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Android App Development

No matter what sweets (Jelly Bean, Lollipop, or Nougat) Android offers to customers and developers, TecSynt undertakes this work immediately. It happens because we’re sure something beautiful can be made having such treats at hand – and we’re never wrong actually.

Why Our Clients Choose Android?
Android has the biggest market share
– and this is not just the first place, it’s also an unquestioned leadership with over 80% of smartphone users.
Android development will open you a huge market of Europe, Asia, and South America where this OS has a bigger market share.
  • 65

    South America
  • 56

  • 50

  • 32

  • 38

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Low risks for invest
It’s much easier to release your app on Android market as it has fewer restrictions. Consequently, it lowers the risk for your investments.
Where to Use Android Development?
With an impressive Android’s market share and users living worldwide, our clients may choose any specialization of their app. TecSynt recommends you look closely at this basis.
Food Delivery
Social Media
Our Steps to Build a Flawless
Android App
Brainstorm & Architecture
The time scope: from 3 weeks
What we do:
This is the stage where our imagination works the most because we gather all possible ideas communicating with the client all the time. We work on the backend foundation and some basic points which influence our project hugely:
  • - The purpose of the app and its primary interface
  • - The amount of the basic and extra resources
  • - The first ideas about the content section
What we get:
A completely built app architecture with the list of user activities.
The time scope: from 3 weeks
What we do:
The design team works on the more detailed app’s appearance using the data from the first stage. To avoid future risks, every step is discussed with the client. These are the main work directions:
  • - Simple but memorable color scheme
  • - The list of certain fonts
  • - The app’s conformity with the guidelines of Material Design
What we get:
The initial version of the application with attention to details. It is fully prepared for coding.
The time scope: from 4 weeks
What we do:
On this stage, all of the design ideas become a ready-made application. The team of developers works on the proper coding taking into account the client’s demands. These are the key aspects of this stage:
  • - Well-set user flows and navigation
  • - An entertaining experience for users
  • - All needed web services at their places
  • - Established integration with databases
What we get:
The first developed application model
The time scope: from 3 weeks
What we do:
Our testers thoroughly check every code line, and to avoid correcting massive mistakes, testing actually begins just after the design stage. Our goal is to build a trustworthy and entertaining product, so these are the items of our concern:
  • - Any bugs threatening user experience or security
  • - The overall fluency of the app navigation
  • - The user’s comfort in his actions within the app
What we get:
A professionally built and completely safe solution ready for launch on Google Play.
Most Used Tools
Language We Speak Well: Java
Patterns: MVVM
Frameworks: ReactiveX, Realm, Retrofit, Crashlytics, Braintree, Stripe, Facebook SDK, Twitter SDK, Google Play services, Google Analytics, Google Support Library
IDE: Android Studio, Eclipse, InteliJ IDEA
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Backend Technologies: Python, Erlang, C#, C++
Libraries: RETROFIT, PreviewSeekBar, CoordinatorTabLayout, ShimmerRecyclerView, FadingTextView, MVVM Tools Kit, EVENTBUS
Database: MySQL, NoSQL, Aerospike
Servers: AWS, SQL
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Solution for AndroidPlatform

Guzman y Gomez

It’s a chain of 94 restaurants that decided to be closer to its customers. The app we’ve created is focused on building comfort and loyalty. Over 250 000 users and hundred thousands dollars of transactions. Using GyG application, visitors can order food online and earn points for more pleasant future purchases. The personal cabinet lets users store the data about last orders and add some changes to standard the iPhone.

  • Language: Objective-C, Java
  • Backend: C#
  • Server: SQL
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Guzman y Gomez
It’s Never Too Much
Android market is a really huge one but still has some space for surprises. Let’s share our ideas and create a real wonder for your customers!
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