Christmas Sales 2017: Get up to 15% Christmas Discount for the IT Offshoring Services

Christmas Sales

Do you enjoy the Christmas mood already? The gift season has begun! We all worked hard the whole year and were nice boys and girls... That means, we deserve the Christmas discount store to be open even for business purposes.  

Joining the army of retailers, TV and various service providers, we’d like to award the customers with fair sales. Following the marketing trend, TECSYNT SOLUTIONS mobile app development company offers you the IT outsourcing for sale.

We cherish our clients, so as we promised you on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday, it’s time to celebrate the season of Christmas sales 2017!

IT Offshoring During Christmas 2017: What You Can Order in TECSYNT

Our motto is simple: ‘You have an idea? We have a solution!’. So, our team consists of professionals with high-grade skills in every software development field. In order to grow our clients’ businesses with brand mobile applications, we provide properly tested and secure apps that allow our customers to win their niche on the market.

Hot Purpose

If you won’t miss our holiday offer, you’ll get hot deals customizable for particular projects (depending on the requirements) that include:

Native Mobile App Development

And so much more!
Backend Server Development
  • API Management
  • Data Synchronization
  • Data Storage Implementation
  • User Identity Verification
  • Message Notifications Implementation
  • Security Measures
Mobile Prototyping and UX Design
1st Stage
User Research → Competitive Analysis →  KPI & Metrics Establishing → Marketing Strategy
2nd Stage
Prototyping → Wireframing → Info-Architecture → MVP Roadmap
3rd Stage
Visualization with tools like Sketch, Adobe CC, Principle, Invision.
4th Stage
Usability Testing → User Flow → Heuristic Review → Production Support
Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Preliminary review of documentation (with Confluence tool)
  • Preparation of test cases (with TestLink tool)
  • Testing stage: Positive testing → Integration tests → Performance tests → Regression testing → Cross-platform testing → Basic security testing
  • Reporting about malfunction (with tools like Jira,, gitBoard)
  • Verifying corrections with QA engineer

But in addition to our coding experience, during the holidays we will you give you some other Christmas perks as well. See them below...

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Christmas 2017-2018 Discounts: IT Outsourcing for Sale

We know from our own experience how hard it is to start your business and save the budget as much as possible. So, we’re ready to help your first startup with reducing the expenses on the following custom software development services:

15% Off

15% Discount on an Invoice for:

QA & Testing

Software quality is what matters the most. This is why we implement the QA strategy at every step of the frontend and backend development. No bug is considered to be fixed until a QA engineer says so.
All of our clients have a different deadline and budget size, that’s why testing plans are always individual for every customer. What stays unchangeable is our intention to deliver only perfectly tested solutions to each specific project.

Mobile App Development

For the development process we’ll use:

1) classic and modern approach (Scrum, TDD, Kanban, Waterfall);
2) latest technological tools & advanced libraries;
3) different programming languages (Swift, Java, C#, Objective C, Python, Erlang);
Our team will build a unique solution for your:
  • Native rich and beautiful iOS apps
  • Native high-quality and Android apps
  • Backend Server
  • Wearable Apps
  • Java Development
  • Cost Estimation is FREE!  

Summing Up

Whether we develop an enterprise application or the one for a small startup, we always take it with great responsibility and work closely with customers to accomplish all their goals. Whatever business industry you belong to, you’ll feel welcomed at TECSYNT.

Here is what we are offering your brand during Christmas Time:

  • 15% Outsourcing Discount on mobile app development, QA, and Testing services
  • Developers’ hourly rates start from $35.
  • The offer stands till 15th January 2018.
  • It works for both existing and new clients!

Make an app with TECSYNT to make money with your business! Christmas is coming, so don’t waste this opportunity!

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Choosing us – is the best Christmas gift you can present to your business brand!


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