Black Friday Deals 2017: Outsourcing Discounts

Here it is, the gift season has begun! We all worked hard through the whole year but it’s time to catch an opportunity that the Black Friday and upcoming Cyber Monday have for us in their pockets. Everyone knows that discounts offered by every possible store or service on Black Friday are worth the wait.  

However, not just retail businesses and TV providers please the customers with attractive sales. Following the marketing trend, mobile app development companies are using the holidays to gain their audience. And we, at TECSYNT SOLUTIONS, won’t stay behind as the celebration days start. No worries, we promise not to play on hype. We just want to present you the best outsourcing discounts we can for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  

So, besides our coding experience, choosing us during the holidays will you give you some other perks as well. See them below!

Black Friday Deals

TECSYNT’S Exciting Deal for Black Friday 2017

As our motto says ‘You have an idea? We have a solution!’, and it’s as simple as that. Our team of proud professionals is known for being passionate about the cause and ready to work hard in order to grow our clients’ businesses with brand mobile applications. We provide only robustly tested and secure apps that allow our customers to stand out from others in the industry.

Black Friday outsourcing discounts

You can’t miss our holiday offer, believe us. To please our hungry clients, we prepared lots of various hot deals customizable for particular projects. Catch this opportunity to save your budget!

Enjoy the celebration with TECSYNT – on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday eve, we’re offering up to 20% off on all mobile development stages, including design and MVP.

We respect the value of your money, so hurry up to reduce the expenses on the following mobile app development services.

15% Discount on Mobile App Development

15% Discount on Mobile Design & Prototyping


20% Discount on QA & Testing

Using modern technological tools, advanced libraries, frameworks, and programming languages (Swift, Java, C#, Objective C, Python, Erlang) our team will find a unique solution for your:
  • Native rich and beautiful iOS apps
  • Native high-quality and Android apps
  • Backend Server
  • Wearable Apps
  • Cost Estimation is FREE!  
Graphic Design:
You’ll get highly interactive UI/UX design from professional digital designers. We can also redesign your existing product with an excellent and up-to-date user interface.
Prototyping (MVP):
And, of course, every software project needs an MVP/prototype – minimum viable product that could be tested in a real-world environment.
Our development team is also supported by efficient QA engineers. Software quality is what matters the most to us. This is why we implement the QA strategy at every step of the frontend and backend development process.
Using 5-steps QA process we’d do 6 Types of tests  for you:
  1. Positive testing
  2. Integration tests
  3. Performance tests
  4. Regression testing
  5. Cross-platform testing
  6. Basic security testing

To Crown it Up!

Whether we develop an enterprise application or the one for a small startup, we always take it seriously and with great responsibility. In the end, we build user-centric software with high-grade user interface and experience, implementing the latest technologies. In addition to being easy and intuitive, our mobile apps are also dynamic and interactive, made for numerous gadgets and iOS/Android platforms. And we always work closely with customers to accomplish all their goals. Whatever business industry you belong to, you’ll feel welcomed at TECSYNT.

Here is what we are offering your brand at a glance:
  • 15 – 20% Outsourcing Discount on all mobile app development services

  • Hourly rates will start from $26.

  • The offer stands till 31th December 2017

  • We’d glad to see both existing and new clients as well

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Don’t waste this opportunity to make the best Black Friday deal with TECSYNT SOLUTIONS!

Black Friday discounts

Stay Tuned! We have the Christmas gifts for you coming soon!

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