How To Build a Wedding Planning App?

I can’t even begin to describe how much a web binder once helped me to prepare for my wedding! And to imagine what a mobile app could do... Well, it’s only now that I learned about these fancy tools which are becoming more and more popular with each year.

For any need bride and groom can have during pre-wedding stage there is an application with super sophisticated features, valuable options, and good recommendations. And so many of them, various and somewhat similar or completely different. So, I was curious and decided to explore this field from a developer’s point of view. Please, join me for a quick examination below.

Wedding prepare    

Have a dream to create own planning app for a wedding? Here are some tips for you

We aren’t speaking about coding process, let’s make this clear. To code, you have to be a professional developer or, at least, a newbie, yes? So, I suggest, we discuss a general concept, an idea. Let’s make a useful step-by-step guide on how to build a wedding planning app from a scratch, shall we?  

Tip #1 Developing a Project

You have to understand why are doing this, right? What is the purpose of such application and will it be profitable. Well, let’s just say, people won’t stop getting married in the next ten years or so, and every couple wants their wedding to be perfect. For that very task, they have to plan a memorable affair. So many details, so much work to do, dozens of preparations regarding administrative side, design and decoration, guest list and honeymoon...

And any developer should keep in mind exactly this – the purpose of the app is to help an engaged couple to make their most important day also the most flawless and organized. So, get your ideas in order to decide which problem your app will solve and which resources will you need to start the development process. Get yourself a project kit where you put all the details regarding a future product, all the sketches, and versions of the primary idea.

Tip #2 Concentrate – don’t do everything at once

While there are many different categories, all of the wedding apps can be divided into 4 general groups:

  1. Countdown apps
  2. Planning apps
  3. Checklist apps
  4. Guest list apps

Wedding app checklist

It doesn’t necessary mean that there can’t be an option with handy pieces of advice for a bride if we’re talking about countdown application, for example. No. But you must choose the main task your product will be concentrated on, and move forward from here.

Depending on what you choose to build, there will be different features and functions implemented. If you desire to create the most helpful and complex product then, I guess, you need to take a closer look at Planning and Checklist types, they could give a chance for a wild run of the developer’s imagination wiping out the boundaries of fantasy. 

Tip #3 To make money you need to invest first

Well, as your customers will plan their wedding budget you must set up yours. It’s essential to know how much money you can spend because the quality of the whole project would depend on it. Will you do the coding yourself? How many features do you want to have in your app, and will you be doing it from a scratch or with the of some other apps clones? Yes, all of it would define the final price of the mobile product.

From a business perspective, it would be wise to hire a wedding planner app development company, which could take a little bit more money, but would ensure a professional product and after-launch support in the end. This, in turn, will save you from complete failures and over budgeting for unnecessary re-making and re-doing of the whole concept if you try to do it in a more... economic way.

Experienced mobile developers will help you to understand which parts of your project could be made and which should be changed or even removed.

Tip #4 Mobile Platform & Technical details

Like with any other mobile case, you have to choose a mobile platform on which your app will run. Keep in mind, that Android have an advantage of the wider number of users, but will cost more and would be more difficult to build. As for iOS, it’s a cheaper choice, but much fewer users with iPhones or iPads. Of course, if you’re an ambitious dreamer, you can go on with the multi-platform project (including Windows and Blackberry), but for a startup probably better to concentrate on one platform.

Then there is a decision to make about development tools and SDKs you gonna use, like free templates and wireframes, libraries and APIs. But you should remember, that understandably, an app’s clone can reduce the cost of the project, but it doesn’t necessarily result in a qualified product you imagined in your mind.    

Tip #5 Features? Checked!

Well, the app is only as good as its features. Not to mention, that your application supposes to be super user-friendly and have an easy-on-the-eye UI. Which means bright colors, nice pictures and fonts, catchy name and icon. And based on the type of the wedding planner you chose to make, there could be dozens of different functions to implement.

Wedding date

So, you should write down a list of some basics that are must-have in this sort of the app:

  • Countdown calendar
  • Wedding Checklist
  • Budget calculator for a special day
  • Rehearse planner
  • Wedding notes & organizer (with all the most common issues like todos, schedules, appointments, etc.)
  • Guests Lists & Guests wedding gifts list
  • Shopping list & Menu Planner
  • Invitations mock-ups
  • Catalogs with pictures and ideas for wedding concept, cakes & bouquets, jewelry, dresses & tuxes, decoration etc.
  • Social Media Sharing Button
  • Booking option for hotels, restaurants, etc. (plus a direct connection with trustworthy wedding vendors)
  • Location based services (available places nearby, churches’ schedules)  
  • Honeymoon planner (along with the searcher for travel destinations and accommodations)

And this is just a quick rundown without a detailed analysis of what can be in such application. Just give a free ticket to your imagination and don’t be afraid to experiment.

Tip #6 Test it, improve it, test it some more

Range the features described above from the most valuable to the simply desirable. Then pick top 5 of them and make a quick prototype of the app, using free wireframing tools and online sketching services. This will let see how the mock-up of your product works, does it have bugs or problems.

Also, it would wise to build an MVP to test the actual working digital version of the app. It helps to save a lot of money and time that could be spent on additional re-making if you launch to the market a raw and bad functioning application.   

After the first feedback from beta-testers, you’ll be able to improve the app, add or remove some features, etc. The MVP is a priceless asset when it comes to hearing your audience and appreciating their needs. 

Tip #7 Revenue model and Launch day

About time you finish polishing your marketing campaign and establishing a business model for tracking your profit. Choose the right metrics to measure your revenue and go on, pass the product to the Marketplace and enjoy your victory during the launch stage. But don’t get too comfortable, there is a lot do still!

Keep listening to your customers, properly interact with them to see if your app lack of something they desperately want. Only then you’ll be able to make regular constant updates and impress the users, pursuing them to stay.

Tip #8 Study your competitors

For those who want to make a mobile app for wedding planning, one last advice. It’s a fact that custom wedding planning app development industry aren’t a quiet bench in the city park, actually. It is a park, in fact, noisy and crowded. Which is very convenient for you, though it can seem otherwise. Why? It’s never bad to have a better example before your eyes.

The App Store and Google Play already have dozens of nice wedding apps, and if you want to create your own, I recommend to do a market research first, so you don’t copy someone’s already existing app. Also, it’ll help you to avoid other’s mistakes and see what do people expect from a new wedding app developer.

Study your competitors  


Wedding planners are, indeed, really handy tools that allow bride and groom to spare themselves a headache during preparations and fully enjoy their honeymoon. So, it would be a very forecasting idea to develop a wedding planning app and we’re here at your service, in case you need more help. We’ll discuss the cost and the complexity of your project to see how we can reduce your expenses and make a really fancy flawless application for you. Also, our experienced team will provide you with any professional support you’re gonna request and more. Feel free to reach out at any time!

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