Apple’s Podcasts App for iPhone: All in One Place

The term “podcasting” first appeared thanks to the Guardian in 2004. One dozen years have passed, and look at us now – we regularly discover new podcasts striving to add more study and entertainment to the daily activity.

So, there is no big surprise numerous podcasting apps started to appear on the App Store. It seems like the iPhone is a perfect tool to keep up with the latest podcast releases.

You Didn’t Even Know: How Podcasts Change the Year of 2017
Searching, Subscribing, and Streaming in the Podcasts App
Sharing Information from the Podcasts App
Syncing Podcasts across Your Apple Devices
Organizing Your Podcasts with Stations
Alternatives for the Podcasts App on the App Store
Overcast: Podcast Player
Pocket Casts
Castro: Podcast Player

Today, we’re going to discuss the overall trends in the field and Apple’s application as the easiest way to start your podcasting experience.

You Didn’t Even Know: How Podcasts Change the Year of 2017

What’s exactly happening now in the era of swiftly changing technologies? You might not expect that you as a podcast fan are a part of a huge community. Let’s check some fascinating statistics that we found thanks to Edison Research (the survey was held in America for English- and Spanish-speaking audiences).

  • Every year, more people discover podcasting and prefer to stay listening. Now, almost a quarter of American population listens to podcasts. Interestingly, there are more men than women are involved in this activity.


Monthly Listening

  • Have you ever noticed when exactly you turn on a podcast? And how much time do you spend listening? Imagine that there are 15% of regular listeners who share 10 hours or more of their time with the new audio data.

Weekly Listening

  • And finally, why do you think we’re so interested in the Podcasts app created by Apple? Mobile users are becoming closer to the smartphones every year – and it’s great to be sure they have the best instruments literally at their fingertips.

Device Use

Quite impressive, isn’t it? If you’re not in good terms with podcasting, it’s about time to try it out. We will start with the easiest possible tool – the Podcasts app Apple itself recommends to use.

Searching, Subscribing, and Streaming in the Podcasts App

What would you do with the application as soon as you launch it? Let’s review some basic actions you can do using your iPhone or iPad.

1. You don’t have to walk long to find the app you need – usually, it’s pre-installed on your device. Go ahead – tap the icon.

Tap the Icon

2. At the bottom of the screen, there are three possible ways to start your activity:

Start Your Activity Start Your Activity

  • The Featured button will lead you to new and promoted podcasts. Here, you will also see Categories if you’re in search of a specific genre.
  • The Top Charts button will show you the most popular podcasts at the moment. There is the same division into categories.
  • And if you want to search for something by a word or a name, welcome to the Search section.

3. When you see the podcast you like, tap on it, and let’s learn what you can do with it next:


  • You always can just listen to some episodes without subscribing – just for reviewing, you know. When you tap on the podcast, you appear on its info page. There, you can see the episode list – tap on the episode and then on the Play button.
  • In order to follow the latest news, push on the Subscribe button.
  • Next to the episode’s name, there is a button for downloading this file. It’s extremely useful if you want to save some battery or not sure about the internet connection in future.
  • And finally, you can always unsubscribe with the button on the podcast info page.

Sharing Information from the Podcasts App

The world of podcasts is very diverse, and we often find a lot of new surprising data there. To tell it word to word, it’s great to have a sharing function in the app. Luckily, the Podcasts app gives an opportunity to use your social media accounts, iMessage, and so on.


  1. Tap on any podcast or episode whether it’s among your subscriptions or not.
  2. The Share button looks like a box with an arrow – we bet you’ve seen it a lot before.
  3. Next, the list of options appears, with which you can share the data – for example, Facebook account. Now, none of your friends will miss the news you’ve heard via the app.

Syncing Podcasts across Your Apple Devices

If you have several Apple devices which should contain the same data, it probably concerns your podcasts too. Adding the same information over and over again switching the devices can be really annoying – let’s do something about it.

  1. This time, you won’t need the Podcasts app – we’re going to the Settings of your iPhone.
  2. Find and tap Podcasts in the list.
  3. The next screen is dedicated completely to podcast management – we need the Podcasts Settings field here. Put a check next to Sync Podcasts.


If you want to stop syncing podcasts, just remove the same check in the Settings.

Organizing Your Podcasts with Stations

Stations are playlists in the world of podcasts. You can add only your most favorite channels and manage it to your liking. The station feature allows users to control the number of episodes (played or unplayed) and podcasts. The same way, users can set the order of the podcast’s episodes.


  1. Go to My Podcasts  menu and tap the plus  button there.
  2. Select the button Add Station and give it a name – then Save the changes.
  3. Next, you should include any podcasts from your subscriptions to your station.
  4. Each station has its Settings menu where you can personalize it with a unique set of features.

Alternatives for the Podcasts App on the App Store

The popularity of mobile podcasting has led to the appearance of the apps with similar functionality. We recommend you to try out these three instruments – they definitely deserve your attention.

Overcast: Podcast Player

Overcast Overcast

Price: free with a premium version ($9.99)

This may surprise you:

  • When searching a new podcast for yourself, you also get personal recommendations from Twitter.
  • Smart Speed allows getting extra speed without distorting conversations.
  • Voice Boost helps normalize speech volume and decrease noises on the background.
  • The Apple Watch version is available.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts Pocket Casts

Price: $3.99

This may surprise you:

  • Display themes are available adding more comfort to the user experience.
  • Users can cut silences from the episode – this saves much time when listening.
  • All personal preferences (subscriptions, filters, and playbacks) are saved on the cloud, so they can be picked up anywhere, even on the web.
  • Episodes can be downloaded for offline listening automatically.

Castro: Podcast Player


Price: $3.99

This may surprise you:

  • New episodes from the subscriptions come to the inbox and can be reviewed right there.
  • The app offers a night mode for more comfortable usage before going to bed.
  • Castro has its own backend solution “Tentacles” – it scans new episodes instead of your phone and saves much battery and data usage.
  • For easy navigation while driving, there are big playback controls on the player.

New Knowledge Has Never Been Closer

From now on, you don’t have any excuses – our modern world has done all possible to make us close to self-education. Instead of heavy books, we have electronic ones. And even better – we have our smartphones! Don’t have time reading? Tons of audio books and now podcasts let us stay afloat.

Apple devices even have a pre-installed podcast solution, so all you need is an Internet connection. No matter what podcast application you eventually choose, don’t forget to update it regularly and upgrade your knowledge base. Walk and learn – it’s all possible nowadays.

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