How to Build a Team Task Management App

Team management is an integral part of every corporate environment. Experience shows that good team management can help business to be more flexible, grow faster and get work done easier. That is why more and more companies today are looking for ways to maximize team's productivity and performance.

There are a lot of challenges in managing a team: starting from information sharing difficulties and ending by misunderstandings. And that's where team task management apps can help. A good team task management app with ideal set of features is one of the most valuable tools to organize work processes.

The amount of team management tools is growing every year. Despite this fact, it’s not very easy to choose the right tool that can fit your team’s needs perfectly. This basically creates a situation when you have a need in reinventing a wheel, in other words, in developing your own perfect fit.

How to do this?

Okay, let’s start from the basis. Task management apps are divided into two types. The first type helps to manage team’s everyday activities while the purpose of the second type is to help teams collaborate. Thing is, that each type of a company or organization has its own specific needs. So before starting the development of a task management app you should clarify the needs of the organization. 
Team Management App

Let’s consider some examples

If you are a publishing house your task management app should be able to ease the process of data storage and its sharing between team members. If you run food delivery business it’s important to make sure that app for task management includes such features as planning delivery, publishing schedules for delivery managers, etc.

If you are a startup then you should pay attention to such features as the ability to plan team meetings, documentation, and tasks sharing, etc. The most important thing when developing a team task management app is to concentrate on your target audience.

The main problem of many existing task management apps is that they try to be suitable for every business type. As a result, some of them seem to have lots of unuseful features while others are incomplete. It’s very unlogical that tools aimed at simplifying work processes make them harder instead. So in order to make your app really useful make sure that it meets the following requirements:


First of all, every task management app should be comfortable for users. This mean that good app should have intuitively understandable design and really useful functionality. Note that when it comes to functionality it’s very important to focus on quality over quantity.

Let’s consider basic functionality in more details. The most important features that must be implemented in every team task management app are tasks and checklists creation and taking notes. After the tasks are created users should be given the ability to customize their workflow by organizing tasks.

Note that tasks, notes, and other content must be editable. It is also important to make sure that users can attach documents and pictures to the tasks, leave comments, etc. Don’t forget about such important features for productivity increase as date setting and upcoming events reminder.

In order to keep all the information easy to use make sure to add filters. Filters can vary depending on the purpose of the app, but the most commonly used are task type, task priority, task deadline, etc. It’s also important to have push notifications that can be sent not only to all the team members but also to selected groups or individuals.

Filter your tasks in the app


The second important requirement says that every good task management app should be flexible. By flexibility, we mean the ability of an app to synchronize data across different platforms and integrate with different services such as Dropbox, Github, Google Hangouts, etc. Task management apps can dramatically reduce the amount of time that team spends during tasks implementation only if it keeps all the data synchronized across platforms and devices.

It becomes even more important for those team members who work remotely as data synchronization provides them with the ability to reach tasks from anywhere and from any device, whether it’s iOS, Android or web. When it comes to integration of your app with different services its flexibility increases more than twice.

For example, you can provide ready access to all the files such as project documents and pictures by integrating your app with Dropbox. The other example is Google+ Hangouts. By using Google+ Hangouts API you can create a collaborative app that gives your team the ability to participate in group video chats and stay even more connected.

Team Group Calls

The features that are described above are basic, but they are enough to frame your app idea. It is good to start the development of a task management app as an MVP with basic features.

Thing is, that it is not always reasonable to start development of a fully - equipped application because it is very time and money consuming process that can potentially bring disappointing results. It is nearly impossible to predict what set of features will be ideal. That is why it is better to start with an MVP that provides basic features and then plan continued development depending on your team’s feedback.

All in all, a thoughtfully done task management app is more than just another popular application, but a powerful tool that allows teams and individuals stay focused on particular goals and be effective than ever before.

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