6 Tips on Building a Mobile App for Search Local Events

We live in the 21st century – the era of constantly changing society, technologies and the style of living. Seeing something new on TV or even through your house’s window makes us truly exacting onlookers – try to surprise us! This could be one of the main reasons why we’re always seeking new impressions and spectacles. And we want to find them as soon as possible, right?

That is how modern tendencies created a separate branch for developers – location-based app development. During the last ten years, this trend has spread hugely. Now it lets us learn more about event management, our custom and unoccupied niches on the market.

We’ll consider 6 tips on building a mobile app for search local events, so you could get new impressions as close as possible to end users. If you want to start from the very beginning, read how to build a mobile app in 7 easy steps.

Curious Data on Experience Economy

The concept of experience economy is about giving your customers strong impressions at memorable events. These impressions become their “experience”, the value no one ever paid much attention to.

According to the recent research of the Harris Group, millennials (people born between 1982 and 1994) are those who contribute the most to their impressions:

  • 78% of millennials would rather spend their money on the experience they want to feel or event they want to visit than buy anything tangible
  • 77% of millennials got their most precious memories at a happening they attended
  • Americans are ready to spend more on their live experience – since 1987, the share of spending on events increased 70%.

Buying experiences statistics in app for searching events

But it’s not only about millennials. The Broadway League states that the median age of the theater’s visitor is 45 years old.

So in the experience economy, a good idea for a startup would be to know your audience. Decide for yourself what customers you want to work with and look carefully at experiences they want to feel on regular basis.

6 Tips to Build a Location Based-App

Tip #1. Pack Your App with Event Data

There are plenty of APIs you can find on the market to gather all necessary information:

In addition, you can create smart data scrapers connected directly with venue websites or partner with the organizers of local happenings. As a result, you’ll have your own manual listings and company profiles.

Tip #2. Sell Tickets

Sell tickets in app for searching local events

After choosing your API or another event partner, it’s time to think about possible purchases inside your app. Here we mean booking and buying tickets. There are several third party services you can apply to in this regard:

  • Stripe
  • Braintree
  • PayPal

This option eventually should be included in any app for search events because it’s like the final link between the organizer and the guest.

Tip #3. Find Locations

It is vitally important to integrate your app with maps and geolocation services. Losing your way when you want to find the party’s location as fast as possible could be a rather distractive issue. The right thing to do is to host one or more maps in your event app. As an online version, they could be simply Google Maps or Bing Maps. Offline versions are also rather handy, hence think about static images of maps in your app.

Tip #4. Integrate Recommendations into Your Event App

Here are several ways to let people share their opinions on the events they visited:

  • Foursquare has its own location-based social media service. This option is easily integrated with the app you’re making.
  • Give your users a chance to ask questions! These questions are addressed to those who checked in at a concrete place and have something to tell others.
  • Provide an option to write recommendations directly in your app. This is not an urgent matter – at the beginning, you probably won’t have many users to share their opinions. But in later updates, this feature could be more and more important.
  • Or the easiest way (but can be quite time-taking) is to hire locals who will give their recommendations for your app.

Tip #5. Blend in Social Networks 

Integrating your app with social networks kills two birds with one stone. You make a registration process easier by adding button of entering with Facebook. At the same time, this could be one of the ways to involve users into the everyday life of your app - they share their experiences reposting directly from an event app.

As a bonus, you can also encourage most active users with creating a leaderboard or giving them special discounts. Social networks are one of the easiest and broadest way to customers’ loyalty.

Tip #6. Add a Discount Aggregator 

Making a mobile app for finding events, always think about those who tend to save some money on the way to the best experience of their lives. How to play this game?

Discount aggregator for app for searching local events

  • Gather all discount codes for promoted happenings in one place. Create a special section in your app for users who want to get the most and to pay the least (as lots of us do).
  • Use every opportunity to talk to your business partners about profitable terms (including special prices) for you and, as a result, for their customers.
  • The last moment price is always a tempting offer. Add this tab to your app and you’ll get more loyal customers!

Event Discovery Apps on the Market

There are already lots of established players on the market of the event industry. At the same time, they differ a lot from one another. Each of them has its own target audience, functionality, and technical implementation. So, how does the supply look like?

Discovery apps on the market

Eventbrite is considered to be one of the best players in the space of local events. Here you find cool experiences, find tickets for them and also organize your own parties and meetings. Eventbrite itself gives us the number of 1.7 million experiences created.

Songkick is an example of an app for special happenings. “Special” here means music concerts. With this app, you follow your favorite artists and know exactly if they have a show in your city or nearby.

Meetup creates a huge community where people from all over the world organize events of their dreams. This platform works in 178 countries, so you would certainly find something to your taste.

YPlan is one of the youngest but fastest growing tech startups in the business. Now it’s available in several US cities and it has already crossed the ocean – London, Bristol, and Dublin are a part of the big game.

– yes, it happened! Facebook released an app only for the events you find on the social network. From now on you will have a quiet nook separated from your news feed with all necessary information about parties you want to attend. Buying tickets Facebook Events is not available yet, but they say it’s only a matter of time. The app is now available for iOS, and Android version is coming.

App for search local events iOs example

Now it’s clear that creative developers are welcome on this market! The most important thing is to find an innovation to work on. We decided not to wait long and that’s what we’re going to show you.

How We Succeeded in Creating an Event App

We created an app for a startup called “Friendly”. It is a vivid mix of a social network and numerous offline activities with a bang-on design. Now you can find new friends not only with online platforms but at the meetings held nearby.

This app is absolutely free. Here we tried to combine all opportunities one event app can give you. That is how it looks right now:

  • Host a happening by yourself or get in touch with other party organizers - now you’re closer to like-minded guys from your neighborhood;
  • When searching for a new event, use several filters to make it faster: location, age, gender and time when a meeting takes place;
  • Use maps to know more about the area where an event is held;
  • You can gather a company for your party by sorting out attendees. Each user has an account with information on his/her age, interests, job title etc.

Geolocation functionality in app for search local events

If you think it’s time to get out of the box and go exploring the world, try to begin with the city you live in!

Final Thoughts

Let’s consider event business as an opportunity to get people closer to each other and impressions they get going out of their houses. In this case mobile apps can be an extension of everyday social network activities - now you discuss with your friends what you’re going to do offline. And a customer’s cell phone is the closest way to know all the event news. The important thing is that people are ready to spend their time on new experiences!

A task for developers is to create the most convenient event app. We mentioned 6 tips that play main roles in location-based app development. Shortly speaking, you should do everything to make event search much detailed. Start with appropriate API, establish a connection between end users and event organizers - start selling tickets or suggesting special discounts. Consider geolocation option with special attention and never forget to connect your app with social networks.

Nowadays organizing and visiting events is like a breath of fresh air after sitting hours in front of monitors. Latest researches show that more and more people begin to realize this fact. That’s why your app can become a solution for customers all over the world and make your startup far-famed faster than you think.

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