Top 6 AI-Powered Chatbot Mobile Applications  

It’s evident these days that our future isn't just simply mobile but it also will be represented by artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic technologies. We already studied the cases of machinery learning in mobile apps, along with the virtual and augmented reality. And we’re eager to continue because AI field of work has so much potential for creativity and life-changing ideas.

Are you interested in the AI mobile app development? Then, we have a quick digest of the best existing products for you to learn more about the concept.

Chatbots. What Is Behind The Curtain

Who doesn’t love a little chit-chat with friends or neighbors from time to time, right? Conversations are the foundation of human’s interactions with this world. We ask, tell, and discuss all sorts of things. But the 21st century made a significantly turn leading us towards the rising era of the mobile apps built on the voice recognition platform.

We call them talk or chat bots (chatterbots) – programmable products that communicate with users through audio or textual ways based on the artificial intelligence technology. Bots were designed to replicate human verbal conversations as convincing as possible from the digital point.

They operate according to the rules and regulations of our conversations, and serve a whole bunch of different purposes:

  • Entertainment
  • Travel consultations
  • Fast and convenient customer services
  • Voice navigation
  • Info on various subjects (weather, fashion, nearby restaurants)

Best AI Mobile Chatbots For iOS And Android

Best AI Mobile Chatbots For iOS And Android

[The History of Chatbots (c)]

Since 2012’s Google Now the chatbots slowly but steadily were transforming into the top trend for mobile development industry. Other giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Telegram already became the leaders focusing their efforts on creating new bots and bot platforms that would potentially improve the way of life for good.

“Artificial intelligence is intelligence exhibited by machines. In computer science, the field of AI research defines itself as the study of "intelligent agents": any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal.”

Wiki (c)

Why these apps are changing our everyday routine right now? And do we need to be afraid of the progress? Too soon to make a conclusion, let’s just start small and discover what the market is offering for us to enjoy.

1. Facebook bots – for fun and business

Facebook Bots Messenger

At your service is a free variety of bots available within the Facebook Messenger app. To access them, a user just should have the Facebook account and the Messenger installed. There is a search bar for finding need bots – a keyword must be typed in the (a company or function name), then a subheading will  appear called "bots and businesses". The customers could look for the available bots there.

To begin using the bot, you click on the chosen one and enter an IM window, same as if you were texting with a friend. The bot will become active – just type in something you seek to know and the replay will be instant. For example, CNN platform provides customers with a chatbot that responds to the topical words with the relevant news feed.

There is also the Poncho – a bright and funny weather forecasting bot that delivers daily forecasts to its users via emails or text messages. Just send the chatbot the city or town name, and Poncho will tell you the current weather. It has difficulties with obscure locations but works well for the common ones.

At the beginning some users called Facebook Messenger chatbots frustrating and useless, but the time has passed and those chatbots are still here, evolving with each upgrade. Facebook saw their huge potential and seized it.

2. Luka – asked and answered

Luka Bot

In 2014 it was called IO – a mobile AI-based social concierge service that provided restaurant reviews and recommendations. It was intelligent, friendly and able to make an immediate response with not just one-word response, but offering a whole info on the recommended restaurant. There were even pictures of the dishes that user asked about.

Then, IO became the Luka app and expanded to 12 bots: Calculator, Foodie, Founders, Gif, Pic, News, Search, QuestHero, Quiz, Video, Weather,  and Wiki. Now, Luka is a messaging and smart chatbot service, and the cool thing is that those functions work separately. So bots could be accessed and used 24/7 without signing up into the messenger.

And the customers don’t have to choose the right words to talk with these chatbots – the app understands even the simplest phrases. Based on the natural-language processing function this mobile product is your best adviser that helps to do almost anything:

  • get the answers on the factual questions
  • calculate user’s weight
  • check the info about the weather or current news
  • search for a nice restaurant (sometimes arrange a reservation)
  • make plans with friends and play games
  • look for stock images
  • participate in various quizzes

Luka is available in the App Store and free to download. It has no annoying ads and in-app purchases.

3. Digit – a financial consultant

Digit Bot

Here is a nice helper for those who struggles with controlling the expenses. This app won’t teach you how to earn money, but instead – how to keep them in your wallet. Simply put, Digit pursues users to develop a habit of saving financial resources.

To communicate with the bot a customer could mix preset commands with desirable custom messages. Users just give the app permission and access to their checking account, and it’ll take care of the rest. The bot regularly transfers some standard amount of money to a personal FDIC-protected Digit savings account. Then a customer gets 0.05% for every dollar that stays saved more than 3 months at least.

Instead of constant annoying reminders on when, where and how much should be transferred, Digit app decides itself about small transfers. It analyses user’s spending habits, regular income, and bills, current balance, etc. So there would be no transfers if the bot sees that user can’t afford them. On the other side, Digit always politely informs users about their progress and how much do they have in their savings.

4. Telegram Bot Store – leaders in the field

Telegram Bot Store

As we mentioned earlier, Telegram is in the game too after they developed chatbots in addition to the IM service. However, to access those bots user must  physically download them onto the main app. They’re completely free in Telegram’s Bot Store and quite easy to use.

After you installed the Telegram messenger and signed up with your mobile number you can add the bots using "Add To Telegram" button. Then you’ll be redirected to the main application which means a bot is installed successfully.

Telegram’s website helps customers to explore a catalogue of the available bots. They're divided into groups based on their purpose:

  1. Games & Entertainment
  2. News
  3. Education
  4. Assistants
  5. Booking
  6. The best and new ones

5. Lark – a personal health and fitness coach


Chatbots are pretty popular in the health and fitness apps these days. And Lark is one of those fancy fit applications that communicates with a user like a real workout coach. It’s intelligence results in high achievements – the number of monthly downloads shows that Lark’s bot is doing really well.

This app makes ingenious recommendations regarding user’s lifestyle and how it could become healthier, based on the info from a global database filled by leading health and diet experts. Like other health trackers, Lark uses device’s built-in sensors in order to track one’s fit activities. However, users should also text or speak to the chatbot so that it could monitor what they ate / drank recently to give comprehensive remarks about one’s healthy habits.

If there is a deviation present in customer’s usual behavior, then Lark pushes them in right direction. So, it’s safe to say, that these chatbots aim for more than just productivity tracking.

The app is available for both, iOS (Lark) and Android (Lark Chat), and its revenue comes from the in-app purchases.

6. Ghostbot – getting rid of the online weirdos


It became so common to look for soulmates through the online dating apps and services. But as much as it can be fun, there are also tons of awful people who like to harass others with inappropriate texts. In this case, the block button is more than handy, let’s agree.

But it could be easier with the cool Ghostbot app that's been designed to stop those bullies. It was built for Burner brand – it lets you create ghost phone numbers and quickly dispose of them. The chatbot sends a chosen contact some pre-written replays to scare the weirdoes off and make sure they won't ever text you again.

This free bot identifies all kinds of messages and answers in a human-like way. Of course, if the texts aren't rude, the Ghostbot will just respond like you're currently not interested or busy. It's pretty much a handy tool when you're tired of stupid trolling.

Get On Board!

And so on… The list is much longer and the future of the chatbot apps development is promising. The bot’s platforms that are now present on the market represent just a bit of a taste for what's coming next. And you can easily become one of the bold startups who will create new useful and fun AI-powered chatbots.

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