Healthcare On-Demand: How to Build a Successful Platform

Today, on-demand industry is growing very fast and actively integrates into healthcare space as patients are demanding an interactive experience for their healthcare needs. As a result, top medical specialists are becoming just a swipe of a finger away.

On-demand healthcare platforms gain it’s popularity thanks to the ease of use and comfort for patients and doctors. Just imagine, you don’t need to waste your time staying in a line of people who wait several hours to be treated or consulted. Just download an app and all the specialists are ready to help you.

On-demand healthcare platforms have unrevealed potential to fight against diseases, improve daily life, help people stay healthy and redefine the relationship between doctors and patients.

Improve traditional healthcare system with the help of smart tech

A lot of entrepreneurs are taking this sector by storm. So how to build a really successful platform and stay competitive for years? The following article is aimed to answer this topical question. The growing market of on-demand healthcare apps shows amazing examples of platforms that is good to follow if you want to build a really good product.

For example, a startup from New York called Pager ( have created an amazing app that sends trusted providers to user’s home, office or hotel to handle most urgent care. Despite the fact that the idea of home visit isn’t new, Pager have big potential as it helps doctors stay focused, reduces misunderstanding with patients and enables better connection.

Healthcare on-demand: Pager example

The other great example is Talkspace ( Talkspace is aimed to make it possible to receive help of therapist and talk through your troubles from any place, at any time. Through the app, users can exchange anonymous and private text messages or video chat with a psychologist.

There are a countless amount of other good examples of on-demand healthcare platforms as the market is on the move. When you start the development of such a platform it is important to understand the market completely and be familiar with the existing trends that create demand for healthcare mobile apps. So let’s go through the major trends in the healthcare mobile app development industry.

Improve traditional healthcare system

Electronic medical and health records

Electronic medical records technology, or EMC, creates the ability to store patient records electronically, rather than in a paper file. There is no doubt that electronic health record is paving the way for other healthcare trends.

Although electronic health records appeared more than 30 years ago it still hasn’t replaced file folders. But the uprise of healthcare mobile apps may have an impact on the growth of EMR.

When it comes to electronic health records (EHR), mobile apps simplify the data tracking process, creates the ability to monitor patients online and allow better collaboration and information sharing between doctors. The ability of electronic medical records to create interoperability between medical centers makes it nearly integral part of the healthcare sector.


There is a huge demand for apps that allow direct interactions between doctors and patients by text, email, phone and video conversations. Moreover, e-visits can help to provide rural areas with the necessary healthcare from top specialists and free up time of doctors, allowing them to pay more attention to serious patient issues.

Mobile health (mHealth)

Mobile health is the use of mobile devices for healthcare needs that provides convenience for doctors and users. According to the prognosis the mobile health market will reach $26 billion globally by 2017. Today there are more than five billion wireless subscribers who generally reside in low- and middle-income countries.

Healthcare On-Demand mHealth

HIPAA Compliance

With the increase of users who use mobile devices for healthcare purposes there is a need protection of patient data from being compromised. That is why any mobile application in healthcare sector should be HIPAA compliant (Read more in "HIPAA Compliant App Development. WhatDo You Need to Know About It?").

This basically mean that every mobile device that keeps any medical records must be encrypted. Users accounts must be password-protected to ensure that unauthorized people can’t have access to the confidential information.

Everything seems to be clear with the healthcare mobile app trends. But you may wonder is there a secret that guarantees success? The short answer is no. If you want to succeed you should follow a lot of rules. The main are:

  1. Concentrate on a particular service: the best healthcare apps only do one thing, but they do it very, very well;
  2. Make it easy to share: it is a good idea if the core functionality of your app includes the ability to invite friends;
  3. Start with iOS, but don’t forget about Android: many health care apps are developed only for iOS devices despite the fact that Android is now the dominant platform;
  4. Marketing is important: make sure you have enough marketing budget to attract the first batch of users to test metrics and understand the real value of each user before continuing with more systematic campaigns.

HIPAA Compliance

All in all, if you plant to start the development of on-demand healthcare platform you should understand that it is more than just a way to make a fortune but a growing market that is aimed to improve people’s life.

Our team is experienced in building on-demand healthcare platforms. One of the recent projects is Los Angeles-based startup DermDash ( If you already have a clear concept of on-demand mobile app just get in touch and we will gladly continue the conversation on this topic.

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