The Best Bitcoin Debit Cards You Must Try in 2018: Review and Comparison

The list of merchants that accept crypto coins is still expanding slowly, but there are already various pleasant possibilities where you can buy stuff with Bitcoins. And more so, the Blockchain ecosystem is proving to be trustworthy which pursued some companies to produce Bitcoin debit cards. You can order one for personal usage and connect your own debit card to Bitcoin balance.

Due to the recent news about Visa suspending the WaveCrest Startups that provide the major part of cryptocurrency credit cards on the market, the updated bitcoin debit cards review only seams time-sensitive. For an unknown period, widely used debit cards like TenX, Bitwala, Xapo, CryptoPay, and Wirex won’t work. And while the companies are trying to fix the situation, we’ll introduce you to some other available solutions.

Best Bitcoin Debit Card for 2018: Review, Pros, and Cons

If you plan to invest in Bitcoin you should learn which Bitcoin Debit Card providers are safe to use and which ones you’re better to avoid. We won’t shade anyone, but just keep in mind that we’ll look into trustworthy debit cards that we recommend using. Others you stumble upon – be careful to study the provider thoroughly. So, check out our review and see how to choose the right card in 2018.

Advantages of the Bitcoin Debit Card

First and obvious – you can now buy almost anything with cryptocurrency. Any merchant that accepts credit and debit cards, accepts also the Bitcoin debit card as well. The seller gets your payment in his own currency while the debit company will charge from your Bitcoin balance. As you see, works the same as usual money banking only you can live just on Bitcoin and don’t worry about physical money. It greatly helps in travels abroad, for example, or in paying some debts to your friends.

Disadvantages of the Bitcoin Debit Card

Probably, the major disadvantage is the card centralization. While the Blockchain technology itself is decentralized, with the debit card you must deposit money into an account at the debit company. So, your digital coins would be controlled by a third-party. This risk could be reduced by depositing a small amount of your Bitcoins into card balance. In case you’d be hacked, you won’t lose much. Then, there is also a con with a fee for using the debit company’s service – and you can’t avoid these fees.

Top 6 Bitcoin Debit Cards in Addition to Wirex, Xapo, and CryptoPay

Bitcoin Debit Cards

Here is the list of some recognizable providers and their fees.

Debit Provider

Quick Review


Available Card Type

Shift Bitcoin Debit Card

  • Completely secure
  • Immediate spendings notifications
  • Connects with Coinbase and Dwolla
  • No bitcoin conversion fees
  • Doesn’t have its own wallet
  • Only available in US 45 states
  • Coinbase is limited to certain countries.
  • Card Ordering – $10
  • Free Usage
  • Domestic ATM withdrawals – $2.50
  • International ATM Withdrawals – $3.50
  • International transaction fee – 3%



WageCan Bitcoin Debit Card


  • Available for USA and many other European  countries
  • Founders has a strong technological background
  • Over 30 million ATMs worldwide
  • First load reward
  • Local currency cashout
  • No credit checks
  • Referral Credits
  • Top-up Credits
  • e-Residency available


  • Expensive card issuance fee
  • The website may seem difficult to navigate
  • Card Ordering – $225
  • Free Usage
  • ATM Withdrawal – 2.5% (or minimum $ 3)



Advanced Cash (AdvCash)



  • Has its own e-wallet
  • Easy depositing process
  • Supports various e-currencies (Perfect Money, OKPay), SWIFT/SEPA transfers, and more.
  • Free internal transfers.
  • Multi-tier account security system.
  • No monthly fee
  • RUB available as currency
  • No apps offered
  • Available only for EU Countries
  • Card Creation – $/€ 4.99 (14.99 after 7 days) for Plastic
  • Card Creation – $/€ 1 for Virtual
  • Free Usage
  • Funding E-wallet > Card – $/€ 0.99
  • Purchases – Free (USD/EUR)
  • ATM Withdrawal – $/€ 1.99
  • Currency exchange fee – 2.95%



Bitpay Bitcoin Debit Card

  • Secure e-wallet
  • Well-known company, cards accepted worldwide
  • Has payment solutions for businesses and individuals
  • Prepaid Visa card
  • Unavailable worldwide – limited to US residents only
  • Doesn’t have chip and pin
  • Verification is required – home address (no PO boxes), government-issued ID, and Social Security number.
  • Card Ordering – $9.95
  • Free Package – 30 Transactions / Month
  • BUSINESS Package – Unlimited Transactions, but 1% Transaction Fee
  • Domestic ATM withdrawals – $2
  • International ATM Withdrawals –$3
  • International conversion fee – 3%
  • Maintenance fee – $5/month



Uquid Bitcoin Debit Card


  • UK-based company that supports more than 40 cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Dash, Steem, Ripple, Augur, MaidSafeCoin, Dogecoin)
  • Provides the highest Bitcoin market price while converting your BTCs into GBP, EUR, or USD
  • Unlimited lifetime purchases
  • Unlimited ATM withdrawals
  • Has an app
  • Poor English on their website
  • Unavailable for US residents
  • Account Activation – Free
  • Card Ordering – $16.99/€14.99/£9.99
  • Usage – $1 per month
  • Domestic ATM Transaction – $2.50/€2/£2.00
  • International ATM Transaction – $3.00/€2.5/£2.00
  • Withdraw Fee – Bank Transfer, 3% per transaction
  • Card is shipped free to 178 + countries with no extra fees.




CoinsBank Bitcoin Debit Card

  • All-in-one crypto provider with wallet and bitcoin debit card
  • Additional security settings are available
  • The card is available in USD, EUR, GBP,  RUB, CHF, AUD, JPY and Litecoins
  • Instant conversion between all supported currencies
  • 4 card types (see their website) available in USD, EUR, GBP
  • Daily cashback bonus for every cent spent
  • Has mobile app (Android and iOS)
  • Complex and not transparent ownership and firm infrastructures
  • Expensive fees for usage
  • Free shipping is only for premium users
For Plastic Card:
  • Activation – $/€/£14.95
  • Issuance – $/€/£ 0-99.95
  • Usage – $/€/£ 0.95-2.95 per month
  • ATM – $/€/£ 3.95-4.95
  • Currency conversion – 2.5-3%
  • Delivery with DHL Express
  • Free delivery for Named White Cards to certain locations
For Virtual Card:
  • Issuance – from $/€/£2.95 to 1000
  • POS – $/€/£ 0.95 to 1.99
  • Currency conversion – 2.5-3%




It’s possible to find merchants that accept Bitcoins directly, sure. But in most cases, you’d have to sell cryptocoins on an exchange, transfer the functional currency back to the bank account, and then spend it. Long and nerve-racking process sometimes. And that is why the Bitcoin debit cards are becoming more and more popular – they allow you to skip some of these steps and trust the debit card companies to do the exchanging stage. There is no shame in enjoying purchasing-spree with Bitcoins that you can spend so easily.

How To Choose the Appropriate Bitcoin Debit Card?

It’s always appealing that a Bitcoin Wallet can replace about 90% of all services you use in a brick and mortar bank. In addition, a variety of cryptocurrency broker allows you to invest in digital coins and trade them. Some say it’s a big scam, some call the Bitcoin phenomenon a gold mine. You never know the answer unless you try and use a cryptocurrency debit card yourself.

But how to choose the right one from such a wide range visually similar cards? First advise would be checking various forums regarding what other users say about particular provider. Are there any complaints? How high is the company’s rating among cryptocurrency professionals? And so on. Do the research first and ask the questions online to get the feedback on current situation with the debit card you’re interested in.  

To ease your quest, we did put up a quick list of points that you should look for while choosing a Bitcoin debit card:

  • Is a provider related to some scam or Ponzi scheme?
  • Are the fees reasonable?
  • Is it a VISA/MasterCard?
  • Is it anonymous or verification is required?
  • Is your country included in the service range?
  • Does this company have its own bugs-free e-wallet or does it use third-party services?
  • Is this startup transparent, has clear background, and well-funded?

In a nutshell, we’ve listed above the reputable Bitcoin debit card providers that usually offer respectable services. But it’s up to you to judge based on your own experience. We can’t decide for you since you may need an anonymous Bitcoin Debit Card on a business one... Most of such debit cards are alike, but the fees may vary and some terms / conditions of use depend on the country of issuance. Most of all, you pay for the brand and security level. Also, we should say that when the Wirex, Xapo and others from the WaveCrest will resume their operations, it’s better for you to choose from them rather than looking for less popular solutions.


We hope that our Bitcoin Debit Card comparison chart would be helpful for you. And we’re eager to hear about your personal experience of using such debit cards. Feel free to email us which card do you like to use and would recommend to others. Let us know if we didn’t mention some valuable aspect you’re interested in.

Our team is ready to build a brand new cryptocurrency e-wallet for your startup idea. Don’t waste a moment, shoot your inquiry and our Blockchain professionals will get the job done.

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