Top 5 Mobile Web Browsers for Android Phone

It seems so easy now to get any information you need – just use a few gestures on the mobile screen. Several decades ago, people had to spend a fair amount of time to find precious pieces of data. In 2017, when the World Wide Web has become a part of our everyday life, we think a lot on the convenience of data searching. 

Demanding audiences have always been an engine for the developer’s actions – and what does it mean? Dozens of mobile web browsers are fighting for their place in the sun. Today, TecSynt will focus its attention on Android OS and name five of the best mobile browsing heroes. 

Android and Its Internet Usage in 2017
The Most Popular Mobile Browsers for Android
Brave Browser: the best for fast decisions
Chrome: the best for simplicity
Dolphin: the best for user experience
Opera: the best for smooth downloading and smart data usage
UC Browser: the best for website navigation 

Android and Its Internet Usage in 2017 

As we started with Android, it would be unfair not to mention what a huge jump this OS has made in the last months. Are you still not sure about the growing popularity of mobile web browsing? We were also surprised to discover that Android is almost as popular as Windows OS – 38,6% (Windows) are against 37,4% (Android) according to Statista.

Android vs. Windows 

In the last February, the gap between the two operating systems was about 20%, and five years ago, Windows was ahead by 80%. This massive mobile revolution astonished a great number of technicians.

Market Share 

Why is it happening? StatCounter says that the growth has appeared thanks to Asia and developing markets. At the same time, Windows is still twice as popular in North America and Europe. But the fact remains that smartphones are gaining more popularity each day, and Windows has to take some actions to stay afloat. 

When we already know the above-mentioned statistics, examining the best browsers for Android mobile devices becomes a fascinating task. Let’s get it started! 

The Most Popular Mobile Browsers for Android 

As we’ve conducted a research on the best mobile browsers, we found out that different platforms serve different goals. That’s why you won’t find a numbered list of products here – each of them is best suited for specific browsing habits. 

Brave Browser: the best for fast decisions 

Brave Browser

Mozilla designed this application to remove lots of extra details from browsing – and users eventually got the fastest mobile Internet solution. Brave’s developers have managed to build a high wall between adverts and the customer. For now, this is one of the most effective ad-blocking instruments on Google Play. 

Key advantages:

1. Link Bubble

It’s easy to imagine how most browsers work with the websites’ tabs, but Brave has another vision. The so-called “bubbles” will appear above any application you’re using at the moment. They will stay there till you decide to work with the browser. In such a way, developers took care of your time – you don’t have to wait in front of the empty screen.

Brave Browser 

2. Brave Shields

This is the name of Brave’s ad-blocker and anti-tracker. Mozilla is famous for its strong security system – you will get the same with Brave. Slow ads and tracking cookies can be removed with one gesture in the app. At the same time, you can work with Brave’s settings and create your own privacy policy.

Brave Settings 

3. Share Picker

This is one of the easiest ways to share links. When you touch a bubble, you can immediately share it via your favorite messenger or other application (the browser will ask which one). All you have to do is just drag a bubble to the button of your choice (they’re situated on the top of the screen).

4. Domain Redirects

Some customers prefer using another browser for specific websites (like Gmail or other Google services). They can mark such pages accordingly in Brave. These marks will automatically redirect you to a “backup” mobile browser. 

Chrome: the best for simplicity 

Chrome Browser

Chrome was presented by Google, and in 2012, it became a part of Android family. Actually, there’s a good chance you’ve already worked with this browser as it goes pre-installed in numerous Android phones. 

But not the belonging to Google made Chrome one of the best browsers for mobile devices. The secret is in the simple design allowing users to get used to this browser in no time. 

Key advantages:

1. The bookmarks’ synchronization

Google takes a good care of connections between its products. All a user needs is his Google account. Signing in, he has an access to a complete list of his bookmarks and other handy information from any device.


2. Importing data from another browser

This is an option you can find in the Settings menu. If you have several important links you don’t want to lose, hold this for Chrome. It will find other browsers installed before and all of the bookmarks hidden in them.

3. Bandwidth Management to reduce data usage

You have a great opportunity to lose about 50% of data usage thanks to this feature. Allow Google to do the biggest part of the hard work by passing it to Google’s servers. This way, your mobile device can be more productive and use energy for something more valuable.

Chrome Settings 

4. Incognito option

This section is your safe place if you prefer hiding your browser’s history. Incognito mode becomes especially relevant if some friends or members of your family use the same device. 

Dolphin: the best for user experience 

Dolphin Browser

We should mention that Dolphin was the first among browsers for Android mobile offering gestures as an innovative approach. Swiping and dragging make interactions with the browser more attractive for users. Nowadays, lots of other platforms have also taken up an interesting user experience. As for Dolphin, with time, it gained a lot more features to offer. 

Key advantages:

1. Dolphin Connect to stay in touch

This might be the fastest way to send a tab from a smartphone to the browser you usually use on your PC. You will have to add the Connection extension to this browser and then sign in.


2. Wi-Fi Broadcast

We have here the same sharing idea as Dolphin Connect, but in this case, you can exchange data with other mobile users via one wireless network.

3. Sonar

This is the next step after voice searching. Now, you can give more commands to your mobile phone such as zooming or naming a web page to visit. And another surprise from Dolphin – to open the searching screen in the Sonar mode, you have to shake the smartphone.

Dolphin Sonar 

4. Using real buttons

When you start working with Dolphin, the browser will ask you whether you want to use the smartphone’s volume buttons or not. You may scroll a page with them or change active tabs. 

Opera: the best for smooth downloading and smart data usage 

Opera Browser

In the list of popular mobile browsers, Opera is famous for its skillful download manager and the Discover feature. But there is more to come – we all know that Opera for PC is enriched with all kinds of extensions. 

As mobile Opera is available for devices with the 4th version and above, there is a lighter Opera Mini on the Google Play for older versions. 

Key advantages:

1. Off-Road mode

This feature makes your driving flawless as it deals with the slowest Internet connections. Opera sends them to its server, and the magic begins – heavy websites lose their weight.


2. Discover

It is for those who want to keep in touch with the world. Discover will show you all of the hot news – it can be opened in the new tab or in the Settings menu. You can also pick favorite topics or add new sources of information – just don’t stop discovering.

Opera Discover 

3. Download Manager

Users can manage their downloads within the browser. It means that from now on you won’t have to look for the download folder in the smartphone – you may choose how Opera should deal with new items and where it should store them. 

UC Browser: the best for website navigation 

UC Browser

UC Browser is another star among top mobile browsers for Android. It’s famous for the simple website navigation – you just have to drag the page right or left to go to another tab. 

Also, UC developers took a good care of an understandable menu and settings gathered in one place. And there is a pinch of personalization for you – lots of themes for different tastes are gathered in UC Browser. 

Key advantages:

1. Video Manager

There is something new here for those who are fond of watching videos online. Thanks to this manager, all videos you deal with are gathered separately from your browsing history. Whether you liked the video or simply watched it, UC Browser will remember your actions.

UC Browser 

2. Night Mode

If you don’t want to stare at the bright screen just before going to bed, try the Night Mode. The browser will darken its main display and some websites’ wallpapers – you can surely have sweet dreams after this.

UC Browser Night Mode 

3. Auto Pager

We have a really smart solution here as now users won’t get lost among numerous web pages. When you work with a website which is falling to a great number of different pages, Auto Pager will download one tab at a time. The next tab will appear only when you finish reading. 

Browse Around with the Right Solution 

Our research has proved that the best browsers for mobile phones have unique features for different types of the users’ behavior. Whether you like to browse before going to bed or really care about data usage, you will find a perfect solution on Google Play. 

It’s also important that the rising amount of mobile activity on the Internet is an incentive for developers to improve the user experience. At TecSynt, we’re looking forward to creating an amazing browsing tool for all kinds of Internet fans. Mobile devices and web activities have become inseparable - so, let’s use this opportunity!

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