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Blockchain Development & Consulting

Governments, huge enterprises, and small startups all over the world have already gained a first-hand experience of getting tangible benefits by using Blockchain tech for their businesses. Jump on board!

It's the experience that matters

In order to save your idea from failing, we’ll start with a proof-of-concept for web & mobile decentralized apps (Dapps). Then we test the use case to see which changes are needed and whether it works appropriately. When the issues are fixed our Blockchain experts gear up for the actual development storm. We’ll deploy the Blockchain nodes, write you smart contracts for the front-end and create UI/UX design. You can depend on us to build you any Dapp from simple cryptocurrency wallets to the most advanced IoT solutions.

It's the experience that matters
Blockchain Development Services
Crowdsale, Pre-ICO and ICO Development
In order to find the best way for your future leadership on the market and help you start with the right foot in ICO investments, we can conduct a business analysis for all of your project’s aspects. Out strategic Blockchain advisors & consultants will find the most suitably solution for your credible ICO/STO launch.
Token Assets/ Tokenomics
Data Trading
Landing Design & Improvement
Cryptocurrencies, Wallets and Exchanges
You need a brand new cryptocurrency? We’ll develop it. An e-wallet to earn, monitor and transfer virtual coins? No problem. We’ll make it completely invincible to security breaches and cyber attacks on your private digital keys. And if we build you an exchange, our goal is to provide the highest possible level of cyber protection.
Multiple Currencies
QR Code
Conversion Rates
Private Key Import/ Export
Smart Contract Development
Smart Contracts are the self-executing digital contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. You can fully automate all payments & digital assets transferring based on the pre-negotiated conditions. Every operation from money transaction, legal data exchange, security tokens sale, product delivery tracking to huge business processes built on this technology – self-executing smart contracts can do it all.
Ethereum - Solidity, Truffle
Hyperledger - Go, Java
R3 Corda - Kotlin
Security Assessment & Implementation
Smart contracts are both publicly accessible and immutable, meaning that anyone can access them, but they cannot be updated. Therefore, it became a common practice and sometimes a mandatory to perform the external smart contracts security audit and Blockchain transactions analysis. We provide a full spectrum of security assessment services.
Private Key Leakage
Transaction Ordering Assumptions
Timestamp Dependencies
Short Address Attacks
Private Blockchain for Business
A supply chain is a network between a company and its suppliers to produce and distribute a specific product. Supply chains represent the steps it takes to get the product or service from a manufacturer to customers. We build private Blockchains that are essential for tasks like supply chain management, financial transactions and the facilitation of secure data exchanges. In the Private Blockchain, only the participants of the given transaction will know about it and be granted access. So, such Blockchains have a substantially greater scalability than traditional systems in terms of transactional throughput.
Private Blockchain
Supply Chain
Technical Support
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We're not only guiding in the journey of our endeavor but also helping in the identification of the specific business challenges, where Blockchain technology can be leveraged for such challenges.

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