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iOS Development

After starting to work with Apple products, TecSynt’s team has followed every bit of news on this field. Now, we can offer you a strong expertise on the basis of the latest and fastest technologies to deliver a brilliant iOS solution.

Why Our Clients Choose iOS?
iOS generates 85% higher revenues than Android market.
Strong market positions
It’s not a surprising fact that iOS has
the second biggest market share
after  Android. Last quartal it rise to 15%
> > Created with Snap
Worldwide popular
Along with that, this is a platform the most customers in the North America prefer to use.
Where to Use iOS Development?
As now there are no such areas where we don’t need our smartphones, TecSynt prefers to be helpful for users with any hobby or profession.
Food Delivery
Social Media
Our Steps to Build a Flawless
iPhone and iPad App
Brainstorm & Architecture
The time scope: from 3 weeks
What we do:
We plan and discuss the main aspects of the app’s behavior:
  • - The app’s basic idea and its appearance
  • - Additional resources that may be needed
  • - Initial thoughts about the content
What we get:
The architecture is mapped out removing all the preparatory questions.
The time scope: from 3 weeks
What we do:
The work on the comp* takes place (*comprehensive design). The design team does its best to show the first visual representation of the app:
  • - The right color scheme
  • - Images of certain colors
  • - The basic understanding of fonts
What we get:
The minimal model of the product completely ready for the development stage. Along with that, we constantly communicate with our client to better understand his business goals and preferences.
The time scope: from 4 weeks
What we do:
The team of developers properly codes the application taking into account the smallest design details. All of the elements will be strongly connected including these aspects:
  • - Smooth navigation
  • - Fascinating user interaction
  • - Database integration
  • - Necessary web services
What we get:
The first full version of the product. Eventually, the functional features are thoroughly worked out and properly linked together.
The time scope: during the whole development process
What we do:
Our specialists make the flawless version of the app. This stage is like a litmus test for the whole work that has been done, so we start checking everything at the beginning of the development stage. These (and many other) items should work like a clock:
  • - The app as a whole without any bugs
  • - Impressive user experience
  • - Ideal user flow testing
  • - The highest possible level of security
What we get:
A perfect solution which passes through Apple’s approval process and makes users happy. We don’t believe in the good quality without picky testing – and we gladly provide it for each our project.
Most Used Tools
IDE: Xcode
Languages We Speak Well: Objective-C, Swift
Frameworks: Foundation Framework, Cocoa Touch
Servers: AWS, SQL
Backend Technologies: Python, Erlang, C#, C++
Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL, NoSQL, Aerospike
Libraries: Realm, Kingfisher, Alamofire, SnapKit
Patterns: MVVM
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TecSynt’s Solution for iOSPlatform


Friendly is a vivid mix of the offline and online social life. Find friends and events nearby – and then go out the house to have a great time! With Friendly, you can organize any happening you like and easy control the invitation list. The app has the messenger and calendar options inside – no need for any additional instruments in the iPhone.

  • Language: Swift
  • Backend: Python, Tornado
  • Server: AWS
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We Will ReinventYour Business

There is no better application than the one reflecting your demands and expectations. You can rely on TecSynt in the matter of a famously built iOS product.

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