The Best 12 Medical Apps in 2017 for iPhone & Android

Can we take a moment to appreciate this century? Among other marvelous perks, it gave us medical apps for iPhones and smartphones. Nowadays, learning medicine or keeping track of our health became a lot easier. Google Play market and App Store are packed with more than 10,000 of the mobile tools dedicated to a healthcare industry.  

Good health is the top priority for every person, we all want to remain healthy and avoid doctors. This is where we turn for help to our gadgets that became our nutritionist, caregivers, coaches, and physicians. But how to choose when you’re in need of a medical app for iPhone or an Android device? Let’s see what the medical mobile market is offering these days.

Best iOS & Android Medical Apps for Patients and Physicians

We already discussed the medical app design and HIPAA compliance, so it’s about time we proceed with a review of the best applications out there that you should know about. Here is our top 12 of the best iMedical apps that can help doctors and nurses diagnose patients and manage their EMR, get the education, or collaborate with colleagues. And the patients themselves would be able to handle their medications, check strange symptoms, or get some advice by making a virtual visit to a doctor.

1. Epocrates: for medical intelligence, drug prescribing, and safety information


This product is usually ranked as the best all-in-one app used by more than 1 million of medical workers and their patients. The 12 distinctive features of Epocrates include: a directory of doctors, quick access to drug information, the ability to check up drug interactions (up to 30 at a time), alternative medicines research, prescribing and safety info for thousands of brand names, generic, and OTC drugs. There are also different medical calculators (like BMI and GFR), various medical news, and the option of pill identification by the imprint code or physical characteristics. 

By being an ease-to-use great resource, Epocrates helps doctors to save a lot of their time. They like this tool because it offers basic information about the side effects and dosage amounts of prescription drugs, their approximate retail price, and the insurance information. In addition, it allows to contact their manufacturer directly and to look up for other providers to get consultations and referrals. 

Price: free limited version; premium subscription for $159.99 yearly (with discounts).

Available for: Android and iOS

2. Medscape: references for over than 1,000 procedures (with videos)


The Medscape, from a WebMD titan, connects the physicians, nurses and medical students with each other by one of its best features called “Consult”. It gives you an ability to post anything that you’re unsure of to get others professional opinion or an advice (visually identifying drugs and supplements). This an excellent clinical references tool with decision-making support and daily updated medical news.  

The app provides references for drug interactions and all the info on them (like side effects, warnings, and dosages), conditions / diseases, and medical calculators. It’s a total replacement for an entire library of medical textbooks which you now can have in your phone. Aside from this, you’ll get access to more than 600 educational videos and the drug database that can be accessed without an Internet connection. Then, there are also the continuing accredited medical education courses for professional development and the licensure requirements fulfillment. 

Price: free (only a user registration is required)

Available for: Android and iOS

3. Prognosis: Your Diagnosis. Case scenarios across 30 specialties


An awesome and award-winning app that delivers the engaging series of clinical case scenarios with an assessment of the decision-making skills of the player. Each new scenario is added weekly and has a comprehensive discussion with an in-depth analysis of the diagnosed condition. In addition, you get the key lessons that you can apply in day-to-day practice. This way a user is able to investigate and deduce the complex clinical cases in a very entertaining manner and the risk-free environment.  

The physicians are reviewing cases scenarios based on the real-life patients. Which is really helpful for students and healthcare providers when they’re facing their academic / professional licensure exams. So, if you have some spare time during your shift in the hospital or else, the Prognosis will help you to kill it in an educational but fun way. 

Price: free

Available for: Android and iOS 

4. UpToDate: helps you with clinical decisions


As the name suggests, this top medical app provides doctors and students across the globe with latest medical advancements and news and videos on a number of medical procedures. The search option allows you to look for something by typing in the word about it or based on the specific topics. Thanks to UpToDate, thousands of users take advantage of the best knowledge about health issues and medicine this tool offers. More so, you can even ask some clinical question on this application.  

It’s a great choice and the most comprehensive resource for those who study medicine or work in the medical facilities. Along with the above, UpToDate lets you search for diseases and treatments, access medical calculators, bookmark the pages, and print or email the chosen topics and graphics directly from the app. Also, the application has multi-language support and the option of earning and tracking free CME/CE/CPD credit. 

Price: free to download with an individual or institutional subscription required (and it’s not cheap).

Available for: Android and iOS 

5. MyChart: an app for medical records


Here, you can schedule visits directly within the app, request prescription refills, and so much more. It’s a personal medical record template that you can check from the phone at any time of day and night. There is an info about what medication or vaccination you have been taken lately and the record of your doctor appointments. You’ll keep track of your charge takes and dosage, view a health history, and add lab or test results to save it all in one place. 

With this medical records app, users can also send non-urgent messages to the clinic and receive a response within a couple days. Best of all, all your information could be accessed online, and as a medical iPhone app, MyChart is compatible with the Apple watch. 

Price: free.

Available for: Android and iOS 

6. CareZone: manage your prescriptions


Another medical record app for Android and iOS that is similar to MyChart. It’s relatively new but already one of the best. With this tool users manage their own and their family’s medication treatments. The app lists all of your prescriptions, the meds’ doses, and any other doctor’s instructions. Among the handy features, you’ll get a calendar to create schedules, a log journal for any incidents (like unusual pain or unstable blood glucose levels), and an organizer for doctor’s and pharmacy’s contacts. 

Managing medication can be challenging for many people but not with the fantastic CareZone. Here you just scan the labels of your meds / prescriptions and store them in the app. Also, as a bonus, you’ll get some personalized health tips and the option to create to-do lists or store important documents for future reference. All of this you can share with your family or a physician. And if you forgot something... don’t worry, CareZone will take care of you with its medication reminders. 

Price: free.

Available for: Android and IOS

7. iTriage Health: a library of symptoms, diseases, medicines, and doctors

 iTriage Health 

You can’t get lost with the iTriage tool! It presents an interactive way to check the symptoms of a disease by displaying an image of a human body. You select a part where the symptoms appeared and get a get a result – the diagnosis. There are also detailed descriptions of various health conditions and medicines. The information is very easy to understand which lets you to quickly find out about the current physical condition.  

Other valuable feature helps you to find the closest hospitals or healthcare facilities and the emergency numbers. And the list of doctors could be filtered by their specialty. In case you have a checkup or medical procedure ahead, the iTriage will prepare you for the procedure long before that. As a nice plus, it also has a section for the latest news on health topics. 

Price: free with in-app purchases.

Available for: Android and iOS 

8. mySugr: Diabetes Logbook. A best friend for diseased people


This medical logbook app is a number one when it comes keeping track of diabetes. It optimized for types one and two so any patient will be comfortable with this logbook. Users are able to log their numbers quickly and accurately and to be rewarded with an instant feedback and motivation. And there is also a Smart Search for places, activities, food. But the fun thing is that MySugr also has a gamification design. For each data you enter, you earn points to “tame the sugar monster” and a set tasks that helps you to achieve personal goals.  

Price: free with in-app purchases.

Available for: Android and iOS 

9. Red Cross First Aid: accidents happen, be prepared

Red Cross First Aid  

An official highly ranked mHealth app by the Red Cross comes to your rescue with simple step-by-step instructions for everyday first aid scenarios. You have an asthma attack or your friend broke his arm? This tool is your savior! It will prepare you for the most common emergencies by providing the information on first aid with educational videos and recommendations. In addition, there is a bunch of the informative quizzes and safety tips about natural disasters. And the best part is that First Aid preloads all content in advance, so you won’t need an Internet connection. 

Price: free.

Available for: Android and iOS

10. Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand  

Ever wondered how cool it would be to have a doctor in your pocket? Well, no need to dream of it now – with the Doctor on Demand physicians, pediatrician, and psychologists will be with you at any time of the day. It’s a service that finds licensed medical professionals in your area and helps you to connect with them via video and audio calls. You’ll get a certified advice and prescriptions accordingly to your current symptoms without leaving your home.  

However, don’t depend on this app in case of serious diseases, better go to an actual hospital. Doctor on Demand will provide you with a quick help for something like flu and skin irritations, depression and anxiety,  heartburn, etc. Other two possible drawbacks could be a $40 fee for the standard 15-minute consultation and you aren’t able to choose the doctor. But overall, the app works pretty fine if we are to trust the reviews.  

Price: Free.

Available for: Android and iOS

11. Pocket Anatomy – “Navigating the body couldn't be EASIER.”

Pocket Anatomy 

Another heavy hitter for surgical trainees, Pocket Anatomy provides users with the interactive 3D human anatomy and physiology. Its minimalistic, intuitive, and sleek UI pushes you to focus only on the app content and allows to easily find what you need and zoom it in details. This award-winning tool delivers surgeons the musculature, skeletal and connective tissue systems to train on. Doctors can retrieve hundreds of anatomical structures and valuable clinical information in an instant.  

There are also 30 free video animations and an enhanced drawing tool that saves drawings and share images for patients education. It’s an extremely helpful app for surgeons to practice without the risk of hurting their patients.  

Price: $13.99 (with 40% off regular price for limited time).

Available for: Android and iOS

12. BabyBump Pregnancy Pro with Baby Names

BabyBump Pregnancy 

We don’t need to explain how important the pregnancy apps became during the last couple of years. This particular one is trusted by dozens of authorized resources and millions of families. Simply put, it’s an indispensable application for future moms. It answers thousands of pregnancy related questions and helps users keeping track of all the stages of their pregnancy. With BabyBump, you can easily follow your baby’s development and kicks and record your mood, weight, and doctor visits. As a bonus, you can also share this information on your social networks.

Price: free.

Available for: Android and iOS 

In conclusion 

So, we made a guide of apps for medical field based on our research and the ranking of the application stores. Did you enjoyed it or did we miss something? Do not hesitate and let us know about your suggestions. It’s just a small part of what you can find on the iMedical apps market that’s why we advise to explore it some more. Whether you’re a doctor or a patient, there’s always something for you to choose.    

Best Medical Apps by Tecsynt Solutions

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