Risks You Should Realize: Cheap App Development Could Kill Your Business

Low prices and a good quality – is it really possible in the modern app development? When it comes to technologies, the cost of a product hides lots of mysteries for a business owner, and development companies use this advantage to neglect possible risks and offer a low-cost application.

During the past 5 years, new software development companies appeared in such countries as Ukraine, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova, Czech Republic, and Belarus. The low development prices here can be explained by economic factors, but in fact, an entrepreneur should be always on the lookout.

Today, TecSynt shares with you some behind-the-scenes information, so you could be aware of how much a cheap app development will eventually cost you.

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Ways to Lower the Price Which Can Harm Your Business
What Comes Next: Be Ready for Additional Expenses
How Cheap App Development Influences Your Customers
Expensive Features: When a High Price Becomes a Necessity

Ways to Lower the Price Which Can Harm Your Business

When you find a company ready to offer you development services at a really low cost, you should always understand that this team uses some tricks to decrease the price. Each of these tricks is a risk for your future product and business in general. Now you will know how they look like.

1. Certain works are passed to developers with even lower hourly rates.

The team you hire certainly knows the market better than you do, so it’s not surprising that they know where to find the cheapest code. Along with an affordable price, you get technicians with a lower level of education and corporate culture. Are you ready to accept this risk?

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2. A team of developers consists only of junior specialists.

Yes, their hourly rates are lower, and everyone knows about it. But you’ll get the same package as it was in the first point. First of all, the quality of your product might suffer hugely, and don’t forget that such specialists need more time to finish a certain work.

3. The project scope is underestimated on purpose.

We all love positive promises, but it’s a dangerous thing when it comes to the project budget. To compress the price (and time limits), managers can neglect any possible risks, both known and unknown.

4. A client gets tempting discounts right away.

It also may be a slippery slope as these discounts are offered to you just to quickly sign the papers. Later, additional fees will reveal themselves, but no one warned you beforehand…

5. Different members of the team work on several projects at the same time.

There are some cases when a specialist actually works well on more than one project. But it often leads to the lack of focus on a certain activity. Dedicated teams are by no means the best option you could have.

6. Developers use ready-made solutions.

By this, we mean implementing some simple app builders. Applications are created on its base, so your product will eventually have no individual approach and look exactly the same as many of your competitors. It is not an option if you want to release a unique experience for mobile users.

Ready-made solutions for development

What Comes Next: Be Ready for Additional Expenses

After describing low-cost factors, it is obvious where and when exactly additional expenses may appear. Let’s review them here and maybe add some unobvious ones.

1. Missed deadlines all over the place.

It can influence your business a lot if you have plans to launch an app to a certain date (maybe before summer or Christmas holidays) or when you take part in a harsh market race with your competitor. And obviously, more time almost always means more money.

2. A big number of quality issues revealed after final tests.

Time for the final bug fixing may also be not included in the initial estimate. It strikes strongly when you work with an inexperienced team – bugs are really huge and can’t be defeated fast.

3. The inability of developers to finish the product.

This also happens because of a little expertise and brave promises of the sales manager. You’ll need more time to find a new team and then transmit your half-done product to them. Eventually, the price you pay becomes even higher than it could be working with a professional team from the very beginning.

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4. The low level of scalability.

When developers build your product on top of the ready-made solution and ignore a solid basic architecture of the app, the product won’t be able to scale. It means that each new feature will require much work to remake an available foundation. The app just can’t adapt to changes within it, and that’s where additional spending comes.

As you can see, there are lots of factors that help companies with cheap app development to lower the price… And at the same time, these factors become a hidden threat to the project budget. Your extra expenses are lying low ready to emerge in the most unexpected moment.

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Till this paragraph, we’ve discussed your relationships with a vendor team that offers low market prices. Now we’re going to discuss your relationships with customers who use an app built at a low figure. In our opinion, this part is way more important.

How Cheap App Development Influences Your Customers

The credence you get from the users with the first download is the most precious thing your business can possibly have. End users don’t know what decisions you face with to choose the right development team or how much effort it takes to finally launch a mobile product. But cheap app development leaves its traces everywhere – and user reviews are not an exception.

No unique traits in the UX/UI design. How to grab the user’s attention from the first glance? Attractive design elements and intuitive design are necessary aspects that come to mind. But are you sure that cheap services will give you all of it? We want to see more, we want to be surprised, we want to speak with the app in the same language. Only skillful professionals know how to make it real.

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One crash – goodbye forever. You’re going to work on a highly competitive market where users can choose from dozens of alternatives (or at least several). Unexpected crashes won’t make your customers more patient – they’ll just delete your app for good without a hint of regret. This time, you don’t spend extra money – you just lose them.

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Low-cost technologies become obvious. The end user will eventually feel how your app looks like inside. The outdated stuffing of your product can make it too slow or work unsatisfactorily on the base of the latest OS versions. Customers will notice where you’ve decided to save some money, and your reputation on the market will be the first to suffer from it.

And subsequently, negative reviews at the app stores. Not all users would like to spend time writing a review. But trust us, negative impressions encourage people to visit the app’s page one more time. In this case, your reputation will be lost - and this is a factor you can’t actually buy for money.

If you eventually opt for a cheap app development, you should decide which functionality will get less of your attention. But there are some costly features which can’t exist without solid investments.

Cheap Development Mistakes

Expensive Features: When a High Price Becomes a Necessity

The final price of the app depends on the full range of features you want to implement. You won’t get an exact number before a thorough research of your idea. But our expertise shows that you should be ready to give a decent part of the budget on certain app characteristics.

  • Custom UI design and animations which are usually created for games or social network apps.
  • Personalization within the app which includes machine learning (it usually concerns eCommerce products).
  • Geolocation features (we all know them from Uber where the app tracks a driver).
  • Additional security efforts (any app with sensitive data will need it – payment apps are among them).
  • By the way, payments within an app are a vital thing for eCommerce mobile products.
  • Integration with hardware tools (the IoT sphere).
  • Any apps requiring AI implementation.
  • And finally, AR and VR experience is a complex programming matter, so you can’t get them at a low price.

How to Start Small in Mobile App Development?

After all of this, you’d probably ask if it is possible to save money when building an app. Of course, there are some safe ways for you to consider. For example, you can think over your requirements to the product or start your business with a reliable MVP. But the most helpful option is to turn to the company with smooth management and established corporate culture.

TecSynt specialists have expertise in both iOS and Android app development, so we can answer any of your questions and prepare a plausible estimation for your new beginning on the mobile field.

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