Best Survey Apps to Make Money

Are you in need of new ways to get money? I mean, legal, of course. Then, jokes aside, keep reading this article!   

Did you know that you can get paid to take surveys in the application, or for downloading some other mobile products, playing games, sharing your opinion on favorite things, and taking photos? Well, hello to the world of survey apps for money earning! With their help, it’s so easy to make money online and be rewarded with gift cards and bonuses. You won’t become a millionaire, but who would refuse an extra cash? Let’s see, how you should proceed.

What Are The Money Making Survey Apps?

In short, such digital tools actually pay you small amounts of money (or points) after you completed the offered surveys, polls, fun missions, or quizzes. And all that you earned in many cases could be transferred to your PayPal account to become real dollars. Sounds alluring, yes? True. It’s the simplest way to spend your free time and getting benefits at the same time. The ‘survey for money’ apps are free, their tasks are quick-to-handle, and your effort is minimal.

Why waste an opportunity if we’re already so obsessed with our smartphones and tablets? Just imagine... you search the web, watch some videos, or even do workouts and receive rewards for these actions! This cool paid surveys apps can be used on the go, wherever you are, at any time of the day. But the marketplace is crowded with dozens of such mobile applications... How to choose the right one?

10 Best Survey Apps for Android and iPhone

This post will try to introduce you to the awesome paid survey apps for Android and iOS to help you figure out how to earn extra bucks during your lunch or free time. Download them and try out on your device!

1. Surveys on the Go

Surveys on the Go

Here, you’ll be asked to go through various types of simple surveys, each lasts no more than 10 – 15 minutes (with rare exceptions). An excellent choice when you’re waiting for a friend at the cafe, riding a bus, or eating your breakfast. This tool allows choosing certain categories you like (it works with Fortune 500 companies and the number of entertainment companies). Just sign up into the application and notifications will inform you when the surveys are available. Most of them would be about TV shows & movies, goods & shopping experience.

Surveys on the Go app is one of the best out there for those who like to share some thoughts and having them heard. Typically, you’ll earn around $1 – $5 for one task. But keep in mind that even though you get money for every completed survey, there must be earned at least $10 so you’d be able to put it in your PayPal.

Download it for iOS or Android

2. Swagbucks

This survey app for iOS and Android is one of the easiest and most recognizable because it provides rewards in multiple ways. You’ll get points for surveys / polls, web searching, videos checking, gaming, shopping, voting, referring your friends, and so on. The UI is simple to navigate and friendly, while the variety of features is impressive.

Swagbucks’ points are redeemable for cash via PayPal (minimum withdrawal amount – $5), physical prizes, and for gift cards in stores like Amazon or Walmart. And the coolest part is this app offers a registration bonus that varies between ¢50 – $5. We think Swagbucks is totally deserved its place among the best paying survey apps.

Download it for iOS or Android

3. iPoll


iPoll is a multi-functional survey app that pays you for sharing opinions and completing different “missions”. It offers PayPal cash and quick rewards in a form of airline miles, gift cards, and even magazine subscriptions. However, you could be asked to visit particular stores or take photos/audios/videos. As for the surveys, each is based on the preferences from your profile and takes around 10 – 20 minutes.

Go on, install this easy-to-use and nice-looking application to receive instant notifications about available missions and begin your online career.

Download for iOS or Android

4. Ipsos (iSay Mobile)

Another best mobile survey app from the famous Ipsos marketing research company who pays for public opinion and audience responses. No registration is required: every time you go on a survey you’ll automatically enter into one of the Ipsos sweepstakes for a nice physical prize (MP3 player or gaming console). The tool works with notifications, so you won’t miss your paid opportunities.

The surveys are usually shorter than iSay names them to be, and for each, you get gift cards from Amazon & iTunes, or the redeemable points that could be cashed via Paypal (1000 points = $10 which is a minimum withdrawal amount). One can make somewhere between $8 – $10 per hour on this application. And bear in mind a tier system that rewards frequent survey-takers with bonus points.

Download for iOS or Android

5. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

Best Android survey apps have in their line Google’s own product that sends you surveys/polls once a week (you may use or turn off the instant notifications).

Judging products or answering 1 – 5 questions is super fast and easy process. And all your small efforts will be rewarded appropriately – in direct credits straight to your Google Play balance. Which could be used to purchase Android products (apps, music, games, books, magazines, etc). Can’t tell you that the amount of money will be spectacular... You’d earn around ¢25 – $1 per week in this survey app for Android.

Download from Google Play Store

6. Inbox Dollars (similar to Swagbucks)

Inbox Dollars

We decided to add this one to our list of best survey apps for money making due to its wide range of cash gaining. Inbox rewards users for simple polls/surveys, watching TV, Internet browsing, downloading applications & playing games, reading emails, purchasing online, referring friends (10% of their earnings for life), and even exchanging cash for playing games online.

A registration bonus is $5, however, the minimum redeemable amount is $30. Cash could be used to purchase some apps, for gift cards, or transferred to a PayPal account. So, Inbox Dollars is truly an awesome representative of the apps that pay you to take surveys.

Download for iOS or Android

7. Quick Thoughts

Quick Thoughts

It’s a survey app that pays you for surveys and polls that are sent to you based on your personal info. It links you only to those surveys that are relevant to your interests, and you can take just 5 of them per day. You can also visit local stores or supermarkets and provide your opinion on their services.

The reward is points-codes for Amazon gift cards (minimum withdrawal amount $10). This paid survey app has marvelous UI and functionality. In addition, the payout rate is quite high (up to $3 per survey is possible). Install this tool, get involved and share your opinion for money!

Download for iOS or Android

8. Cash Reward

Another cash king among Android survey apps that pay users for downloading and trying mobile applications, registering to free websites, watching videos and playing games, or participating in quick surveys/polls, etc. You’ll get paid via PayPal or receive Amazon gift cards. The earnings are redeemable starting from more than $1.

Download from Google Play Store

9. EasyShift


The ninth place in our best paying survey apps list holds EasyShift that is basically a simple tasker. It’s a little bit more than an easy surveys tool since it rewards customers for visiting stores & restaurants, checking prices, reviewing promotions, taking pictures, and other variety of actions. They are called “Shifts” that you take to complete surveys. And when you’re done EasyShift pays you through PayPal within 48 hours. This instrument is pretty fun and unique: while making survey process more interesting it still ensures that a task won’t take more than a few minutes.

Download for iOS or Android

10. Panel App

Last but not least among the survey apps to make money is Panel App that encourages users to participate in numerous surveys and contests. It gathers your location from various places you visited to generate your surveys. Wait, don’t be scared, such behavior is standard for such apps, trust us. The reward would be points that are redeemable for bucks via PayPal, gift cards (Amazon and Google Play, for example), and other rewards mailed directly to you (like an Xbox or an iPad). But the coolest part is that you can also win some real cash in a form of Visa or MasterCard cards.

Download for iOS or Android

Here it is, folks...  As a bonus, we also recommend checking out Survey Mini and Npolls applications that both have awesome features and great popularity. Did the article miss something? Let us know right away!

What’s the Conclusion?

It can be difficult to find legit and reliable survey apps that pay cash. But there are a couple of general guidelines that you should be oriented on:

  • Never pay for survey tool – the good ones are always free!
  • Payout rate – check how much the application pays comparing to how long the tasks take to complete.
  • Payout period – when do they pay and does it satisfy you.
  • The type of rewards – choose what suits your needs the most.
  • Minimum payout threshold – if it would be $50, consider changing your mind because it could be difficult to cash out at such terms.
  • Privacy Policy – survey apps that pay you money must protect your personal data, encrypt it and handle anonymously.

So, the decision is yours but it’s never bad to have an extra $500 per month just by using a smartphone on the go. We hope this list will help you to choose wisely. And if you have any suggestions shoot us a message, let’s discuss them!

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