Best 6 Android Apps for Making Money

Ever wondered about the ways to make money on Android device that you use every day? Then buckle up!

We’re are going for a new ride of exploring top money making apps Android has to offer on the Play Store. There plenty of them, in fact, we already did a review of the survey apps like Google Opinion Rewards and Survey on the Go that both work perfectly when you need a PayPal extra cash or gift cards. And then we began exploring the field from the iOS retrospective, so it’s only reasonable to continue with our list that would teach you how to earn money with Android apps.

Best Money Making Apps for Android

#1 MintCoins


One of the finest and most reliable out there, this free money app for Android smartphones and tablets represents great multiple opportunities to be rewarded. You’ll be paid in virtual coins that could be withdrawn via PayPal account as soon as you summarize the minimum $1 limit. Thanks to MintCoints’s nice features, you’ll just have to complete the daily tasks and enjoy the money afterwards. There is even a cool bonus of 25 cents for inviting a friend to sign up with MintCoins. The usual ‘salary’ could easily be around $5 per day.

What’s your job?

  • Downloading and installing free or paid (reasonable price) apps
  • Registering with various websites
  • Watching video ads
  • Referring friends
  • Completing surveys & offers
  • Play games

The more you do the more you get with minimal efforts. The process could be slow, but the application with its points-to-cash rewards system is still worth your attention. Plus, there are no obligations or limits to your participation, so you can pick the tasks and do them whenever it suits you.

Get it from Google Play Store

#2 AppTrailers


To make money with this Android app, you won’t be asked anything more than to view some high-quality streaming videos of other application promotions. As you’d guess, the more you watch the more points would fill your mobile wallet. The clips you’d obliged to check include games from famous brands (EA, DeNa, Rovio, Kabaam, Supercell, and many others). You won’t earn much but the rewards would be good enough in the form of PayPal cash and Amazon Gift Cards. See? You can make money on Android even just by watching new trailers of the mobile games! The App Trailers is fun & entertaining and available for free usage.

Get it from Google Play Store

#3 Survey Mini

Survey Mini

One of the best Android apps for making money when it comes to surveys – you just answer the questions regarding the locations that you visit and get rewarded with points, gift cards, and discounts. Whether you go to a local restaurant (cafe), amusement park or on a shopping spree, you’ll get a notification from Survey Mini and an offer to complete a survey based on your activities. Keep in mind that your GPS must be always active after you install Survey Mini. The application’s purpose is only a market research, but the fun part is that you can even get free food vouchers in return for your opinion.

Get it from Google Play Store

#4 Foap

Foap - buy photos here

And in this case, the making money with Android phone is super fun and engaging! Why? The reason is simple – you would be selling your photos to other brands and resources! How cool is that? You don’t have to buy stuff or take a survey! Just create an online profile with a portfolio, upload the pictures you took, follow all the app’s requirements, and put them up for sale. There is an online marketplace to post, promote, and sell the photos without many efforts. So, if you have a nice camera and a passion for great scenes and views the Foap is just what you need.  

The price tag for photos is $10 and photographers get 50% from each sale. There is no usage limit, you may making money on your Android device as often as you want, though your photos must look appropriate and attractive. The minimal redeemable amount for withdrawal is $5 which is pretty suitable. In addition, one can participate in the Foap Missions to earn even more – the task would be to submit pictures of particular subjects or themes to the special initiatives. If your photos got picked up, you can expect a reward around $100. It’s simply the best money making app for Android customers who are fond of photography. And it’s completely free to download and use.

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#5 CashPirate


Another one, rather a favorable example of making money with Android apps that operates based on points-to-cash system. Due to its stable payments and reliability, CashPirate has been among the top money apps for quite a while now. After you registered, you’d be asked to download and test other applications or complete some offers like taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, and inviting friends. By the way, their referral program is one the best of all cash earning mobile services since you get 10% of your referrals earnings and 5% of your friends’ referrals earnings.

In general, you can get Bitcoins, Amazon Vouchers, and the redeemable points in a total number of $15-50 PayPal bucks per month (1000 points = $1, 5000 points = $5 Bitcoins). While the minimum payout is $2.50 which is very low. Those earnings are also could be used to buy stuff in the Play Store.

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#6 Earn Money – Highest Payments

Login to the Earn Money appEarn money appInvite your friends to the Earn Money

In the line of money making apps for Android phones, this one people truly love. The Earn Money is a trustworthy player from the upper league that pays users generously for various simple tasks. You would be earning extra income fast and easily, including $0.25 bonus for inviting some friends to join this application. The points you get are convertible into PayPal cash (100 points = $1) within 24 hours. And the rewards are usually paid on time.

What’s your job?

  • Take surveys
  • Download and try free and paid apps/ games
  • Play games online
  • Registering on free and paid websites
  • Referring friends and buddies

In short, app’s user-friendly and simple-to-navigate interface is an ideal choice for both newbies and advanced customers who seek to make money with Android apps. However, it seems to be that the ratings of the Earn Money is somehow lowered in 2017 – that’s why we placed it at the end of our list.

Get it from Google Play Store

If you’ll face some problems, then we can recommend switching to Tapporo – not the highest paying but one of the oldest money applications for Android and totally reliable till these days. While the set of tasks is pretty much similar.


So, did you find the one that suits your needs? We really hope this top money making Android apps will help you grasp some extra bucks or cool gift cards. To earn money using an Android app, you won’t even need to leave the house in some cases. And would it hurt to have a side income of $100-500 every now and then? Sure thing, no. All you have to do is download one of these applications on your device and find the best way to fund your digital wallet effortlessly.

P.S. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee you anything when it comes to ratings and customer’s feedback these days. The highest-rated products in the app stores aren’t necessarily the highest-quality ones. So, you’ll have to try and see yourself. But maybe you prefer other apps? Anyway, let us know what do you think about this post via a contact form.

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