6 Ways to Create AI for Your Chatbot: Ready-Made Solutions and Alternatives

“AI is creeping its way into more and more aspects of the business world and daily life, and global funding for AI-based startups grew some 60% from 2015 to 2016” – Ben Lee, the founder and CEO at Neon Roots, a digital development agency

There’s so much talk around chatbots nowadays! The whole world is overwhelmed with the opportunities they can give us now and in the near future.

Actually, we’ve already started the conversation on this subject with top 6 AI-powered chatbot mobile applications. And we are ready to get closer to the process of creation. After all, we can’t just stand by and watch how fast the communication sphere is changing.

Our task for today is to make a list of the sources we can use to implement artificial intelligence in any talkbot. We will talk about some ready-made solutions or those sources you can use to build something really unique.

What Exactly Artificial Intelligence Means for Chatbots
3 Ready-Made Solutions for AI in Chatbots
Alternatives to Find More Information for AI

What Exactly Artificial Intelligence Means for Chatbots

When you have a firm decision to deal with AI when building a new chatbot, don’t make it the goal of the whole project. Instead, we recommend you to think of it as of the new opportunity and entertainment for users. There are three basic roles AI plays in your conversational project. Here they are:

  1. Understanding questions. A new talkbot has to understand the most of the common questions people may ask.
  2. Giving the right answers. Consequently, a chatbot should know how to answer all those questions.
  3. Entertaining users. And, finally, this process of interaction should have a “wow” effect on the consumer – a fun conversation without extra difficulties.

The most of our attention we’re giving to the first two points. And even if now it seems like something borrowed from science fiction movies, we’re sure you will quickly comprehend the given data.

3 Ready-Made Solutions for AI

If you want answers, you go to the most experienced expert no matter what the issue is. It’s the same with technologies – we first turn to Alice as it’s been on the market since 1995. This chatbot AI program is still supported 22 years later. And there are two more solutions you can thoroughly explore for your project.

1. Alice


Many years of work haven’t passed in vain – the Alice program has a really impressive list of chat logs you can use working on your own project. Nowadays, some aspects of Alice’s work have become a norm in the AI industry – AIML is one of them.

Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) is an easy-to-learn dialect, which creates a natural conversation in the application. If you still have any hesitations, you should know that the language is built on XML – it means it can be handy for any chatbot creator. But not all chatbot programs accept it natively – Pandorabots is an exception.

In case you use another tool, you have something for the start. So, there are 67 parts that make up the whole file system of AIML. You get the main subjects for conversation: emotions and movies are among them. All of the files can be found in the Google Code archive. Just to read the dialogs from the program, you may download any file and then read it via a text editor on your PC. If you go further, just copy the information and paste it in the AI part of your project.

2. API.ai


API.ai builder helps those who don’t have much experience in programming and ready for new revelations in their practice. If it’s easy for you to quickly launch a website on WordPress, then you’re halfway to creating a simple bot with API.ai. Eventually, you can open it on any chat platform (API.ai works on Facebook Messenger, Kik, Line, Skype, Slack, and many others).

So, what exactly makes API.ai easy to use? The main thing it has is knowledge packages prepared for you beforehand. It’s up to you whether to switch them off or on, but you surely have some support. What you will also like is a great number of documents regarding all aspects of work with the program.

3. Pandorabots


If you’re keen on coding, we have something for you too. With Pandorabots, you will get some existing AIML conversations. Moreover, there is a free space where you can play creating new bots, but be ready that this platform is more difficult than API.ai.

What makes Pandorabots so special for us is its ability to accept AIML files natively (we’ve mentioned it before). How can it be helpful for you? You have an access to the longest list of AIML files to equip your project with all necessary AI data.

For your convenience, there are also GitHub stocks created for Pandorabots. If you want to begin with something really great, turn to Rosie collection. We promise your bot can go far with this massive AI tool.

Alternatives to Find More Information for AI

The three solutions we’ve talked before are the basics of your AI experience. But are there any limits for new knowledge? We suggest you look through some quite familiar resources. You will get lots of data if you know how to ask.

1. Quora. “Well, it’s not funny”, - you would think. But wait! Why don’t we address to Quora users if this is one of the most famous question-answer resources?

Think carefully about the sphere for which you want to build a chatter bot. Just type the name of this sphere – and you will get hundreds of conversations on this topic. You will immediately understand what exactly people are looking for and how you can help them. Later, you may open Yahoo Answers or any other forum that has hot discussions on your subject – simple as that!

2. Google Analytics or any other analytics tool you like the most. Again, people themselves give all the directions for your chatbot work. How does it concern analytics? You can use the tool to learn more about the most visited pages on your website. More visits mean more interest. It’s definitely a good food for thought, isn’t it?

3. Leading employees of your business. This option is especially useful for businesses with “offline” platforms like restaurants, beauty salons, all kinds of shops, etc. Just talk to those workers who communicate with customers every day – they will tell you everything about urgent problems of your clients.

And don’t forget about some trivial details such as jokes people use to discuss your place. Imagine how awesome it could be to add them to your program.

Traveling to the Future with AI and Chatbots

Present days give so many opportunities to app developers and mobile users! While creating a chatbot with artificial intelligence, one should always remember that real conversations can’t be replaced with new mobile experiences. But instead, businesses can offer clients their helping hands, get a little closer to loyal customers, and have a great fun together.

For our part, we suggest you discuss new horizons that your business can have with a chatbot tool. Write us anytime, and together we will list your questions and answer every last one of them.

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