esthetes as here Opera focused on the attractive design. 

Key features:

1. Opera Turbo is a fantastic tool that can reduce the size of the web page by 50%. It’s so relaxing for users when Opera servers do the biggest part of the work. The browser is able to compress all kinds of data: text, images, and video. Websites have never been faster and lighter.

Opera Turbo 

2. Opera offers bookmarks and passwords synchronization without extra efforts from your side – just log in with your Opera account. To make the experience even more personal, choose any of the dozens of fancy themes for enjoyable browsing. 

3. The keyboard in Opera Mini will bring you the best impressions. Firstly, you see two shortcut buttons – the one is for QR-codes, the other offers default searches (for example, Google or eBay). And then, the dessert comes – it’s the slider above the letters moving a cursor in the URL field. You may also select the text holding the slider for a moment.

The keyboard in Opera 

4. Are there any night owls here? Check out the night mode to forget about sore eyes and browse with comfort even in complete darkness. 

Chrome: the best for those who seek comfort 

Chrome is the best Google answer to Safari web browser. And if you use it, it means you’re on good terms with the whole Google ecosystem. Having an account means getting lots of nice bonuses and a complete synchronization of necessary data. 

Key features:

1. The browser allows you to sync bookmarks and browsing history from all possible devices with one Google account. Open tabs on your desktop can also travel to your iPhone if you use the same iCloud account wherever you go. This last feature is similar to Safari’s Hand-Off, which we will discuss later.

2. You will find a built-in voice search and won’t have to spend time on boring typing.

Chrome Voice Search 

3. What we love Google for is its concept of Material Design in all products. It actually made a fair design revolution, and now Chrome is the most famous user-friendly browser. Along with that, users get nice and convenient tab navigation with a quick switch between history and bookmarks.

The Most Famous User-friendly Browser 

4. Private browsing is not a problem with Incognito Mode. It’s for those cases when you don’t want to be followed through the browsing history. 

Dolphin: the best for those who need more cool features 

If you want your browser to be smart, choose Dolphin. Among the best browsers for iOS, this one has its own style in gesture support – you’ll be impressed. At first, only Android users could appreciate a great gesture experience, and now iPhone fans are also in the game. 

Key features:

1. Custom gestures create a kind of playful environment in the browser. For example, if you want to open Twitter by drawing the letter “T” on the screen, just tell Dolphin about it. For those who want more, there is an in-app purchase Dolphin Sonar – the user can navigate a website by shaking the device and giving voice commands to it.

Dolphin Sonar 

2. Dolphin Connect is the answer to Opera and Google Chrome synchronization feature as well as iCloud Keychain in Safari: you may sync bookmarks, history, and passwords.

Dolphin Connect 

3. With Night Mode, you can dim the screen to the most comfortable level for your eyes.

4. As for privacy, the user can activate Private Mode to hide his browsing journey. To make it safer, use TouchID – you will secure the home page of the browser. 

Ghostery: the best for private browsing 

If you’re looking for the best private web browser, meet Ghostery. It seems like this tool can really make you a phantom on the Internet as it minimizes the access for the third parties. With Ghostery, you’ll be able to follow all the trackers that follow you – and you can block any unwanted surveillance. 

Key features:

1. Tracker control allows users to overview stalkers on any website they visit. At least, you can get rid of annoying ad trackers, which examine your browsing habits. There are more than 2000 trackers and 4500 scripts in the Ghostery database. To make it faster, use one-click gesture to get rid of any possible stalking activity.

Ghostery Tracker Control 

2. DuckDuckGo as a default browser makes users sure that their personal data won’t be collected or shared by any means. 

3. All the privacy features are easily accessed through the Settings menu. This way, you may clean cash and cookies as fast as you want and continue browsing.


It’s All About Perfect Browsing

 No matter how many browsers we review, there is the only one which works for your needs. One way or another, we all have our unique set of browsing habits and preferences. It’s also possible that you still can’t find the right solution for you. In this case, write us to create a really special web browser together.

After reviewing the most popular tools on the market, we have the information on what consumers really appreciate in their browsing experience. We’re here talking about a high level of privacy, instant synchronization, and reduced data usage. Add some pepper with individual gestures – and you will have a unique application generating everybody’s curiosity.

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