The Best 12 iPhone Widgets 

Let’s begin with the fact that people waited for iPhone 6 / 6s widgets quite a long time, while Android was consistently beating his competitors on this front. But only years after, the launch of iOS 8 provided users with an ability to display app’s info right on the Lock and Home screens via widgets. Now there are dozens of them for any demand: iPhone dashboard widgets, calendars, games, power toggles, and Apple timer widget.  

All the data that we need during the day or month is presented in these mini-apps. We don’t have to open up a number of applications anymore because the Apple’s widgets show us a preview of everything on our Home screen. Exciting isn’t it? But how to choose what to install? Let’s get started with the topic. 

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Top iPhone Widgets Even in 2017 

You probably already have interacted with some of these cool iPhone widgets, but still... Aside from amazing free native Apple tools like Dropbox or Orby Widgets, there are so many handy products. Here is a list of the best applications that any user should consider having. We chose the 12 best creative and entertaining apps that will truly transform your Lock screen. 

Weather Section 

1. Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather

Among all the iPhone 6 widgets this one is the most beautiful weather app you could wish for.  It provides users with current and future conditions (‘evening’ or ‘night’), illustrating the current condition by Flickr images of the city or region we’re in. Yahoo Weather widget is a nice alternative to the standard iPhone weather widget that gives you a truly realistic view of what the weather is today. On the iPhone 6's bigger screen this widget looks just incredible. To check out the weather now, you simply need to swipe down to the iOS Notification Center. 

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2. Dark Sky

Dark Sky

A variety of the Apple widgets for iPhone offers you one more super weather app. Instead of bombarding you with the data you don’t actually need, this rich widget displays only the accurate current weather conditions. In addition, you’ll see the day’s high and low and a likelihood of precipitation for the next hour. Then, an expanded view of the Dark Sky gives you a lot more details. It’s hard to beat this application, believe us! Apple’s stock Weather app is a no competitor for this widget when it comes to the forecast for the next few hours in the chosen location. 

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3. Fantastical 2

Fantastical 2

Arguably, but still, Fantastical 2 is one of the best calendar apps on iOS 10 that beats the Apple’s Calendar widget hands down. Here, an easy-to-use interface and natural language are combined with great functionality. However, this app requires iOS 9.3 and later versions. Need more reasons? We already described them for you!  

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4. Evernote


Evernote is superior keeper of user’s notes and thoughts in one organized place. You will love it, we’re telling you! All the app’s major features are available right from the Notification Center widget and all your projects are synchronizable across multiple devices. It lets you create text documents and checklists, add pictures to the existing notes, set up reminders, and take photos. Then it’s all can be saved directly to Evernote via an iPhone's share menu. With this widget, you could work everywhere at any time and stay equally productive.  

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Google Section 

5. Google Assistant

Google Assistant

As it is obvious from the name, this one is an excellent personal assistant. But in this case, the widget is a shortcut to launching an app itself: you tap the widget icon and Google Assistant launches. From there, go ahead and tell the assistant what to look, shoot messages and make some restaurant reservations. 

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6. Google Maps

Google Maps

Just show us a person who doesn’t have Google Maps on his phone?! Yeah, we use it almost as frequently as calendar app. But what’s cooler is that this one comes with a marvelous widget for your iPhone. It beats the Apple Maps on both visual and functionality. The application helps to track time you take to travel between two places, especially the frequent trips, like from home to a workplace. Just type in your home and work addresses and the widget will show you the accurate travel times. The main pros of Google Maps widget, of course, is that you can check the current traffic info without the need to launch the app

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Useful Helpers 

7. Stocks Widget

Stocks Widget

Quiet amazing product for tracking your entire portfolio in real time. You can see streaming stock quotes just with a swipe to widget panel: Today Notification Center spares the need to open the application or even unlock the phone. Stocks Widget supports a watch list, portfolio for gains and losses, and holdings portfolio. All the changes could be filtered based on day or total value. You can also check the details or news for individual quotes. 

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8. Yelp


A simple widget that gives shortcuts for quick jumps to check the nearby restaurants or other hotspots to spent the evening. Yelp will find you a suitable place to go for a meal, shop, drink, or hold a business meeting as fast as possible. With this application, you can also make reservations, order for delivery, and discover various great local businesses. It has handy search filters and other features like a portfolio of pictures for each hotspot you find and expert users’ reviews that you can read or write yourself. 

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9. Day One

Day One

Want a modern journaling app? Here it is! Now you can capture favorite memories and pictures with Day One, simple yet elegant application. It’s iPhone 6 widget allows to see flashbacks of the user’s previous entries directly from Notification Center on the Lock screen. There is a feature that provides an ability to take photos and send them right into the app itself without opening it. Other nice options include superior writing experience, location check-in, voice dictation, music player, and writing reminders.  

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Entertainment Section

10. ESPN


All true sports fans know this app! But are they aware of the awesome ESPN widget? We are, and that why we say that keeping track of our favorite teams’ success became easier as never. This application’s widget makes it a lot quicker to check the real-time scores, latest news, or jump into a live regional and national ESPN Radio broadcast.  

Just select your favorites in the app and the ESPN widget will display all valuable information regarding teams’ records and upcoming games right on the Lock screen. If you seek more stats, simply tap the widget that would launch the full app because the compact state of a widget offers details only for one match. To install this app, the iOS 9 and later versions are required though.  

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11. NYT Now


Well, aside other iPhone apps with widgets, the New York Times’ product provides an easy way to track day’s events without searching through the full NY Times application or their website. You don’t need to open the full application or even unlock a device because the widget provides a preview of the most recent selected stories in your iPhone’s Notifications Center. Simple, convenient, handy.  

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12. Shazam


How do they say? “There’s still no better way to identify what’s playing than to Shazam it.” So that’s why this app’s widget is so loved by music fans. It offers access to YouTube and song lyrics along with the preview of any song you want to add to a playlist. You just need to swipe right on the Home screen and click the scan button in the Shazam widget. The recognition process will start immediately opening the full app without any further taps. And the expand widget lets you see the list of the recently identified songs. 

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Did We Describe Your Favorite Widget? 

Here are the best iPhone widgets based on our study. We hope that your favorite apps are already available in widget forms so you could enjoy this useful tool! For now, try out these widgets we reviewed above and let us know if you like them.  

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