How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Dating App Like OkCupid

Last time we talked about the food delivery app development and its average cost. So, today let me take you on tour to find out about dating app development. Why am I even suggesting this? Well, because, obviously, like eating, people will never stop dating and looking for their soulmates. There so many of us who are lonely and lost in this world... And we never know where our love hides – next door or on the other side of the planet. That’s why dating apps, sites, and chats are so popular nowadays – you can find someone who will touch your heart in just a couple of clicks.

What is the dating app?

A mobile app that acts out as a matchmaker to help one find a perfect partner who’s looking for a date too. Doesn’t matter how it will end – with “happily ever after” or a one-time date... Everyone will have to try and see what the destiny has for them.

Of course, a social network is a huge tool for the same purpose, but on the other hand, you won’t find there those complex algorithms and complicated detailed codes that dating apps contain. With their help finding your ideal soulmate became easier as never. And each app usually provides different features which allow users to choose an app that suits them better. 

Such access to the dating profiles and fast way to connect with millions of other people around the globe just in your hand is mesmerizing, agreed? And your mobile phone is always with you, everywhere, all the time. Feeling sad or unhappy? Dating app will help you find your knight in a shining armor. Especially among the young generation, the percent of dating app usage is extremely high, so the number of your users will be also very huge. Which means the revenue out of the dating app surely is very attractive. So from the business perspective, it’s really far-sighted to invest into dating apps.

There are already hundreds of mobile dating apps, yes, but still, the niche is available for someone bold and creative – you just need to take your brilliant ideas to dating app development company and they will create for your a unique dating app, that will make you rich and your users – truly happy.

Let’s get the party started! A couple of useful tips for your startup as a mobile dating app developer.

How to make a dating app?

Well, truth be told, making an app for dating isn’t that easy. It's a complicated app with a lot of attention to details. And, of course, the reliability of your dating app should be very high. Which you’ll see through feedbacks and reviews or comments from your users. Absolutely necessary to listen to your customers to be able to create a successful product.

Start your dating app

Where to start, you’re wondering? As always, first of all, design a project: include there everything you’d like to empower your app with. Then it’s better for you to research the app market to find out more about the industry. After you clearly made up your mind, you should choose the right metrics for the app and develop a revenue model. Usually, it’s good  for mobile app making business to start an app marketing campaign long before the app is even done. You need to promote your idea to engage some investors.

Secondly, to create a dating app, like, a popular one, you’ll need some basic features that your users would cherish, because such options will make their efforts to find a soulmate much easier. Let’s look at this a little closer.  

Make a list and memorize these recommended  features for the dating apps:

  • Email, Facebook or Instagram integration. The option to through existing accounts;
  • Profile settings that can be changed at any time;
  • Extended bio and preference forms;
  • Geolocation, search distance option;
  • Availability of different languages for use;
  • Simple user guide on how to use the app;
  • Advanced and effective matching algorithms (survey-based or facial recognition-based);
  • Highly organized search filters (with multiple options);
  • Easy-of -use UI with swipeable images;
  • Viewing friendly profiles;
  • Private text chat and real time chat;
  • Voice Chat;
  • Gifting Market Place;
  • Advanced Content Moderation;
  • Great navigation within the app;
  • Push notifications;
  • Option to like or dislike one's profile;
  • Social network integration/social shares;
  • Privacy Policy and anonymity for users;
  • Terms of Service and licenses;
  • Free Paid Memberships;
  • Policy based on behavior Analysis;
  • Blacklist for importunate users.

A lot to take into consideration, I know, but it’s not nearly all, so in the process of app development you can discover many other options that will be necessary for your product. But don’t forget, there are also some features that are absolutely undesirable for dating apps:

  1. Absence of admin control: unverified or fake accounts.
  2. Pre-selection process.
  3. Overwhelmed and detailed time-consuming surveys, needed for fueling matching algorithms.
  4. Aggressive advertising or social network integration.
  5. Compulsory social network integration and push notifications.
  6. Uncensored content.

Matching algorithm in dating app

Okay, now you have a good sense of direction into this world of the dating app creating stage. Let’s see what kind of app would you prefer to build.

Variations of the dating apps:

  1. Geolocation matching dating apps (Tinder, Tangle, Bumble);
  2. Matching algorithm-based dating apps (eHarmony);
  3. Traditional dating apps like old-school dating websites (OkCupid);
  4. Niche dating apps designed to target specific groups of people (The League, The Grade and Antidate, Bristlr).

Surely, there will be challenges during your dating app development, ups and downs, but with a good team and business plan you’ll fight everything, just keep pushing.

And to encourage you, here the list of the best-known dating apps that you should pay attention to and research a bit closer.

Best free apps for dating:

  1. OkCupid – one of the hottest app on this list. Classic, traditional dating service provides a mathematically calculated compatible date for you. Main purpose: finding a quick date.
  2. Tinder – uses Facebook to sort out mutual friends, interests, and locations, and then matches you with suitable partner. Main purpose: for daters who value privacy.
  3. Sonar – by connecting to your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts, the app shows locations of friends and other "interesting people" you might have mutual connections with. Main purpose: meeting up with people within your circle.
  4. How About We – the app is perfect is you want to explore a new city with a fellow adventurer. Main purpose: trying new things.
  5. Plenty of Fish –  a location tracker shows who’s nearby and lets you get in touch quickly with a “Meet Me” feature. The “Places” feature gives you some ideas for a date and will even send out event notifications for your area. Main purpose: grabbing a quick cup of coffee with an interesting person.
  6. Tagged – the site and accompanying app is a blend of friendship and dating opportunities, allowing people to meet through the social-gaming component. Main purpose: for gamers who are seeking love.
  7. Are you interested? – the app sorts through pictures of nearby users asking "are you interested?". If you both answer yes, you two will be matched up and can arrange for the meeting. Main purpose: for those who scared of rejection.

So, how to build an app like OkCupid?

Why we choose this example? Well, the matching algorithms of OkCupid are so good, because they’re based on detailed quizzes for each person to fill before using the app. Its “broadcast” service are very appreciated among users, representing especially quick and useful way to spend a few spare moments with a nice and interesting people.

Dating like a game

You already know the desirable features for your app. Now you can research the market and read some reviews and comments regarding OkCupid app to find out what user do and don’t like about it. Consider the information to plan for yourself a strong business strategy and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

To help you with technical aspects there are many already written codes for dating apps, so for the test-drive you can actually choose some OkCupid clone to practice and see how are you handling the process.  But if you want to start from a clean slate – you first move should be to hire dating app developers from a presentable dating app development company. Trust only professionals with your ideas, don’t be afraid to spend an extra grand – in return, you’ll get yourself a perfectly designed, well-coded and highly functional app.

Now, tell us something... You are already interested in how much does it cost to make a dating app. Aren’t you? Let’s discover, shall we?

How much does it cost to develop a dating app?

The answer to this question will be different based on from which country are you hiring the development team. Don’t be confused – we have gathered and researched a lot of information to spare your time. Approximately calculated price of the dating app like OkCupid will range between $20,000  to $30,000 per platform based on the features you’d like to order for your app. Here you’ll have a good combination of cost and quality of the app.

Dating in one touch

The dating app development cost depends on following aspects which you need to keep in mind:

  • project requirements;
  • app development team (basic or extended) – the number of the members should be calculated based on the project requirements;
  • hourly rate of the app development team members;
  • backend infrastructure to develop an API;
  • technical complexity / desirable features – more advanced facilities equals  higher cost;
  • number of platforms (iOS/Android) and OS versions;
  • number of devices your app will support (iPhone, iPad, smartphone, Blackberry)
  • app development approach (native, hybrid or web);
  • social integration;
  • geolocation and feed;
  • admin panel development;
  • custom design and animations (UX/UI designer);
  • pre-launch testing;
  • support and maintenance of the app;
  • marketing program;
  • post-launch expenses (read more "How To Start Mobile App Marketing Campaign").

What is extremely important and we mentioned above – it’s the country where you’re looking for developers to hire. As far as we know, the current average hourly development rates across the globe look like this:

  • US and Canada - $50-$250;
  • Australia - $40-$150;
  • Western Europe, Scandinavia and UK - $40-180;
  • Eastern Europe - $20-$150;
  • India - $7-$80.

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