The Top 5 Advantages of the Custom Android App Development for Business in 2018

Choosing an OS for a startup, lots of entrepreneurs would opt for Android. We understand them completely – this operating system had almost 90% of the mobile market share in 2017 and is never going to stop with Android 9 ready to conquer the world. Building on Android means getting to the audience of a tremendous size – who wouldn’t pursue this?

But a big audience means facing high expectations of mobile users – this is why custom Android app development is gaining importance in 2018. Moreover, businesses also get certain benefits building a custom solution. Today, you will learn more about market trends and advantages you can get from them.

What Is Custom App Development?
Custom App Development: Trends in 2018
Why Build Custom Android Apps: Your Top 5 Benefits

What Is Custom App Development?

Custom app development is a process of creating a new software product that meets demands of a specific company. Along with this term, businessmen can also choose off-the-shelf software – it is created for mass audiences, so it won’t satisfy any individual needs.

With the rise of new technologies, custom app development becomes the only choice for both startups and experienced enterprises. The thing is, there are certain app types that can’t be manufactured for everyone. In 2018, this tendency is going to grow with the following expected trends.

Custom App Development: Trends in 2018

There are certain branches in mobile app development where one common mobile technology can’t please everybody, so it should be tailored to win the attention of the audience. How do such apps look like?

  • Augmented reality applications

Augmented reality applications

AR is not a fancy trend as it may seem at first. Now, AR applications can serve well for both mass audiences and companies with special demands. Android has launched its own toolkit for AR development – it is called ARCore. Plus, the latest Android versions support functionality based on the augmented reality.

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There are five AR-based app types which will become more popular in 2018:

1. Apps built for consumers of a certain brand to make communication with the company even more “tangible”. To provide customers with a unique real-time experience, new Starbucks in Shanghai works in cooperation with Alibaba’s mobile powers: a customer gets a tour around the place, detailed information on the menu, integration with other services, etc.

2. More AR apps created by different brands that can become a real helping hand in the daily routine. IKEA helps you to place furniture in your house, and GAP has created a dressing room in your smartphone. We expect that such apps will become more popular among users, and more companies would like to join the tendency.

3. Apps created for certain industries. In the real estate, AR apps help agents to show property with a tablet at hand. Healthcare industry needs such apps to review detailed 3D scans.

4. AR games. Gamification in general now concerns not only passionate gamers but all mobile users altogether. Many companies consider AR gaming experience as a new way of involving customers and creating brand loyalty.

5. AR-based stickers. This is an opportunity for mobile users to create unique stickers on a completely new level. For instance, Android has its own sticker app (AR Stickers) that works via ARCore.

  • Applications with pre-made modules

Creating a new mobile product is always a big deal, but in modern circumstances, big deals should be closed fast. That’s why you could’ve heard about pre-made modules which can be customized according to your requirements.

There are several navigation elements common to lots of various applications, such as a photo gallery, map, news feed, etc. These elements exist as modules at the beginning of the development process. Later on, your app gains its unique look, but it happens much faster with typical modules created beforehand.

  • Applications based on blockchain

Applications based on blockchain

We expect blockchain to be the most sought-after technology of 2018. The year of 2017 was all about big blockchain platforms, but more apps are going to appear because of the benefits this technology gives to businesses of different industries.

These are four main app categories which will be built on blockchain in 2018:

1. Mobile wallets based on blockchain – they provide people with safer financial operations.

2. Blockchain solutions with features specific to a certain industry. For example, if it is a travel app, the booking process and travel data can be kept on blockchain.

3. Blockchain apps for enterprises which are built on the base of enterprise blockchain platforms.

4. Blockchain-based apps created to store personal information. As blockchain is known for its high security level, such applications would allow mobile users to gather sensitive data in one place (personal identification, property documentation, etc.).

  • Instant applications

This is a fresh trend generally presented by Google in the middle of 2017. Instant apps can be tried out just by tapping on the URL. In other words, you don’t have to download a full software product. To build such an app, developers divide it into parts.

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Now, several Android apps have a new feature in Google Play – “Try It Now”, but as it is an official part of Google Play experience, more apps are expected to apply this feature.

Why Build Custom Android Apps: Your Top 5 Benefits

Technologies do not stand still – this is a commonly known truth. The tendencies of 2018 create a pleasant anticipation, and we want to know more. But following trends does not only mean that your business keeps up with the market race. Building a new custom solution has more benefits in the bank – we’re going to list our personal top 5.

1. Custom development cares about your time and money

First of all, you should keep in mind that the off-the-shelf software already has a certain package of features to use. Some of them could be very helpful to you, and some may be completely useless. In any case, you should pay for the whole package and not a penny less. Your own custom product has all functionality that you need, and it is tailored strictly to your demands – you choose what to pay for.

Second of all, there is some spending which is not included in a price of a ready-made application: installation, data import, additional support, etc. When you buy a custom Android application, you know that you’re fully equipped in a long term.

2. You have a bigger chance to meet the customer’s expectations

A satisfied mobile user is a goal of each company working on the mobile market. To make it a part of your reality, you should be aware of the user’s needs, and custom applications help a lot in this situation. No matter how broad your app’s audience is, the customized software helps to mix all necessary features in one place.

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A huge advantage of the Android platform is that it’s very easy to customize. On the one hand, this platform works such a way that it handles any requirements with ease, and on the other hand, the development process is very flexible and allows integrating multimedia tools along with data management functionality.

3. You win a wider audience when building on Android

As we’ve mentioned at the beginning, Android has a dominating market share – it was 87.7% in the second quarter of 2017 according to Statista. So, it’s not a surprise that most companies would prefer investing in an Android app.

Such an impressive market share means that your custom application will appear on a big variety of devices used by people from many economic groups. Plus, Android is more popular in Asia which is already an immense territory for any business.

4. Business security of custom apps is higher than of ready-made solutions

Android app security

As we’ve mentioned many times, customs apps are created for the purposes of one specific business. It means that nobody out there will know the architecture of your product. Additionally, you can require the highest security level for your application, which is impossible when you buy a ready-made solution.

And finally, it is easier for hackers to attack vulnerabilities that can be easily found in the app accessible for everyone (i.e. off-the-shelf-software). If you’re going to create an application storing sensitive data, ready-made software is surely not your option.

5. Lower costs but high ROI

Android is an open-source platform. It means that its Software Development Kit (SDK) can be modified and shared by developers from all over the world. If everyone has a free access to the software, companies and their investors don’t have to worry about the cost of licenses or loyalty. Besides, it is very easy to get the newest OS versions from the community of Android developers.

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It also means that technicians have to pay a one-time fee for the app’s distribution and then build a product on any computer device. So, you have not only low investments but also a simplified development process. Eventually, users get an interactive and regularly updated app, which provides you with a high return on investments (ROI).

Custom Apps Distinguish You from Competitors

The time when custom app development was a big and complex deal has passed by. This year, custom applications dictate tendencies for startups and development companies. If you want to start fresh with the newest technologies, choose custom Android development as the beginning of your way.

On the one hand, you will have a completely unique solution working strictly according to your requirements. On the other hand, Android development doesn’t require big budget investments as its source code is free of charge. For more details, contact TecSynt’s team – we will lead your app from the initial idea to its eventual implementation.

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