How to Make Custom Emojis

How far do we get in our virtual conversations? Instant messaging with people from all over the world was only the beginning. Now, we get video chats and messages, photo filters, voice messages, emoticons, emoji characters… Conversations are like a huge fun for kids, adults, teenagers – for everyone!

And you can also add some amusement to the big game by creating your own emoji. Wait, you still don’t know what it is or how to deal with it? We will fix this problem immediately.

Let’s figure out what emojis are and how they appeared in our lives (or in our great messaging fun). And next, of course, we’ll learn how to make some custom emoji the fastest way.

The Concept of Emojis and Where They Came From
Emoji vs. Emoticon: What Else Is There to Know?
Tools for Custom Solutions: Imoji and Bitmoji
Imoji (GIPHY Stickers)
How to Make Emojis with the Imoji App

The Concept of Emoji and Where They Came From

Well, it took emojis a long way to appear on the Western markets as its native land is Japan. The word “emoji” is a plural form of the Japanese “picture” or “character”. No mysteries here – the meaning of the word speaks for itself.

The first genius presenting the set of 176 pictographs was a mobile provider NTT DoCoMo in 1999. Imagine what a task it was to create something special for the primitive cell phones as they were at that time. It was a grid of 12 pixels wide and long given – and that’s enough to astonish both rivals and customers.

The Concept of Emoji

This is how the first emojis look like. Now, they are exhibits in the Museum of Modern Art.

While Japan was overwhelmed, the rest of the world didn’t know a thing about this phenomenon. Everything changed in 2010 when emojis appeared in Unicode – it is a world characters standard. Then, it was an emoji keyboard in iOS 5 (2011) – the same keyboard for iOS in Japan appeared in 2007. Android followed the example a little later as well as other operating systems.

Emoji vs. Emoticon: What Else Is There to Know?

How much emotion can be put into one message? Let us guess – you got used to typing smiles as much as usual letters. Emoticons are the simplest symbols in your messages, which you can create with a standard keyboard. Facebook knows how to turn your emoticons into more attractive emojis.

Emoji vs. Emoticon

All of this looks familiar, right? Our next conclusion is pretty obvious – the concept of emojis is way more complex than the one of emoticons. Firstly, the number of emojis is a lot higher. Secondly, new emojis are appearing every day thanks to creative developers and users who can’t stand any limits in their conversations.

Tools for Custom Solutions: Imoji and Bitmoji

So, how can anyone create something new in the emoji world? We will review two main applications you should definitely know about if you have serious intentions. Those are the Imoji and Bitmoji apps, and both of them are available on iOS and Android platforms. Except Imoji is now known as GIPHY Stickers for Apple users – two solutions united under the same roof.

Imoji (GIPHY Stickers)

The main idea of two applications is pretty simple – users should be able to share any emoji they want using their favorite messaging tools.

Imoji (GIPHY Stickers)


Another way of creating something personal is making a cartoon emoji for any occasion. The features of the app are similar for iOS and Android smartphones. With its simple interface, it will take seconds to draw your own cartoon avatar. You can later share it in any social network or messenger to your taste including iMessage and Snapchat.


Download the app you like the most, and we’re moving further. Our goal is a photo emoji, that’s why we’re choosing the Imoji application today. More fun is coming!

How to Make an Emoji with the Imoji App

When everything’s ready, we only have to make an account – nothing new here. You’ll need an email or Facebook profile plus a new username with a password for it.

1. Take some time for exploration

At first, we suggest you start with the search option. You will get familiar with the people’s creativity – it’s hilarious, we promise! You may also get some inspiration if you don’t know what to choose for your own emoji. It really seems like there are ideas for everything.

Ideas for Everything

Besides, when you don’t have time for your own emoji, the search is the place where you find everything you need. All you have to do is to be sure in the spelling and choose specific phrases.

2. Upload a picture

No extra efforts – just tap on the “plus” at the bottom of the screen. You will find it wherever you go – it’s included into the constant toolbar. Here, you have several options: you may take a photo, upload a photo saved before, or choose any picture from the gallery.

Done! Next, you’ll be asked to crop the picture and show the borders of the future emoji.

Upload a PictureUpload a Picture

Keep in mind that the bigger size your picture has, the better quality it gives to the final emoji. But such an emoji may appear bigger than usual ones in a message.

3. Put appropriate tags

This step is not necessary but becomes important if you want other people to find your emoji. Look at the picture you’ve just cropped and write all specific associations you have on it. For example, it could be not only a full name of the movie star but also the name of the emotion he or she shows (“smiling”, “laughing”, “crying reaction”, etc.).

4. Create your personal collection

The collection of your favorite emoji including the ones you’ve just created will be stored behind the “heart” tap on the toolbar.

Personal Collection

5. Enable the keyboard for emojis on you device

To use any emoji with a few taps, follow the instructions you’ll find in the settings menu. You will find it in the right top corner of the screen. From now on, you have a fast access to your collection via the emoji keyboard.

6. Finally, share the picture you worked on

Use the keyboard or go right from the Imoji app. As we’ve mentioned, you have several options to choose: SMS, Facebook and Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Emojies Share

Feeling Emotional With Emojis

Obviously, we have too many feelings, emotions, and reactions to send to our family and friends. Or how would you explain all of those tools we have now to share something beyond words? We’re not suggesting you take it seriously – but we all should use the opportunities that mobile development gives us.

Making your conversations special – that is what a custom emoji give you. It was 18 years ago when the first emojis appeared in Japan. But the phenomenon’s creators hardly imagined what we have now. So, don’t just stand there – give something special to your smartphone and join the great emoji movement.

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